Sonic Boom Cast Live Reading Videos Uploaded

Sonic Boom Cast Live Reading Videos Uploaded

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At last nights Sonic Boom event, the cast of Sonic took to the stage to perform a live reading of a few scenes from the TV show. Well… someone has uploaded that moment in it’s entirety.

We learn quite a lot about a number of episodes from these, as well as a number of insights into the characters and how they feel about each other. I won’t put any spoilers for you… but fans of SonicXAmy will be quite pleased.

The quality isn’t the best, but you can make out what’s being said and what’s going on, if a better quality video is uploaded, I’ll be sure to edit the article to include it. But if you can’t wait until then, give these videos a watch.

Sonic Boom 2014- live cast reading part 1

Sonic Boom 2014- Live cqst reading part 2

Personally, the episode ‘translate this’ sounds hilarious, what’s your opinion on the scenes? Let us know in the comment box.