Old Sonic Boom Logo Discovered

Old Sonic Boom Logo Discovered

So a bit of a history lesson here. Sega originally announced the Sonic Boom cartoon on October 2nd 2013.  There were no details other than that ‘shadows on the cliff’ image.

"Here I come! More...oddly shaped than the rest of them!"

Since then we’ve been told that Boom underwent a number of design changes before it was finally announced earlier this year. Well it seems we here at TSS might have found one of the early changes.

Last week, there was a TV Convention held in Cannes France called MIPJunior, you might recall how we told you about it. Well, since then I’ve been trying to dig up any information regarding the event, and instead I found something very different.

The following image was posted on Flickr on October 5th 2013, 3 days after Boom was teased.


The image appears to show an advertising banner for Sonic Boom, only it’s using early assets, the big difference appears to be the title. Unlike the final design, this one is using the normal ‘Sonic’ font and a totally different ‘Boom’ logo design.

We’ll try and see if we can dig up any more early Boom promotional images, if we’re successful you’ll be the first to know.