Four New Sonic Boom Episode Plots Revealed

Four New Sonic Boom Episode Plots Revealed

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According to information coming from people who attended last nights Sonic Boom event, several episode plots from the Sonic Boom TV Show were revealed.

During the live reading from the Sonic voice actors, details regarding a number of episodes were revealed as well as details from a short video which was played before the attendees were shown the trailer for the television show.

1. Tails makes a translator that read people’s minds. It’s later revealed that when Amy’s mind almost gets read aloud she loves Sonic in Sonic Boom too. (This episode is probably entitled ‘Translate this’ which was also announced at Sonic Boom)

2. The cast find and read Amy’s “fan fiction” of the cast.

3. Amy and Eggman play a pretty puppy MMO together without letting everyone else know. Sonic catches Eggman at Amy’s house. Amy and Eggman end up going to PuppyCon to the reluctance of Sonic, who will be going as well.”

4. When Eggman is made homeless, Eggman comes to live with Sonic and friends by crashing on their couch for a few weeks. Episode is entitled An Evil Genius Crashes on the Couch for a Few Weeks

Samples from ‘Translate This’ and ‘An Evil Genius’ were shown in a new trailer released last night which can be found here.

Sonic Boom Event – Sonic Boom TV Trailer

As of yet, no footage of the cast reading has been uploaded. But stick to TSS, we’re working on it.

Thanks to Nintega137 for some of the synopsis’


P.S. PuppyCon needs to become a reality.