Covers and Solicitations for Sonic the Hedgehog #269, Sonic Universe #72 and Sonic Boom #4 Revealed

Covers and Solicitations for Sonic the Hedgehog #269, Sonic Universe #72 and Sonic Boom #4 Revealed

Man the decks! The ship wars are fast approaching, even if they’re not relevant to the actual stories of January!

Midtown comics has a slew of new covers and solicits. In Sonic #269, the tournament continues with the next round of match-ups going ahead. Of course, when you’re dealing with crooked figures like Breezie and Fang, something’s bound to be up. Sonic takes it upon himself to try and find out what’s going, and the faces he’ll turn to for some help are surprisingly familiar. This is “Champions”: part 2.


(W) Ian Flynn (A/CA) Terry Austin & Various
The contestants are brawlin’ and the saga continues in ‘Champions’ Part Two! The fighting tournament for the Chaos Emerald is in full swing! Tails vs. Honey! Espio vs. Bean! Knuckles vs. Bark! But it’s a sure bet that if a competition’s going down, something’s fixed with thugs like Breezie and Nack involved. Sonic will need some inside info – and he finds it from some surprisingly familiar faces! Featuring new cover art from Jammin’ Jamal Peppers and a SWE (Sonic Wrestling Entertainment) variant cover by the indomitable T.REX!

Meanwhile, in Sonic Universe #72, Dr. Ellidy’s defences are going offline, bad news when Dark Gaia monsters have been a problem for the past few months! Sally and Big are busy investigating the mystery behind the Red Star Rings, whiles Tails and Nicole are trying to fix up the computer systems so Nicole can confront the mystery being who’s waiting for her. It’s all going down on Isolated Island in “Spark of Life”: part 2. Also note the variant cover, which might need a few firewalls itself.


(W) Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker (A) Jim Amash & Various (CA) Tracy Yardley & Various
What monsters lurk on the mysterious isolated island? Find out for yourself in ‘Spark of Life’ Part Two: Things are getting very creepy in the lab of Dr. Ellidy! His badnik defenses are going offline – which is bad news when there are Dark Gaia Monsters prowling the shores at night! Sally and Big investigate the mystery of the Red Star Rings as Tails and Nicole debug the system – where something, or someone – is waiting for Nicole! Featuring new cover art from Tracy Yardley and an interactive Matchmaker variant cover by rising Sonic star Jennifer Hernandez, where you can ‘ship it yourself’!

Finally, in Sonic Boom #4, Dr. Eggman has been refining Burnbot to its maximum destruction capability, and he appears to have Sonic and his friends on the ropes. But Sticks has an idea for a secret weapon to use against the threat. What is it, and how will it help save the day? Find out in “Sticks and Stones”.

sonic boom #4

(W) Ian Flynn (A) Evan Stanley & Various (CA) Tracy Yardley & Various
The new ongoing Sonic comic book series from Archie Comics keeps on BOOMIN’ with Sonic Boom #4: Sticks and Stones! Dr. Eggman’s Big Boy mech has been refined into its final, deadly form. Sonic and his friends are on the ropes, but have no fear! Sticks has brought her secret weapon! It’s a… wait, seriously? Sticks thinks that’s going to help? Find out what her secret weapon is in the weird and wacky conclusion to the first story arc of the brand-new series Sonic Boom! Featuring cover art from Sonic art guru Tracy Yardley and an all-new ‘Sticks-with-stones-being-chased-by-bones’ variant cover from rising Sonic star Diana Skelly!

We will have more information on all of these comics closer to the time of release.

Source: Midtown Comics