ToyWiz Reveals new Sonic Boom Toys

ToyWiz Reveals new Sonic Boom Toys

You can tell the launch of Boom is getting close can’t you? With plush toys appearing in Toys R Us, the game being demoed at more events. Well, here is another sign that the Boom launch is near. ToyWiz just updated their Sonic Boom toy listings with a bunch of new items.

Including a Sonic plush which comes with a plush chili dog



Yeah I really wasn’t expecting that one!

Most of the toys listed have already been shown off at E3 and various other events so I’m not going to waste time copying the images down, however this one made me laugh. It’s an Eggman that flies across the floor when you pull a ripcord!

eggmantoyPromise me you will not chase your pets around the house with that thing.

The full range can be found on ToyWiz’s website.  Regarding the prices, ToyWiz tends to price stuff based on a number of factors such as their stock amount and it’s likely that other places such as Toys R Us mach charge a lot less when they’re eventually released.

Thanks to SSMB member PatMan for the heads up.


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