Sonic Boom TV Show to Launch in the UK in 2015?

Sonic Boom TV Show to Launch in the UK in 2015?

sonicboomYou know, this is one of those things which I can never decide if there’s any point in putting up on here. Main reason being, it’s blatantly obvious that this was going to happen. Only since there’s been no confirmation yet, that makes it news so… here you go.


Sega Europe recently hired Kay Ferneyhough to join Sega Europe’s London-based licensing team as retail licence manager. When speaking to ToyWorld Mag about her appointment she had this to say.

I am incredibly excited about my new role and working for such a fantastic company. Sonic has been around for over 20 years and Sonic Boom is Sega’s new initiative with the launch of the new TV show next year so I’m really looking forward to being involved in the retail development for the franchise.”

Either that was a figure of speech, or we just got confirmation that the TV Show will launch in the UK next year. Bare in mind this lady will be working in the London based team, so it would stand to reason that this is in reference to the UK’s launch date. The question now is which channel will broadcast it and when?

So there you go, more or less confirms what everybody believed.

Source: ToyWorld Mag

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