Sega to Give a Sonic Boom Presentation at MIPJunior

Sega to Give a Sonic Boom Presentation at MIPJunior

If you’ve not heard of MIPJunior which I suspect is the majority, it’s a convention for children’s TV programming, all new and upcoming TV shows are demoed there.

And Sega is going to be giving a presentation about how Sega is ‘reinventing its popular game franchise‘ and it’s plans for licensing.

Sega: The Sonic Franchise An in-depth look of how Sega is reinventing its popular game franchise and its plans for the
new Sonic Boom from content to brand licensing.

Speaker: Sissel Henno, Head of Brand Licensing (Europe), SEGA Europe, UK @SEGA_Europe

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Well… this is where the problems start.

First of all, this event takes place in Cannes France, the second problem. It’s not a public event, it’s closed to the press and industry. The final problem, it’s very unlikely that there will be any way to find out what is said at this event unless someone manages to get a press pass and is able to go. So if anyone does get in, feel free to email us the details and we’ll gladly news it.

Also if we get any details from the event, you lot will be the first to know.

Source: MIPJunior