Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #264

Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #264

The situation’s about to get hairy for our heroes!


Multiversity has the preview up for the latest upcoming Sonic issue! In Sonic the Hedgehog #264, Sonic, Amy and Sally are still on their Chaos Emerald retrieval quest when circumstances of a badnik kind lead them to running into some familiar faces; Mighty and Ray! But it’s not all casual in the rainforest as a new Egg Boss called Thunderbolt makes it their mission to take out Sonic the Hedgehog. How much more can Sonic take before the negativity consumes him? Find out in “Control”: part 1. Then, Antoine and Bunnie reflect on their marriage after a rescue mission gone a bit awry in “It’s a Nice Day to Start Again”.

Written by Ian Flynn, Joey Esposito and Benjamin Bailey
Illustrated by Tyson Hesse, James Fry, Terry Austin, John Workman, Gabriel Cassata

A-WOOOOOOOOO! THE WAIT IS OVER! Prepare yourself for the terrifying debut of SONIC THE WEREHOG! “Control” Part One: Sonic, Amy and Sally venture deep into the rainforest in search of a Chaos Emerald. What they find are Mighty, Ray – and serious trouble! Will Egg Boss Thunderbolt push Sonic to the breaking point? Then, in “A Nice Day to Start Again,” Bunnie and Antoine experience the effects of the Shattered World Crisis in a very personal way! Featuring new cover art from PATRICK “SPAZ” SPAZIANTE and an “UNLEASHED” SEGA variant!

Sonic the Hedgehog #264 is out in stores and digitally this Wednesday. You can even buy it at night if you wished on the digital side, but just look out for full moons.

Source: Multiversity Comics