Preview: Sonic Universe #66

Preview: Sonic Universe #66

The titanic mystery is coming to a close in this month’s issue of Sonic Universe!


Uproxx brings us another preview for the latest comic, and it’s a final scrap for the sake of Chip! The Hooligans have left Knuckles and the Chaotix to the beastly claws of the Dark Gaia Titan, and that’s their only problem as the waters come rushing in. Our heroes need to find a way out of there and rescue Chip before anything happens to him. How will they overcome the situation? How will they fare again team Hooligan once again? And what mysteries are there still left to discover? All this is covered in “The Great Chaos Caper”: part 4.

(W) Ian Flynn (A) Jim Amash & Various (CA) Tracy Yardley
‘The Great Chaos Caper.’ This is it, the frantic finale full of flustered fighters! In one corner, trying to complete his mission and save the world, is Knuckles! In the other corner, a titanic Dark Gaia beast! The Chaotix and Hooligans continue to tussle, a wounded spirit and Chaos Emerald are being tossed about, and the flood waters are pouring in! Don’t miss this crazy conclusion to the ‘Great Chaos Caper!’

Sonic Universe #66 is out in stores and on digital platforms this Wednesday. Don’t miss the last clue to this case!

Source: Uproxx