Metal Sonic & Shadow confirmed for Boom

Metal Sonic & Shadow confirmed for Boom

In an update posted on the Sega Blog, Sega have confirmed that both Metal Sonic & Shadow will appear in Sonic Boom. All I can say is… told you so 


Anyway, in a trailer also posted today, Metal Sonic is seen in the Wii U edition of the game, and in an article posted by TSS a few months ago, Metal Sonic was also confirmed for the 3DS version.

Shadow on the other hand… still no sign of him making a game appearance, however it’s almost certain that he’ll be in the cartoon show at the very least.

metal sonic

What’s odd is that despite the radical design changes on the main cast of characters, Metal Sonic and Shadow look more or less the same, and in game he looks even more like his old self with his white foot-stripe restored from the concept arts removal.

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Source: Sega Blog