Sonic Boom TV Show Storyboards Depict a Hoverboard Race

boomstoryboard4It seems everybody missed one hell of a leak!

One of the people behind Sonic Boom’s TV adaptation has posted a number of storyboards from the upcoming show on his website. Only the crazy thing… they’ve been on his website for over a year!

That’s right, for over a year several storyboards for Sonic Boom have been fully available to view. And what do they show? Not very much, don’t get excited, they don’t detail any huge spoilers, most of the sequences are from already released material.

The¬†storyboard depicts a sequence between Sonic and Tails discovering Sticks’ house following a hoverboard race. Interestingly, the file name on the original website hints that this is from the 11th episode of the show, if this is indeed how Sticks is introduced, for the first 11 episodes she’ll likely be absent.

Thanks to Indigo Rush for the tip.


  1. Oh think god there’s no every spoilers episodes of Sonic Boom TV just episode 11.

  2. Hmmm, wasn’t Tails on a hoverboard in that Sonic Boom TV trailer? Anyway, interesting development – if you could call it that, what with how long it was on here!

  3. Sonic Boom Riders!

    Very good discovering!! That looks really interesting, though I already saw a couple of those hoverboards on the toys pics, but is an interesting sequence, and I find odd that it seems they just discovered Stick’s house, I thought they already met Sticks in the game, or at least in the Nintendo 3DS version, but perhaps the story of Shattered Crystal takes place after the story of Rise of Lyric and probably somewhere in between of the show.

  4. Uh, that’s not Sticks’ house. If you remember from a few months back, it’s mentions that she lives in a burrow. Also, since the Sobic stadium’s interview for Rise of Lyric confirmed that Sticks is in the game as an NPC, then the gang have met her in THAT game, not in the show.

    1. Actually… it is Stick’s house.

      If you got watch the Sticks reveal trailer, you can see that the artwork used to show it matches the artwork used in these storyboards.

      1. 1.)That hut is NOWHERE in the trailer and 2.) Look at the burrow and compare the two.

        1. Well, if it IS Sticks’ house, I’d believe that maybe Sonic & Tails already know Sticks, and perhaps they are just now discovering her house in a jungle. It might be a hidden sort of thing or whatever. Also, at the beginning of the reveal trailer for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, we see Sonic & friends fall into the setting for the game. Maybe Sticks fell down there too, and as a result, could not access her house for the duration of the video games.

          I dunno, just my theory, if Hogfather happens to be correct.

  5. These storyboards look fantastic! I gotta say, the television series looks the most promising of this whole ordeal. I am so excited. I do hope that everything goes well. I also do sort of hope that they call the boards Extreme Gear. That would be a pretty cool adaptation, I think.

  6. Goodie. I can watch the first 10 episodes without fearing sticks’ appearance.

    1. Don’t worry, sticks will show up around the first 5 episodes. This isn’t sticks house, sticks lives in burrow.

  7. And of course, as someone already pointed out on the forums, Sonic faceplants in one of the scenes. It just wouldn’t be Sonic if at least one of those didn’t happen every few episodes. Thank you for keeping that joke going Sega.

  8. Im….
    Im gonna cry happiness on my camp(s) all day-long..
    I want the tv-show NOW!!

  9. im still on-board (pun) for the Boom cartoon, good to see Sonic faceplants into the ground after spindashing up a tree.

  10. That has been on the website for over a year now and now just finding out about it!?

    Boy us Sonic Fans are sure blind as a fucking bat.

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