Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #262

The water’s getting deep in this month’s issue of Sonic!



Uproxx has an exclusive preview of Sonic the Hedgehog #262, and the pressure’s mounting on our heroes! Sonic and his friends are facing a huge problem in Meropis; the mystic forcefield has lowered, so Dark Gaia Monsters are teeming into the city and terrorising the populace! It’s a double effort as the group needs to drive out the monsters and raise the protection, but it’s bound to be fraught with perils in “Waves of Change”: part 3. Meanwhile, Tails and his troupe have found the Chaos Emerald they were after, but the path back out isn’t all that easy as Eggman’s forces close in on them. Read the conclusion to this back-up story in “Light in the Dark”: part 3.

(W) Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker (A) Evan Stanley & Various (CA) Ben Bates
Catch some sun and ride the wave as the aquatic adventure continues in ‘Waves of Change,’ Part 3! Sonic faces a city invasion by the ominous Dark Gaia Monsters! To make it even worse, the invasion is underwater – and Sonic can’t swim! As the struggle turns desperate, will it be Amy’s mission to find the key to saving them all, or will Sonic be left to drown? Then, in ‘The Light in the Dark,’ Part 2, the Freedom Fighters find what they’re looking for – but will their own divisions bring them down? Featuring new cover art from Ben Bates and an extra-special ‘monster movie’ variant from artist T.REX!

Sonic the Hedgehog #262 will be out in comic stores and through digital formats on Wednesday 16th. Pick it up to continue the watery tale!

Source: Uproxx

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  1. I loving this arc, specially because the team is visiting and discovering a whole new location with its own race, culture and environment, it really gives the comic a fresh new air.

    Hopefully they will keep exploring this kind of settings, perhaps in an arc when everybody goes outer space to explore different planets, that would be awesome, then again maybe we will have to wait for an adaptation of Sonic Chronicles.

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