More Details Revealed About Archie’s Sonic Boom

More Details Revealed About Archie’s Sonic Boom

The paper adaptation of the upcoming cartoon is starting with a bang!


Earlier today, we reported on the Sonic Boom comic sighting on Archie’s comic website. Now, thanks to an exclusive reveal from IGN, the comic is officially confirmed. Not only that, but we know more about how it’ll work when it comes out! Here’s just a few main points from the article itself;

  • The stories in the comic will be stand alone adventures, separate from the cartoon and video games presumably. Despite this, they will be building up to some awesome stuff happening later on.
  • Ian Flynn will be handling writing, as he does for Archie’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe, while the art will be done by veteran artist Evan Stanley.
  • The first arc will focus on setting the tone for the series and the character relationships between the main cast…and a recurring killer robot.
  • It’s too early to comment on Metal Sonic appearing, and others are up to SEGA, but we’ve been promised plenty of surprises down the line for developing the game characters and mythology.
  • The series is a more casual read which is more focused on comedy and adventure than the main comic’s focus on action-adventure drama. Plenty of pick-up value.
  • Sonic and Tails are pretty unchanged from their main series selves bar their designs, Knuckles is goofier but still has the friendly rivalry that has defined the dynamic between him and Sonic, Amy is the sensible one of the group. at least for the most part.
  • Stick’s personality makes a great addition to the existing cast, according to Kaminski.
  • There’s plenty of Eggman to look forward to.
  • Issue 1 will come with four variants that are styled quite similarly to how the Countdown to Chaos main covers were done!

You can read the whole interview through the link above. We will have more information on the new comic as it is disclosed.

Source: IGN