Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric E3 Trailer


It’s E3, and you know what that means – games, games and more games! Best of all, we get brand new footage of existing titles and that extends to our very own blue blur. And as such, SEGA have released a brand new trailer for Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric especially for E3. See your first hint at the story of Rise of Lyric and quite a bit of new footage of gameplay and cutscenes with some pretty comedic narration (poor Dr. Eggman!), including your first look at the villain himself – Lyric.

Check it out above and let us know what you think in the comments. We have two of our TSS staff at E3 as we speak, so we’ll be coming at you soon with some original content regarding Boom. Stay tuned!

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      1. Yeah, he sorta came out of the ground like, ‘Hai guyz, I’ve made my awesome entrance, now you have to put up with me for the rest of the game.’

  1. I’m loving this, the models look a bit weird but I can live with them, the gameplay, I’m lovin it, the vocals, oh my god I’m laughing so hard, I don’t know why, the story, oh wow this could be interesting!

  2. It doesn’t look like it’s for me. I like the whole spin off idea and the characters looking a bit different but the gameplay does nothing for me yet, though I will hold judgement until I have played it or seen more. I think I’ll be more excited for Sonic Team’s next Sonic, though after Lost World I’m not expecting too much!

    Liked the humor in this trailer though, and Lyric could be an interesting character.

  3. ok, this looks like totally amazing! *_*
    the graphics shine, the puns are actually fun, just like the animation, and the gameplay feels really intertaining and polished. I’m really into all the character’s gameing styles and looks (yes, even Knuckles! Actually I really like Knuckles like this…probably better). Though Lyrics really doesn’t feel up to this point such an evildoer. But seriously, POOR DEAR DR. EGGMAN! ­čÖü

  4. This looks way better than the leaked footage. It’s the ultimate “I told you so” moment to the complaining fanbase.

  5. I’m liking Amy’s voice now. I’m liking Lyric more as well too. I like this trailer.

  6. Just one question – Does anybody know –

    How Iis Lyric being pronounced?

    is it LIE-ric or like what songs have – Lyric (s)

    I always seconfd guess on paper after the SELL-tic and KEL-tic issue (Celtic!)

    1. I was wondering myself. Nothing’s been announced yet, but I bet it’s gonna be a good voice actor!

  7. Loving how it looks, and the cutscene… The expressions are great and well delivered. Lyric might be somewhat bland but I already love his voice. Sounds familiar, actually…can’t quite figure it out but I think I’ve heard him before.

    Can’t wait to get this, but I need to get a WiiU first :I

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