Sonic Boom E3 TV Trailer & New Character revealed


So we had the games.. but something was missing… ah here we go! Sega have decided to make public a TV Trailer for Sonic Boom the TV show. And it’s incredible. The trailer shows a number of episodes and some rather comical lines of dialogue, animation looks really high quality and episode variety seems varied.

In addition to this, an image appeared on Sega’s Facebook page which also seems to show a clip from the show including what looks like a new character.


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Source: Sega’s YouTube & Facebook


  1. How did a video listed as do not make public get out from the source? Was that meant to be a joke? Because it does not show up on SegaAmerica’s youtube uploads.

  2. We can confirm that its name is Chubby the Chipmunk and he is the first Sonic character designed to bring awareness to America’s weight problems.


  3. That’s called an “extra.” They’re used to fill space in scenes that contain “main characters.” I understand it may not be a concept you’re familiar with.

    1. I’m very well aware what an extra is thank you.

      I’m also very well aware that that is not an extra since it’s a small scene in which there are only a handful of characters, there would be no reason for an extra to be there unless it was a character who played a significant part in that episodes particular plot. It would be a waste of time to render, animate and design such a character for a filler role which is what an extra is.

  4. Okay! I. AM. SO. HYPED for this. Sorry for the Caps Lock, but I was so eager for more info on the show and SEGA totally Delivered!

    Also, great to see that Burnbot seems to be a staple character, and that Amy and Knuckles seem to have their moments to shine!

  5. I want Pac-Man to be appear in SSB 4 in E3 2014, but there would be another new character reveal this week like Pac-Man?

  6. This… looks… amazing! The voice acting is brilliant, the dialogue is amazing & so is the animation. Seriously can’t wait for this. And my favourite bit from the trailer:

    Knuckles: I think you you would make a great sidekick.

    Sonic: No, Knuckles


      1. U took it the wrong the way, I’m looking forward to it. And i would if i could its just not out yet sorry.

    1. SSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! You’ll alert the classic-purists from their rock they live under. 0_0″

  7. This right here is how you do a cartoon! The animation looks amazing, the voice acting is brillant, the writing is hilarious and it also takes itself seriously I’m just in love <3 I know it's not even out yet but still, I can see this is going to be the cartoon sonic has been waiting for!

  8. Honestly the TV trailer is the most promising Sonic related thing that I’ve seen today

  9. Looks like Tails survived the plane crash at 0:22 – 0:23 from the earlier preview several months ago.

  10. if eggman follows up with those robot plans in a later episode … wait they arent connected … damn :c
    okay later in the episode – that would be amazing, its something the AOSTH robotnik would do.

    1. well, things in reseting shows can still become canon, like in timmy turner with the baby poof, or adventure time, adventure time has a lot of things that turn canon.

      Don’t lose hope in the evil ham.

  11. Finally they made a second trailer about Sonic Boom! I’ve been check Sonicstadium for new up coming trailer man this TV series is gonna be the bomb! (Screaming)

  12. Looks funny, I’ll enjoy the show and game nicely, i’m glad there are others in the comments who will agree with me.

    “I’ll be back! with a-uh new robot, yes, and he’ll shoot lasers from his eyes! and feed me ham, yes, Eviiiil ham.”

  13. The new landscapes we see are just INCREDIBLE, these graphics are beyond stunning for a CG tv series


  15. Hey guys youre gonna love this one, remember the complete change of the voice of amy that anybody is obsessing over, its very confident ;), just saying.

  16. Whoops did I talk about amys voice differences, I didnt know til now so I must be secretly in love with amy, there went sonics happy behavior.

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