Sonic Boom Banner at E3

Every year SEGA usually has some Sonic promotional material inside the E3 building. Usually it’s in the form of large decals along the escalators, but this year it’s something different. Sonic Boom’s got a banner at the LA Convention Center entrance. Take a look!

sonicboombannerThough we’re at the show, we haven’t gotten our own photos of the banner yet. We’ll be sure to bring you some of our own photos of Sonic stuff at E3 over the coming days! This photo was posted on Twitter by NintenDaan!

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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. Thats so awesome!
    Im going to stole it and put that on my wall (of course if it fits..)

    1. I know people are putting effort (I hope) into all this but its just not my cup of tea, the whole Americans dont get this lets give them what they want seems very closed minded and patriotic to me, and as a wise man once said ‘the owl of ignorance lays the eggs of pride’ Its just aoSTH and SATam all over for me again and I dont want to be part of it… again. Yes I am an older Sonic fan, I was a kid when I first played Sonic 1 on 1991, and since then there has always been an inside battle between SEGA of Japan and SEGA of America to mold sonic in their image. Sonic was a joint creation you see, between SOJ first then SOA suggested some adjustments like removing Sonic’s fangs and making his spikes less messy, also removing a human interest Sonic was going to have. So you see Sonic was a miracle, but even if America help create Sonic a bit japan is still the country of origin and they understand what Sonic is all about a bit more anyway, since most of the original creators have left SEGA. So yeah…Sonic Adventure 2 was really the last real sonic game, after that game MOST of the original team left! many to work on PSO. Its sad really, I just hope SEGA of Japan gives us another game similar to Colors or Generations, or better yet study and communicated with the old team and try to bring back the Adventure series, chao and all.

      I wish the best, but know that my Sonic is and always will be Japanese with American modifications Sonic, and not the other way around. Guess its time to see what happens.

      1. That makes alot of sense. And yeah the series just hasn’t been the same since Sonic Adventure 2, its like it stopped trying to be cool.

      2. “Sonic Adventure 2 was really the last real sonic game”, may I humbly disagree? SA2 suffers from many of the same things that newer Sonic games have fallen prey to: added features that hinder the game in the long run. Sure you remember Radical Highway and City Escape, but who truly enjoyed the clunky Eggman/Tails gameplay, or the devolved version of the SA1 treasure hunting that Knuckles and Rouge got stuck with? So to tout it so highly above above games like Unleashed seems kind of closed-minded.

        You may not like SatAM, but there are plenty who do, so let’s just let this spin-off be its own thing, like the Storybook series. If it’s not your thing, it’s not your thing. Plain and simple.

        Now let’s all enjoy E3, yes? Yes.

        1. Well…if you want to be more technical that would be SA1 as it was the last game Naoto Oshima the man who created Sonic and Eggman worked on. SA2 still had alot of SEGA of Japan people work on it, the same people who now make the Phantasy Star series, so clearly SA2 was the last quality game even if it had new ideas they fit the world and they worked, there’s a reason SA2 is liked and the story books series are not. Enjoy E3 I am just giving my opinion and sheding light on facts, if you dont like it dont read and enjoy your life.

      3. I wish people would stop the “Give us Sonic Adventure 3” nonsense. For two reasons:

        1. We had Sonic Adventure 3 in all but name – it was called Sonic the Hedgehog and destroyed the franchise.
        2. If people keep nagging Sonic Team to make Sonic Adventure 3, they will eventually do so. And inevitably ruin it, causing scathing critical reviews and outraged fans.

        Sonic Team can make good Sonic games, they’ve proved that. But an oversaturation of playable characters and a serious plot is a recipe for disaster with the current general view of the hedgehog.

        1. When you say people you mean ME, talk to me directly.

          Sonic 06 was a tragic game as in Yuji Naka left before the game was completed and maybe other staff members, why? who knows maybe a too tight schedule, it was at the dawn of the new generation of consoles and maybe they were pressuring Naka and other team members too much, in order to preserve his dignity he must’ve left because he knew the game couldn’t be made in such a short time. The same thing with the adventure series, people argue that the Treasure hunting ect sucked but you gotta understand that Sonic Team was new to 3d gaming and they were testing. But yes please dont say 06 was Adventure 3, it was supposed to have been a GREAT game! but there was too much conflict on the inside and Naka’s departure threw the whole project into oblivion! The game was even going to have night to day transitions and everything!

          1. Agreed. 06 was going to be a great game. (Gameplay wise, of course. Sonic’s story SUUUCKS) But it was rushed. Just proof of how screwed up this fanbase is…

  2. Good for Sega, now they’re being serious! Just hope that kind support and confidence doesn’t die after the release of the first Sonic Boom.

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