Sega Looking at Sonic Boom Trading Cards & Archie Comic adaptation?


Following the Vegas Licensing Expo, Sega have held an interview with License! Global magazine in which they go into detail about Sonic Boom including a few new details regarding their plans with the Boom franchise. From what was said, it sounds like the plans for Boom run much deeper than the initially announced game, toyline and tv-show adaptation.

According to the interview Sega intends to license out boom along the following categories.

  •  Toys & Games.
  • Clothing.
  • Publishing.
  • Accessories.
  • Food and Drink.
  • Temporary tattoos.
  • Sticker collections.
  • Party goods.
  • Cakes.
  • Boutiques within stores.
  • Trading cards.

In addition to this, Sega are also looking to work with Archie Comics to ‘explore publishing’ which would suggest a comic book adaptation.

Other details from the interview were suggestions that Knuckles is now comic relief, that Sonic has been split into a two tier franchise, with Boom being aimed at younger audiences, but a retro/classic look and style for older fans.

It sounds a lot like Sega really are putting everything into Boom, what do you think, excited for the plans or think it’s a bad idea? That’s why we have the comments.

Source: License! Global June issue.


          1. Actually, I just read the title.

            ”meh why do I bother…”
            I was wondering the same.

    1. That’s not true! the Sonic-Archie Comics became after the Super Genesis Wave(Reboot) better!

    1. Lucy – “Has Sonic ever had his picture on a bubblegum card?” How can someone say they’re famous if they never had their picture on a bubblegum card?”

  1. Christ, they seem to put ALOT of faith in this project. I mean, shouldn’t they wait and see if it’s popular enough for this merchandise? The T.v show and games aren’t out yet and they’re acting like it’s already a success.

    1. But to make it a success they have to put a lot of faith in it and push it as much as possible

    2. if there is no toy-line/merchandise then they wont make it, a TV show is only picked up if it has merchandise potential. its all about money in the industry sadly. That’s what i’ve been told by producers that i’ve been in chats with.

  2. Wow! I can’t wait to go to school with my Sonic Boom pencil case, filled with my Sonic Boom rubbers and Sonic Boom pencils! -_-

      1. He either means erasers, or those things you slide over pencils to keep them from digging into your fingers while you write.

        1. I’m a girl. And English. Where I live, we call ’em rubbers, but yeah, I meant erasers or whatverrrr.

  3. …..Well, comic relief doesn’t HAVE to mean “bad”, if they handle it right, Knuckles could be a decent comic relief. I just hope that they still take the time to acknowledge his strengths as well as his weaknesses, and not just his literal strength!

    But I am totally loving the idea of an Archie comic spinoff/tie-in, they have been doing a phenomenal job with the main Sonic, I’d love to see what they would do with Boom! 😀

  4. Archie have been really teasing Sonic Boom in their letters section and that kind of thing, so it’s pretty much unavoidable that Sonic Boom will make some kind of appearance. Whether it’s a one-shot, mini-series or full series is the question.

    As they made a full series out of Sonic X, I would put my money on a full series for Boom.

      1. Not necessarily, it’s not like they only have 2 slots for a Sonic series of comics, they could just as easily have a third series revolving around Boom without having to sacrifice anything.

  5. I’m not thrilled about trading cards, and I’m especially not impressed with another Archie comic adaption… Isn’t the point of Sonic Boom to be a separate division of Sonic? Archie would try mixing it in with their universe, which will make the comics an even bigger mess…

    1. Two words: SPIN OFF. It would have as much to do with their comics as Sonic X had to do with any of them, so basically “ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE”.

  6. Not surprising. SEGA practically owns Archie so if they want a comic adaption that bad we’ll get one.

    1. That’s really not true. Sonic is probably their most popular title, if that’s what you mean, but it’s only one of many.

    2. Not exactly, they just have the most say-so when it comes to the Sonic comics. They don’t own Archie any more than Capcom does with the Mega Man comics. However, Nintendo probably wouldn’t join unless they actually did get to buy Archie.

  7. The only thing that interest me is the show and the games. But yeah everything else is focused on a child demographic, and that seems to be the main focal point of the sonic boom project. I anticipate the emptiness of wallets of parents to satisfy the wants of the children and I think that’s what sega is hoping for. Or everything flops which is highly unlikely bcuz kids are kids.

  8. The hell? Modern Sonic never got this sort of advertisement. And why do I have the feeling that Boom Sonic will replace Modern Sonic permanently? Just why?!

    1. It won’t, Sonic team is working on games for modern sonic and the movie is based on modern

      1. No Sonic guy 726 Sonic Team, is not making a new Sonic Movie Sony is making a new Sonic Movie.

      2. Sonic movie Sonic will be designed to look realistic, I’m guessing a rocket raccoon look. Also I dont think Modern Sonic would be replaced, unless Boom does amazingly well, look at Spyro, cause Skylanders sold well they decided to scrap classic Spyro overall.

      1. Yeah I was about to say the same thing. And also have any of yall heard of Hot Topics because they have a lot of gameing and cartoon merchandises.

        1. Hot Topic doesn’t have that much Sonic stuff where I live, but they have BOATLOADS of Sonic stuff at Spencer’s. I got a classic Sonic hat that I wear outside there for 16 bucks, and I bought some Sonic Heroes (yes, they sold Sonic Heroes stuff there, no I don’t know why.) sunglasses that I gave to my little cousin.

  9. wow they are really putting in a lot of faith on this series. I don’t blame them but if they think it will work then why not trust them. I still feel very nervous about all this, because they already planned all of this before it became popular. I gotta say they either might have lost it or finally know how to make sonic famous again, either way its one hell of a long shot if their confident to make it with the show a game a movie and also promotional toys accessories and others. Dam! with all this if it either fails or succeeds it could be the rise of sonic’s fame again or just might be his very close death wish like 06…

  10. Maybe Cartoon Network and SEGA will make announced Sonic X will be moved from Vortexx to Cartoon Network on October 2014 soon.

    1. I wouldn’t know why. It’s owned by Saban now, so they can do whatever they want with it. It isn’t up to Sega anymore.

      1. I know, unless Saban wants sell Sonic X to Cartoon Network due to Sonic Boom on CN on this October. I hope.

  11. I take it they didn’t announce any merchandise for the actual Sonic series :/

    I’m just hoping that if there’s a Sonic Boom comic, it stays separate from the main series and Universe. Of course, I would trust Ian Flynn with it more than anyone doing the game and cartoon; plus, that would mean there would be a need for more pencillers 😀

        1. No, YOU think they suck, just as I like them; it’s called having an opinion.

          I’ll take what Ian’s done with the comic any day over Sonic Boom; I’ll even go out on a limb and say my own personal OPINION is that he has a better understanding of the characters and portrays them in a better way than even Sonic Team (or from what I’ve seen so far, BigRedButton).

          1. So you prefer Ian’s approach of Sonic being an egotistical jerkass one issue and a total moron the next one.

            Or hey, how about Ian’s rampant shilling of Sally at the expense of everyone else including Sonic.

            Or maybe you actually like how he can’t seem to keep his personal hate of characters out of the comic when he writes them.

            ian never has any idea what he is doing or how to write the characters when their personalities keep changing to fit the ones his plots demands.

            that’s why Sonic has zero problems lying to Tails and treating him like garbage in one arc and then acting like they are best friends in the next one.

          2. Wow. Just wow. I’m not sure it’s even worth trying to make you see reason. You just took some complaints of attributes that don’t exist and put them as arguments. TROLL ALERT

  12. Possible Archie Comic of Sonic Boom?

    Count me 100% hopeful and hyped! I’ve been wanting that ever since Boom was announced!

    1. The more spinoffs the better! Now I’ll have four Archie comics each month to keep me occupied! X3

  13. I really don’t like the Archie comics after the reboot; however, I think this has more to do with the post-reboot context than Ian Flynn’s writing ability. The Waves of Change arc is as boring as Sonic Labyrinth, but maybe the focus on introducing original characters and world-building will eventually pay off.
    When Flynn is given a rigid structure to follow, he does very well; the Mega Man comic (which adheres very closely to the games it adapts) is actually very good. As a result, if he were given Sonic Boom and told to use the pre-existing characters and world, maybe he would do a good job.

  14. Do we really need more Archie Sonic stuff? For the love of god, I couldn’t get into it as a kid, as I was so confused like, who are these characters? Who’s Sally? Is that rabbit girl Cream? Why is everyone dying? Luckily Sonic Universe got me into the Archie Sonic thing, I still don’t like the main series though.

  15. Not really caring for a lot of it since it’ll never show up in my home land, but the idea of Archie touching Sonic Boom pisses me off a lot.

    I just know Ian Flynn will replace the personalities with the ones used in their Sega/Satam adaption comic and then constantly flux them around from nice to complete jerkasses to suit whatever plot he comes up while producing several pointless crossovers/cameos to shoehorn in Sally, Scourge or Shard the Copy Sonic into the main cast while flooding the whole thing with original Mary Sues and Gary sues wangsting about their pointless love lives and family issues.

    I’d cut him slack but then I always remember how the Sonic X comic was hijacked be about Eggman and his wacky childish adventures before getting hijacked by Archie Shadow for its final issue. Later on he wrote the Racing and Olympic games tie in which royally sucked ass not to mention the ton of other game tie ins that can be described as a last minute excuse script written while on the can doing lunch break.

    I’m optimistic about the game and show, but getting a comic adaption about it from the company that got SEGA sued over their current adaption job is just idiotic. Especially when one remembers that SEGA was forced to step in and tell Archie to stop fucking up the Sonic franchise in their comics.

    1. I really think SEGA should sever all ties with Archie and possibly give the license to somebody who knows how to make great comics out of successful IPs. Such as… I dunno… IDW.

  16. SEGA…stahp,water you doing?They really have a lot of faith in this to push this fair,It’ll at least be interesting to see where It leads.

  17. If they dont put their (Archie)
    Charecters in the possible archie-adaption SIGN ME IN!
    But i live in finland so yeah..
    Oh i almost forget that i can (maybe)
    Bought that possible comic in google books for smartphone 🙂
    They have already have archie comics in google books

  18. a new archie comic based on boom, i hope this doesn’t replace sonic universe, we still need that sonic underground ending

    1. it’s never come, the Underground ending was a fake advertisement stunt to pull in new readers.

  19. well gosh damn it mate, I have enough sonic merch to do youtube review for the year and now there will be more sonic stuff……*sign* well time to buy them and review them lolz

  20. “Knuckles is now comic relief” if your okay with this I hate you. I tried so hard for this day to not come, I’m pissed. It’s cause of fucking characters like Shadow and Silver this fucking happened.

    1. “if your okay with this I hate you.” …. Uhhhh…. Sheesh, I could quote this whole comment if you hadn’t wrote it up there already. Boy… uh… I am sorry, but…

      Angry YouTube child comment much? What do Shadow and Silver have to do with Knuckles being a comic relief anyway? That just seems like a blind punch against those two characters, now that we’re on the topic of stupefied characters. Reny, buddy, I get that you do not like what they have done to Knuckles at all lately (we’ve seen since Boom was announced), but dude… lighten up. Hating a person is too far for all kinds of reasons, and even if you speak figuratively, that’s pretty harsh. Hating Boom entirely just because of one character’s change may be odd in my opinion, but I understand that. However, when you constantly try to make your opinion seem above others’, that’s no good.

  21. First a Wii U game, then a 3DS game, then all this other misc. crap, now f**kin’ cards!? F**KIN’ CARDS!!!!!!!!? ([I]AND[/I] A DEAL WITH ARCHIE!? Because that’s exactly what a continuity-shattered comic needs right now)

    We’re never going to see the modern-Sonic installment ever again……

    In all honesty, I don’t know what an even bigger uproar being run to the ground: Sonic Boom or The Lara-Su Chronicles?

    1. Hey Whiny boy, Sonic Boom is a sub franchise, you’ll get your modern Sonic game with its lack of story, lacking gameplay and new wisp powers in 2015 or 16.

      So just go sit in the corner and wait while the rest of us have some fun with the Sonic Boom game and show.

          1. It’s called a typo. Everybody makes them, even you (yet this site doesn’t have the good decency to include an edit button in the comments section).

  22. Speaking of cards and comics, I dont know which sonic boom collection, both would be too much for me. Cards or comics, whats the difference between cards and comics?

  23. Sorry if this sounds like hating, but why Sonic Boom needs a comic when they have the cartoon??
    They shouldn’t be wasting Archie Comics time with Boom.

    1. Wrong, it’s Archie who shouldn’t be wasting SEGA’s time at all, but hey, I guess a lawsuit or two over their failure to live up to a contract isn’t wasting SEGA’s time.

      Frankly I’m surprised SEGA is still dealing with Archie at all, they keep delivering a product that damages Sonic good name, costs SEGA money by getting them sued by ex Archie employees, their head writers sprouts out fake info as if it came straight from SEGA and at the end of they day they still have the utter nerve to blame everything they do wrong on SEGA

      1. Too bad you dont like the comics but they have quite a lot of readers, thats why Sega is still with them even after bad times and thats why the Sonic Archie universe keeps expanding, they even gave their writters another beloved videogame property to create amazing stories in the form of Megaman. In my opinion they are great and keep getting better with each issue.

        1. Basically that’s how all completely abysmal things keep going. People keep throwing money at it…

  24. This is out of no where but I like to compare this site to TSSZ and I have to say that this site is alot better from TSSZ.

  25. Oh, please… Archie, we had a chance at a fresh start. A world without your pollution… But you just wanna come and take a big DUMP over everything! Stop it.

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