UPDATE: Official Sonic Website Hints at a Sonic Movie

UPDATE: Confirmed! Sonic movie is happening!

So the official website for Sonic the Hedgehog recently updated (most likely to fall in line with the new E3 Sonic Boom news). However, eagled eyed SSMB member Blue Blood spotted a rather curious addition to it.


In the top tabs, you can clearly see a tab for TV & ‘Movies.’ And yes this is still live at the time of posting, though the page itself is not 

Now this could just be a play on words, or it might even be a few episodes of Boom spliced together to make a larger story. Though when it follows several big hints that a movie is in the works, this is likely to only add fuel to that.

Comments again you my friends.

Thanks to Blue Blood for the tip.

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    1. If you think about it marketing wise – You have your audience watching the Sonic Boom version then to shake it about and create a film developed and designed around Modern Sonic would…throw them off a bit i.e. “Why is it this way?” “They look different” blah blah blah. As much as I would like to see the film based around the current Sonic, Sonic Boom is a massive project that I guess will be completed with the film (Pokemon/Digimon take on it I guess) and we all know films aside from the TV series tend to make and break the bank of the companies involved so, who knows.

      The Term “Movies” may just be shorts or clips or gameplay “movies” – Everyone likes to play on words. 😛

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