Metal Sonic is in Sonic Boom!

So yesterday, Sega released trailers for both the 3DS & Wii U versions of Sonic Boom. However hidden away in one of the trailers is a character yet to be confirmed, and it’s Metal Sonic.


At around 0:34 seconds, Sonic blasts through a wall and theres a transition to another part of the gameplay. At this moment, for a split second you can clearly see Metal Sonic jumping on a spring pad as Sonic blasts through another wall.

See these screens for the exact moment. metalsonicboom metalsonicboom2

So, random cameo? Or is Metal Sonic going to play a major part in Sonic Boom? No official word yet from Sega, but take a look in the trailer and you can clearly see he’s right there.

Thanks to TSS commentator Neo Metal Sonic (how appropriate is that username?) for bringing this to my attention.

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        1. Just his forearms are blue, his upper arm and shoulders were silver.

          and I will laugh if Metal is unchanged and has no sports tape, everything needs sports tape in Sonic Boom, EVERYTHING.

  1. Now all we need is shadow in a Hawaiian shirt and some shades… Then this game will be complete.

    1. I hope this joke stays with the community and the developers catch wind. Shadow NEEDS to wear exactly this.

      1. Sonic fans are composed of angry people who know SEGA are a bunch of A-holes and want SEGA to atone and people who are just plain trolls and dont even give a f about Sonic and have other priorities like beer or COD and want to ruin sonic so bad its not even recognizable just so they can giggle like the miserable inhuman lowlifes they are.

        Sadly most of the angry fans dont have the B@lls to voice their opinions because the sonic fan base is mostly composed by kids who dont know better and trolls who instantly start flaming people who ‘point the finger at the naked king’

        PS. Yes Shadow with the Hawaiian shirt is a good idea, its sooo good it wont make it.

        1. @Sonic (this is a bit ironic ^^’ Oooh rhyming!) : …What? I don’t see how they’re really trolling or being hateful. I’m so confused D:

          1. I’ll stop talking shit and fully support Sonic Boom if Shadow wears a Hawaiian shirt. I don’t think I can cosign the project until this has been done.

          2. It’ll never happen.

            Hawaiian Shadow would the greatest to happen to this show and the character. Hawaiian Shadow is brilliant idea.

            But we all know SEGA is allergic to brilliant ideas. too bad.

          3. I need Shadow nonetheless… I was hoping to see him this E3, but nothing came…

        2. “a bunch of A-holes …who are just plain trolls and dont even give a f about Sonic… and want to ruin sonic so bad its not even recognizable”

          So… basically Big Red Button, right?

    2. Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this, because frankly I’d just love how out of character it would be XD

  2. Upon watching the trailer my first thought is that I think we have seen more graphically adept games on the 3DS.
    My second thought is that the more I see him in Sonic Boom the more Tails looks like he normally does, just wearing things.

  3. I’m not crazy…

    Other people saw it too…


    This also confirms one other Rival Race 🙂

  4. Gonna say, it’s awesome to see the Metal ‘hog himself in Sonic Boom in SOME capacity, but with that being said I gotta wonder what he’s gonna look like? I mean, it’s pretty hard for me to tell from this trailer/screenshot what his design for the series looks like because of how grainy it looks to me. I mean I can TELL it’s him, clearly; but I can’t really tell just how much they changed his design for Boom; if at all.

  5. Thanks for giving me credit for that find, when I first saw it I was actually kind of shocked no one had already noticed it.

  6. Also, Sonic clearly hurt Metal with his Air Dash; the latter is getting knocked forward and is flashing, so he probably IS a character in the game, namely one whom you race against.

  7. Wait Metal Sonic In 30 seconds awesome but so shame he’s not a playable character & TV show of Sonic Boom but I hope Sega being Metal Sonic in some episodes of Sonic Boom and design him right now Sega!

  8. Hogfather post, so grain of salt.

    Looks more like one of those hologram machines that displayed Metal Sonic in Sonic CD 😮

  9. im glad metal sonic is in, hes my favourite character and he is also unchanged ~
    its possible Metal will appear in the TV show as they said some characters will make 1 or 2 episode cameos.

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