32 New Screenshots from Sonic Boom Wii U & 3DS


Hot off the new gameplay footage, written previews and the E3 Press Release, SEGA have unveiled a plentiful of new screenshots from both Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for Wii U and 3DS. The screenshots show our main cast doing an assortment of actions in their game worlds, from boomerangs to Enerbeams. You can check all these screenshots out in our gallery below. Be sure to let us know what you’re most excited for in Sonic Boom in the comments below – they’ll be plenty more where this came from for sure when E3 rolls around next week.

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  1. I get a feeling Shadow will be in the TV show, wearing a scurf and a leather jacket.

      1. I keep telling people, a red Hawaiian shirt is the way to go! XD (Don’t ask. I just really like how it would look ha ha, and the reactions.)

    1. if Silver pops up at all, i hope they play emphasis on him being from the future, ala Ghost in the Shell cyberpunk style!

  2. Those slingshots looks kind of fun.

    …If those barriers protect you on the landing, anyway. Otherwise… We now know the true reason for the sports tape. Keeping the heroes pulled together X_x’

  3. Now this is much more like it. Sonic’s model in these screenshots looks miles better than that ugly, horrid, THING we got on the earlier screenshots. Looking good. I’m starting to become more optimistic about this.

  4. Spoilers

    According to GameXplain (YouTube) The 3DS version (Shattered Crystal) features Sticks as a playable character, but Amy is kidnapped by Lyric.

    GameXplain I find reliable.

    P.S. Government Agents replacing Sticks’s flowers with Violins

    1. Do remember, that for the 3DS version, it’s going to look terrible since you’re viewing it in 2D

      And the Wii U version IS HD, it’s just these pictures are terribly blown up and not to mention the game is still in development.

      You can’t judge these things before you see the final product! 😉

  5. The visuals are definitely looking a lot better. And looking at some of the gameplay videos that have surfaced, actually looks to play rather well.

  6. Am I the only one who’s really looking forward to that Cryengine Green Hill Zone-esque speed level, because it looks AMAZING! 😀

    I guess I am starting to find more and more things to get me hyped, but I’ll still be cautiously optimistic towards this game.

        1. Nearly everything about this has me freaking out with excitement! I plan on getting both versions, and the whole “exclusive” thing finally worked on me, as now I have to buy a Wii U so I can play this. 😛

          1. Well, all in all, I always hope that every decision SEGA and Sonic Team makes in regards to Sonic works out in the end. While I know what I’m into, I don’t necessarily know what I “want”, and I kind of believe that about most fans too. Sonic Boom may not have what I’m into or would put in every Sonic game (and if every game did that, there would be far less variety), it still looks interesting to me, and that’s enough for me to see myself enjoying this game for a time. I don’t know for sure though, since this is still pretty early in the year for me to have a full idea. I had to play Lost World to get the opinion I have now, so the same thing will have to apply to Boom.

            My philosophy is this: try to stay as neutral and rational as possible and hopefully you won’t tick off too many people. 😛

  7. the graphics on the 3DS game look very much like they did in Colors. of course, this is still early stuff. its no big deal either way though. its the version i’ll have to get considering i don’t have a Wii U. don’t mean i won’t keep up with the Wii U version’s story.

  8. I feel much better now knowing about their design choices, still dont care for it but I feel much, much better. 😉

    1. Actually it’s just unleashed because it has the speed levels that are basically uncontrolable

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