Sticks the Badger Announced

I know what this fanbase needs! More crazy!


Following on from the character leak a few weeks ago, Sticks the Badger (Jungle Badger) has finally been officially confirmed. Yup that’s right people, it’s not Marine, though it didn’t look anything like her to begin with.

Sticks is described as having lived most of her life alone in the wilderness, and unlike Knuckles who found solace in his years guarding the master emerald, Sticks has gone barking mad. sticksthebadger

“You can doubt me, but I’ll protect you anyway! Because I’m a good friend! And because it distracts me from the Government agents who are replacing my plants with violins!”

She is voiced by Nikka Futterman, and Sticks is apparently finds a best friend with Amy, she’s also described as being fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect them. Sticks is also described by sega as being a predominant character across both all aspects of the Sonic Boom franchise.


Source: Sega

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        1. I love how that has absolutely nothing to do with Game Theory. It’s from a very classic TV show my friend. And in case you missed it, someone at the Sonic Stadium (or Sonic Show, I forget) made some assumptions on Facebook about Marine being this new character. Mike Pollock replied to the Facebook Status with the infamous scene where that line comes from.

          1. I love how that has absolutely nothing to do with Game Theory. It’s from a very classic TV show my friend. And in case you missed it, someone at the Sonic Stadium (or Sonic Show, I forget) made some assumptions on Facebook about Marine being this new character. Mike Pollock replied to the Facebook Status with the infamous scene where that line comes from.

      1. I imagine the next time something like happens again, I’m going to hear the lines “I’m coming for you.”

  1. I guess it was the colour scheme that made people think it was Marine. But we haven’t had a new fave to the series since 2007, so it’s all good.

    Having trouble placing her accent though. Sounds Boston-ish to me. :/

    1. It wasn’t just the color scheme. The boomerang head and weapon gave off a Aussie vibe similar to Marine’s hair and accent.

      I REALLY doubt this design was made with no thought about Marine.

        1. Or you know people see things differently.
          You don’t have to act like your opinion is fact all the time.
          Given the shape of her face; eyes and muzzle, people aren’t crazy for thinking it was Marine.
          But y’know go ahead and invalidate people’s opinions.

          1. My opinion in this case was fact.

            The only resemblance this character had to Marine was that it was a girl and orange.

            That was it.

            It looks nothing like her.

          2. No it isn’t.
            Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s fact.
            If you could stop being so condescending for a second maybe you would realise that we’re living in a subjective reality and that people see things you don’t. There’s no ‘fact’ here, only viewpoints.
            I can’t look at Sticks without seeing Marine. The eye shape, muzzle shape is the same- Marine has really wide eyes. Are you suggesting that I’m stupid? Crazy? Because that’s the implication I’m getting from what you’re saying and to write for the fans and yet be so closed minded as to insult them is uncool.
            Wake up to yourself.

        2. Despite you being my boss, I’m gonna have to disagree with you a bit here. There are several reasons people including I, thought it was Marine.

          1.)Same fur color, same basic face. Hair pokes out to the sides.

          2.) Australian origins. Sticks holds a boomerang while Marine has boomerang pigtails and speaks with a ridiculously thick Australian accent.

          Saying it looked nothing like Marine is a bit absurd. She looks like a fan character where some kid used Marine a a base and added on from there.

          1. @JasonTheJackass

            I’m your boss? 0_0

            But seriously, iI just don’t see how it looks anything like her. Initially I thought ‘yeah it is her’ and even then I wasn’t sure due to the flash covering the image… but then when you look back at that concept art pick whch was in high def. The only similarity is the orange base colour. Everything else is completely different.

            The fact it has a boomerang is irrelevant. Marine never ever used one or had one on her.

            A lot of people are going on about ‘Oh the patterns are the same and she has pigtails!’ Have you guys seen how Marine originally looked? The design is completely different and all the patterns are in completely different places.

            Just check out weeks ago when we had that concept art, there’s no Raccoons tail for one thing.

          2. @ Hogfather – the thing is, the points everybody keeps raising? They’re more than enough to make a connection. Bear in mind Marine was a minor character, who never got the same exposure as the main cast, so a more radical overall could be implemented if desired. Not to mention that some redesigns often strip the characters to their bare essentials with minimal resemblance to the original.

            In franchise example? THIS:

            This might sound snide, but I’m honestly surprised you’re still active Hogfather, considering SSMBers have been banned on similar/lesser terms.

          3. …Nobody has been banned for saying a character does/doesn’t look like a character.

          4. @ Hogfather

            If I recall correctly, people HAVE been banned for repeatedly stating an opinion (usually an unpopular one) as fact (though I’m probably wrong). My problem isn’t what you’re saying, it’s HOW your saying. Just sticking a “… In my opinion…” at the beginning or end of a sentence could have averted many of these comments. Your responses have come off as patronising (not that anyone else’s, including mine, have been much better), and that’s something we don’t expect from a news article. An opinion in a review, retrospective or opinion’s piece? Sure. But un-flagged in a news article, and people start to object.

            (And this is why I don’t post anything online anymore, because everybody’s at everybody’s throats and opinions are stated as fact, frequently.)

        3. “It looks nothing like Marine.”

          -Orange with brown markings
          -Blue eyes
          -Two pigtails
          -Young girl which could be roughly the same age
          -Boomarang implying an Australian accent
          -Feisty attitude

          Oh, but the clothes are different! (kinda like how ALL the characters were given a new wardrobe?)And the tail, (which no one had a good look at) is different! Golly.

          Oh yeah, I don’t see any reason for people to think that could have been Marine. How stupid of everyone, to have dialed in such a reasonable assumption, and be wrong.

          1. @hogfather Errr… Co-Worker. To be honest, you do so much around here now, I just assumed. XD With Sven gone, I honestly don’t know who’s in charge.

        4. Can’t say I’m with you here either, Hog.

          Based off of what we had prior to this announcement (a large, but fairly blurred, distorted image), there was a lot of evidence that it indeed COULD have been Marine. The colour scheme, eye colour, and general face shape all looked to be shared between Sticks and Marine. The boomerang was at least a decent hint of her background being australian, something that was VERY prevalent in Marine’s dialogue in Sonic Rush Adventure.

          The other change in appearance could also have been explained by Sonic Boom’s large departure in style from the rest of the series. Many of the characters that we already know of had fairly substantial changes in their design for Sonic Boom (just look at how substantially Knuckles had changed), so a redesign for Marine was at the very least conceivable.

          And not to mention, Sonic Team has had quite the phobia of adding new characters to the franchise in recent years.

      1. Just like how Sonic Lost World was made with absolutely no thought about Sonic X-treme. Rrrrriiiiiggghhhht Iizuka? 😛

  2. Hehe, she sounds like a dork. But I mean that in the nicest way. I already like her. Lol

    Did anyone else think of the little duckling from the old Tom & Jerry cartoons when u heard the voice acting?

    1. You mean that suicidal duckling?
      Great, now I’m going to remember that every time I hear Sticks.
      And I’m going to dedicate the rest of my life to forgetting it.

        1. Sorry, but seriously, there was an episode where that duck has major depression issues and keeps trying to take its own life. I thought the point of Tom and Jerry was to be funny, but that episode was just sad.
          I’m surprised they still air that episode.

          1. Eh, it just goes to show ya how much the
            “comedy” aspect in some cartoons have evolved since the 1940’s. Lol

  3. this is problemly the best New character in years… not be in the main canon or the comics.

    Yeah, I’m gonna like her.

          1. my mistake this is not new, a friend of mine just informed me of it so I thought it was new

  4. Ah, so she is a badger. Also, I love that line: “Don’t you people know anything about science!?”

    Bonus points to anyone who got that reference.

  5. im glad another female has been added, and im glad shes insane! she may be the 4th wall breaker of the group… probabley referencing out-of-canon/game stuff.

    and that render of knuckles – looks alot better than previous ones have … maybe they rescaled his head after noticing how odd it was.

  6. i rather like her. not sold on the name but that’s not too big of a deal. the fact that her voice actor did Adam from My Gym Partner’s a Monkey is fairly amusing. and as far as i know, she’s the first game character to not where gloves (not counting Chip, the D6, and all that). however, the real question here is..

    will she be playable in the game?

    1. Uh….actually that is a good question.

      But if she’s not playable she’ll be a great comic relief

    2. I think it’s likely she’ll be playable, We know she has a weapon and with her fierce personality she seems like she’d want to get in on the action. And since most of the time stages will have 2 characters in them having her will help change them up rather than having multiple levels with the same combination of characters

  7. I am glad that the case of the mystery girl is closed. I like the concept of her character and the idea of jungle madness. Its cool to have some crazy characteristics. I’m just worried that they might make her batshit crazy 24/7 and it will be annoying. Now another question? Seeing that Sticks and Amy are best friends. Is there going to be some Cream vs Sticks debate or both are going to show up in the series?

    1. Well, if there was never any Cream vs. Marine debate, then I honestly doubt anyone is going to make a Cream vs. Sticks debate.

  8. “Unoriginal the Fancharacter announced for Sonic Boom” … Well, there goes all my hype.

    All I can say is… WHY? When you had an entire alternative canon to pull from, busting at the seems to choose from, why create a brand spanking new lead?!?

    She’s a cloud-cuckoo-lander for sure. Doesn’t seem like it’d fit Sonic to me, but whadda I know?

    Also, this character sounds like it would’ve fit Marine. So… new characters where old ones could’ve been retooled. Who’s next? Shady the narwhal? New for the sake of NEW! annoys me.

      1. Oh don’t get me wrong, this could turn out to be a fantastic character.

        I’m just not seeing the need to create something brand spanking new when you have a wealthy archive of characters to pull from. It just ends up being another forgettable at the end of the day, shoved into the vault.

        1. Yeah especially when they could’ve reused some of the forgotten ones like Mighty and Ray

  9. TIME TO HATE HER WITHOUT EVEN NEEDING A REASON – The Sonic Fanbase (I haven’t even looked at the comments yet so I’m calling it)

    Sonic fanbase aside, what a fantastic character! 😀

    1. You know, your part of the fan base that is just the happy go lucky group that accepts any bullshit they throw at the series. If Sega were to say “Sonic isn’t gonna run fast anymore.” You and those other yahoos would chime in and go, “It’s a change! I’m excited!”.

      1. And you’re from the “Well if they like THIS then they must also like THAT” side of the fanbase that is so wrapped up in what they don’t like that they don’t even logically think about exactly what it is about the series that the other side likes. I mean do you honestly think that anyone who enjoys this show or anything Sonic related would want Sonic to run at 5 miles per hour? No SONIC fan would want that, that’s like saying that some Mickey Mouse fans wished that Mickey didn’t have those round ears on his head anymore. Quit trying to put someone down and actually use some logical thinking why don’t you?

      2. Haha you know nothing about me and you’re saying I’d be fine with Sonic the Hedgehog not being Sonic the Hedgehog.

        Okay then.

  10. Anyone else notice she’s the only Sonic Boom character not covered in duck tape? Boomerang doesn’t count. All boomerangs worth a dang have tape wrapped around the ends for grip.

    1. Well she’s lived in the jungle all her life and she wouldn’t have access to it unlike sonic, tails, knuckles and amy, who would actually kinda need it

  11. I think I just worked out Amy’s expression in that picture…

    You see, from where she’s standing, she can see Sonic’s butt…

    *Goes and takes a frantic, nervous shower in Casinopolis*

  12. Okay, I watched the video and read the details on her. My thoughts.

    A.) A badger hasn’t been done before so that’s cool.

    B.) I really like the voice. Fits the personality very well.

    C.) Always nice to give Amy a sidekick to keep her from being the boy(hog)chasing character she used to be.

    D.) Despite what some others think, it’s good to have at least one new character for a new series. I don’t have a problem with this.

    E.) I like the “Crazy” aspect. Makes the character more fun.

    F.) Still looks a lot like Marine. As if it’s a fan character where a kid drew on top of Marine art as a base and added to it to make a new character. Plus the Australian connections.

    G.) Some of these videos show just a bland kids humor not unlike a lame Disney Channel live action show.

    1. I agree that the voice fits the character, but I just wish it didn’t sound so scratchy. It sounds like the actress has strep-throat or something, it kind of makes me uncomfortable. Hopefully I’ll either get used to it or the voice will be worked on over time.

    2. Well I raid your thoughts and I have thoughts of my own

      A)More than 42 posts and not one honey badger joke?

      B)Is that Adam’s voice from “My gym partner is a monkey”? Well suited for this character, but OWWW MY POOR EARS.

      C)Doesn’t she already have a sidekick? Long ears. Fluffy Tail. About yee high with a little dress. Adorable. Carries a Weapon of Mass Destruction at all times, in the guise of a baby chao?

      D)I don’t mind a new character as long as they fulfill a purpose, like being an audience surrogate or being integral to the plot. Time will tell whether Marine Sticks will do either. However, in the case of this particular franchise, with lots of useful characters across 5 different canons, you gotta ask: why?

      E)Hmmm…I dunno. There’s “Crazy” and then there’s “PG Crazy” which is not really crazy at all, just lolrandumb for kids.

      F)This is Truth! Ironic they chose to create an all new character, but to justify her existence, she needed to look like an already established character.

      G)AAAAAnd there goes my faith in this series. They said they were gonna have some good writing, but so far it probably means just life lessons and character development that reflects that with a heaping coat of syrup.

      A question to any Bronies in the audience: Does MLP has some genuine laughs or it just funny in a cute and charming way?

      1. It does have genuine laughs. I mean, there is a lot of the cute and charming stuff, sure, but it is also filled with plenty of WTF funny moments and surprisingly epic moments. Seriously, by the end of the fourth season, I almost forgot that this show was made to promote little girls toys. It’s THAT good.

  13. Doesn’t look anything like Marine? … Really Hogfather? Same colour tone, same eye colour, facial structure.. and what says Aussie more than a Boomerang?

    *sigh* Disappointed Marine fan here 🙁

  14. “Yup that’s right people, it’s not Marine, though it didn’t look anything like her to begin with.”

    Yet you yourself assumed she was Marine when you first made the article about the leaked picture? That’s a bit hypocritical.

  15. Guys… Does she have a RING on her necklace??? Or am I just going mad?

    1. Tragic backstory where she was to be married and her lover was killed and she fled to the wild in sorrow? …Nah, she probably just found the thing lying around and liked that it was shiny. This IS the Sonic world, there isn’t a lack of golden rings or anything.

  16. Help! I see a tsunami of fan art heading worryingly quickly in this direction!

  17. That voice sucks ass.

    Sorry, it does. It makes me cringe more then Amy’s Minnie Mouse voice does. Is it that impossible to do a furry characters voice without making them sound like clowns who have been inhaling helium.

    Well, guess it subtitles all the way with voice levels set to zero since there’s no option to use Japanese voices in this game.

      1. I don’t know, she could still speak with the same tone of voice if she got rid of the scratchieness. It just sounds way to ear-piercing to me. I feel like she had a great voice for this character but suddenly got strep-throat and had to keep recording anyway. I really hope they soften her voice up over time, it’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just that it doesn’t sound quite right with me.

        1. Over time? the recordings we’re done/completed months ago, unless you mean if the show gets a second season then possibly. most voice over work is record ages ago, like a game someone voiced in, he did the recordings in 2013 and the game isn’t out till 2014.

          1. Alright then, just take what I said and put it into the past-tense then! I hope that over time her voice GOT better and that by the time she recorded for the last few episodes, her voice SOUNDED perfect. That better?

        2. It sounded like she suffered from a bad case of smokers lungs in the end, not a good voice to throw around in a cartoon/game.

  18. Here’s another image of her that I haven’t seen around. It’s a very detailed image that we saw before.

    Orange and black fur? Check.

    Same exact face? Check.

    Australian background? Check.

    Socially awkward? Check.

    Noooo she’s not Marine at all. XP It’s more like they weren’t happy with the original Marine and decided to make Marine ver 2.0.

    1. Worst, I think this show will be kinda prehistoric based, pretty weird. What if the story is Sonic and gang time travel and get stuck in the past…weird..

      1. It’s not prehistoric based. It takes place in more natural settings but still has modern day (and not-so modern day) technology.

        1. but weve just seen the technology, but yeah you’re right. its just a weird ass world this one.

          1. It feels very… Jak and Daxter…

            That said, I’ve never played Jak and Daxter…

  19. Sticks and stones will break the egg’s bones, but words can never harm me. Thats all I got.

      1. Maybe Sticks has a long lost brother or sister. Could I have reviled a future plot point? Probably not, but a man can guess.

  20. Sticks..?? the badger..? wtf and she looks so much like Marine! at least make her eyes a different color geez! XD

    And I though Sonic’s blue arms were a lazy move, geez I dont care about this show at all. Its just too stupid and ugly for my taste.

    I am sorry for those who like it, I hope you enjoy it but to me its sonic Underground part 2.

        1. So how is the show, given how you’ve already judged it on handling and contents I take it you’ve seen the first episodes.


          sigh, just another typical whiny Sonic fan crying foul based on a few trailers…

        2. So I’m guessing you’ve already seen the show then? Because if you have, I have one small favor to ask:

          Could I have your time machine? I really want to find out when hoverboards will be invented! 😀

  21. Ok. let’s see how long it takes for erotic fan art and crappy recolored fan characters to show up on Deviantart.

    1. You do realize there are other fan art domains besides DeviantART, right? In fact, most of the crappy erotic stuff isn’t even on that site.

    2. Zeena pics were already posted within 10 minutes of the character’s announcement, there’s probably already stuff up there. Hell, I think there was stuff up there before she was even clarified as not Marine.

      1. I think the reason why there isn;t any bcuz of the issue of establishing her identity. But you know how fast artists work after the green light. Im surprised no one made te traditonal sonic shorts reference.

  22. ………Woooooooooooooooow……. 😐

    …I…don’t know what to think of that…I mean, the character sounds interesting and everything, but I don’t know what to feel about the voice acting. I mean, given time, if she get’s more accustomed to the character, I guess I could warm up to the voice but…ungh, I don’t know, I was listening through headphones and it kind of hurt. Maybe she’ll sound better over time?….maybe? :/

    …….Could I have some more clarity please?….SEGA?…BRB?…..Anybody?….

  23. She sounds like an interesting character to be honest and could end up stealing the lime light, though I feel they could have made it Marine seeing their quite similar in personality and design. my only problem I have is the name…really “sticks”? seems like the company were having trouble thinking of a name until one of them said “we need a name that sticks…wait! lets just name her Sticks”. Her voice isn’t what I would have expected from her design but i’ll get used to it.

    1. Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Eggman, Big etc. Sonic names are always terrible and generic

  24. SEGA outsources the Sonic series and it still doesn’t escape the “unnecessary protagonist addition” dilemma. I hate to be the pessimistic dude, but this is too generic and goofy for my liking. I’m still going to check out the released product, but this is not a direction I’m digging so far.

    1. If you look back, every outsourced Sonic series have done nothing but add a mountain of “unnecessary protagonist addition” to the cast. At least its not Archie levels of additions here, nor is it Sonic’s new BFF and love interest getting crammed down our throats while shoving the other game characters off the stage.

  25. Meh….will probably check out the 3ds version of this but to be honest the more I see of this the more I’m wanting the next Sonic Team game. This “americanised” sonic is not really what I want. Enerbeams? I mean come on.

    The silly scarf and tape….and blue arms just realy, really, really put me off too – the scarf more than anything.

    1. Really? You’re complaining about blue arms and a scarf. Really? What difference does it make, the sports tape I kinda understand but really?

      1. yes I am!!

        Look at other Iconic cartoon and video game characters – they may go through a minor tweek here or there, but are never totally revamped like Boom has done!

        Its like Homer Simpson wearing a yellow shirt and red trousers ALL the time, inc in all promo materials; Bugs Bunny wearing a scarf; Mickey Mouse wearing blue shorts; etc etc.

        Sonic’s design is integral to “who he is”….tweek by all accounts (taller, eyes) but to fundamenally change him by changing his colour scheme and adding clothing and tape is just further disconnecting “this” sonic to the sonic I’ve known and loved since 1991!

        1. Gee doc!

          That’s the whole point of it, this Sonic is meant to be vastly different from the main stream Sonic in the Sonic Boom franchise.


        2. This is a tweak people are making a bigger deal about this then it really is, It’s the same basic design with a scarf and sports tape, the design has barely changed, If anything it’s nice to have a change considering we’ve had the same design since 1998

    2. You know the add-ons and changes match to what the characters represent right? Or you just don’t want to come out of your comfort zone because you want to stick what you are used to?

  26. Stick the Badger good new Sonic character in Sonic Boom Sega of America I’m very impressive with you!

  27. Plus one more thing does Amy Rose do weird smile animation on the artwork of Sonic Boom.

  28. So they make her Amys new BFF, huh? Sighs, im so sory, Cream. Looks like you sadly go, where Big, Omegaand half the cast of Sonic Fighters went. 🙁

  29. She seems to be a decent character. Her voice, however…uh…ouch. Too much for these sensitive ears. Headphones are the only way I can hear better, sometimes. A lot of ringing going on now. A lot.

  30. I love the character her voice and what they have setup for her personality and style.

    Love Sticks all around, even if her name is a bit…odd. I’m just glad we FINALLY have a new character in the series that’s actually going to be worth something and important consistently.

    But I won’t lie, this makes me miss Blaze and Cream even more. And while everyone else is complaining that Cream is supposed to be Amy’s best friend, I honestly disagree. I found Cream was a better friend, partner and foil to Blaze than to Amy due to their interactions and relationship in Sonic Rush. if anything, I felt like Marine should’ve been friends with Amy instead of Blaze and was just made because Cream wasn’t in Rush Adventure.

    And no, I’m not saying that Sticks and Amy works because “OMG STICKS IS TOTALLY JUST MARINE” because unlike everyone else, I don’t think so at all. Color scheme aside, they’re both clearly very different. Sticks is wild, but loyal, dependable and selfless while Marine was…well, a hyperactive kid that cause more harm than good and was incredibly selfish instead Blaze had to break down and tell her the truth of how annoying she was being. If we’re comparing Sticks and Marine to other cartoon characters, then Sticks is like the Pinkie Pie of the series while Marine completely fits the trope of “The Scrappy”. She’s pretty much the Scrappy Doo of the series. Heck, if we honestly compare Sticks to anything, she’s actually more like a more wild yet more wise and mature version of Charmy than being anything like Marine.

    But I digress, this is simply how I see things and I know others will see it differently, so I don’t expect them to agree or follow my way of thinking.

    tl;dr : Sticks is awesome. 10/10 Would play as and watch all day.

  31. Insane characters are the best type of characters. They’re just so…crazy. Mmmmmmmmyes.

    She looks a lot like Marine, but isn’t. Clearly there was some inspiration there, however. Nice to see another species added to the roster, though, even if there isn’t much remarkable about it.

    I look forward to seeing how this character develops and how she affects the other characters and story. I’ll have to listen to the video though 😛

  32. WOAH, a lot of comments on this one. Guess nobody is going to see mine, but anyway. 😛
    Not looking forward to this show after all…
    Actually I was excited in the beginning, but… those characters… They’re not mobians!
    THEY CAN’T BE!! >(

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