Stephen Frost speaks about why things have been quiet regarding Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom LogoStephen Frost kindly paid our forum a visit today to elaborate on why Sonic Boom hasn’t been booming over the past few months since the unveiling. Here’s his whole post:

I’ve been asked to chime in a bit here so I’ll do what I can to share some info with you all. I’ve said it a few times in the past, but there were key reasons why we announced the Sonic Boom initiative when we did. Along with that, there are a lot of partners involved with Sonic Boom so we have to be mindful of their timelines and requirements for their respective fields. It’s not just about a game anymore… This is a large group effort so any announcements and information shared publically needs to really be planned and organized carefully. We need to make sure that things we reveal don’t impact other parts and vice versa.

I completely appreciate the fact that you fans are hungry for info specific to the games, I really do. And that’s why we all work these endless late nights and weekends… It’s to get all the pieces in place for when the campaign does really kick off. We still have a ways until the cartoon and game launch, as well as the new toy line, so we need to pace all the info appropriately. And it all starts as we head into E3. You’ll learn more, for sure, but not everything. And the reveal of new assets and info should be more frequent from that point on. But trust me when I say there is no lack of effort by anyone involved with Sonic Boom. This is, by far, the biggest united effort I have personally ever seen Sega be involved in. We want to share everything with everyone because we are so excited… We just can’t… Yet.

So, please be a bit more patient. I’m working on screens and commenting on releases so stuff is coming. We will even have a bit of a surprise in there for you, as well as the first info and assets for the 3DS version. There is quite a bit of cool stuff ahead so hang in there.

So there you have it, it shouldn’t be much longer. I can’t wait to see what Sega brings to the table at E3!


  1. I hope this fails. How dare they disgrace Knuckles, continuously, on his 20th.

    1. Can’t be any worse than how he is now, completely failing to acknowledge his guardian duties for even a second.

      Seriously, whatever happened to Angel Island and the Master Emerald?

      1. “Can’t be any worse than how he is now”

        Either that or it’s more like “It’s even worse than how he is now” since it’s just like how he is now only even more exaggerated. Now you can even SEE it.

        Actually, it’s funny. How he is now in the main series kinda makes me picture Knuckles how he looks in Sonic Boom. His looks were (sorta) the only thing keeping him cool in the games.

    2. I hope it succeed. Atleast Kunckles and other characters are playable again and back in action after so many years of being pushed to the background and Sonic being the only playable character that actually do anything.

    3. They DIDN’T disgrace Knuckles. They CAN’T disgrace Knuckles. Why? BECAUSE HE IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. It’s just an expression, it really means they’re disgracing all fans of Knuckles and people that worked hard on making him an appealing character with intriguing and exciting storylines.

        So far the only people I know that still care for Knuckles is Ian Flynn and co at Archie Comics; he’s still the badass guardian with a sense of duty and kindness in the comics.

        1. @Dante: Problem with that is that Knuckles hasn’t been doing ANYTHING in the series lately when it comes making him an appealing character and storylines. When the last time has Knuckles contribute anything in the games storyline? Sonic 06? And they treated him as a joke in the game.

          Despite his new redesign I’m happy that Knuckles is back as a playable character and in a more story driven game.

          1. My problem is that it’s not Knuckles, Knuckles’s appeal came from him being tremendously powerful even for being so small, the redesign made absolutely no sense and takes the character a step backward. To top it off I am almost certain they will continue this by fully pushing him as “the big idiot” a common archetype for kid’s shows, we’ve seen the formulas people. Sega owes that character and his fanbase more respect on his original and core concepts, butchering the character and showing us this god awful, “fresh new look” was the opposite of what I would expect them to do a 20 year old character. The only people who are doing right by him is Archie, Knuckles has been a respected character in that universe since his debut, they give MANY characters love in the comics. Sega treats their characters like crap.

    4. I hope it succeed. I’m tired of Knuckles and Sonic friends being pushed to the side as of late and Sonic being the only character who does anything.

      1. @RenyNoise: Okay, you being displease and disgusted by his new look is understandable but saying that you hope this whole project fails is a whole different thing and pretty selfish. It may not makes sense to you but it makes sense to the people working hard on this project. I don’t like his new look either but Sega said that this isn’t a permanent design for the characters and it’s only exclusive to the Boom universe. Ever since then I’ve been more open on the new designs. Boom is trying to distant itself away from the orginial and core concepts because it’s not part of the main series.

        1. I sorta agree with that. Like (first of all, why did this site just say I spelled “agree” wrong? okay…) if Knuckles is unappealing, okay. I don’t like it but okay. If I say I HOPE the whole thing fails… I mean jeez. You know how many times we hear that? Maybe that’s why ppl think Sonic sucks now. They listen to the fans and are like “Oh, they want it to fail. Okay! C:”

          Seriously. How can you be mad about getting something you dislike if you apparently WANT it to happen?

          If you wanted it to fail, then you’d be HAPPY about Knuckles’ design. If you wanted it to succeed, you’d be saying you would hope that Knuckles’ design is the ONLY problem with it, that it’ll get fixed OR that the everything else will at least be cool enough to make up for it. And I’m sure it will be. For all I know, Sonic Boom may be something I get REALLY into. I will never like Knuckles’ design. Idgaf! XD I will always dislike it. I’m not being negative but I don’t gotta like EVERYTHING. =p

          1. I’m possibly going to get this comment removed by what I’m going to do, but…..I don’t care. Pls, just….SHUT UP!!!!! I’m getting tired of all this hate on knux’s new design! He looks so badass in his new design, why can’t people see that? He has been a joke-side character after adventure, and I thought you judge a character by their character!?!?! NOT their character design!!! You got anything postive to say about knux new design? No? Well, you ever heard the term “if you have nothing nice to say, then don’t say it”? Yeah, you stick to that term when you’re about type something negative. Listen, I respect your opinion but, the hate is really getting annoying.

    5. Wow. You would wish another Sonic 2006 on ALL OF US just because you don’t agree with their art direction? Bravo sir, brraaaaaavo…

      1. Not their art direction but Knuuckles redesign. I don’t like it either but I’m still happy that he’s being used again (and the rest of Sonic buddies – ESPECIALLY Amy) after so many years of being irrelevant in the main series.

        1. I’ll admit, the Knuckles and Eggman redesigns are still taking time for me to get entirely used to, but on the whole, I think I could get used to them, at least with Knuckles. I’ll just have to deal with the fact that Eggman had to sacrifice his glorious height in order to obtain those abs. T.T” I’m really hoping that they don’t continue the supposed “Knuckles is kind of an idiot” thing they’ve slowly been falling into lately, but if he is a bit goofy, then I’m at least going to hope that he’s the “wise idiot” or in this case “wise knucklehead”. He can be a bit slow to catch onto complicated things and could probably take most things at face value, but he could still display a vast well of wisdom and understanding that I’ve always seen from him in the beginning.

          But more than anything, I really want some context from those lines. If Knuckles doesn’t taste like a fortune cookie, then why does he taste so delicious!? I MUST KNOW!! XP

    6. I don’t even care about Buffles anymore. I just want them to make Sonic’s arms not blue, please, please, please…

      1. You stupid, stupid, STUPID COMPLAINING WHINING CLASSIC PURISTS!!!!!! All of this is such a small thing! Green eyes, who cares? Knux being buffed up isn’t the worst thing in the world! (Thinks about Egghead’s ’06 design) Blue arms is even stupider to complain about then green eyes! And think about what’ll happen if they make Sonic and game look overly realistic like Robotnik’s design from HELL!

        1. @nobody231 Sonic had peach arms ever since he was created, so if you change anything simple, people would take notice and start to complain. Besides, it’s been 23 years since his creation, and what’s the point of the blue arms? The green eyes’ purpose was to make Sonic look modern and “up to date”, but the blue arms have no purpose whatsoever. Plus, there’s no color balance when you look at him.

          Knuckles being buffed is the worst thing that ever happened (Yes, even worst than ’06 Eggman IMHO). Again, Knuckles has been like that for 20 years, when you change his design like that, again, people will complain and bitch about it. Honestly, I hate the entire idea of Sonic Boom all together. The best redesign was Amy just because she looks hot in her new outfit. Tails barely changed, and Eggman looks weird.

          1. Well, your “honest opinion” sucks. Is there any reason being buff is wrong? This like the time people wanted the original design of vector back. They bitched and complained, then they realesed that were going to get their way. I think he looks badass in his design, he has been the joke of the series ever since they got of the adventure series. Don’t say he wasn’t because he was, EX: the time he got pushed by amy into a tree in SG, the time he got carried off by the little animals in SLW. They complain about a character who completely badass in this new look? I think they just want the negatives out of this new series.
            Oh, and about the blue arms they just wanted to make Boom!Sonic look very diffrent from Modern!Sonic.
            If you hate the entire idea of “Sonic Boom” then, why are you here?

        2. I agree about the green eyes and blue arms thing. I don’t give a damn if Sonic’s arms are blue. So? His legs have always been blue. Big whoop. At least this, plus being CGI, means it’ll be the first Sonic TV series that doesn’t accidentally make his arms the wrong color for a frame or shot in the entire run. lol It doesn’t really make Sonic look all that different as much as his poor anatomy and postures do.

          But “Buffles” IS a big deal. No pun intended. Simply because it’s distracting and actually effects how we view the character. He looks like a brute. That is not a minor change. There’s a difference between giving a character eye color and completely changing his whole body. Negatively that is. I didn’t mind Classic Knuckles to Modern Knuckles. Modern Knuckles to Boom Knuckles tho… good GAWD! O:

    7. Dude, grow up. A single personality not matching fan’s wants and wanting a huge and promising game to fail JUST because of that is nothing short of selfishness. Here they have a brand new direction that has a lot of possibilities, and you want this all to go down the drain because of what YOU want a character to be like? So long as the game is a good one, they should be able to do whatever the fuck they want. Knuckles is their character, not yours. How dare they? How dare YOU for even having the audacity, the pure balls, to wish wanton failure upon something that SEGA is desperately trying to have succeed for nothing short of a character’s personality change, one that hasn’t even been CONFIRMED, just assumed by everyone.

      Sonic has been a mainstream joke for far too long, and this has the chance to bring him into the spotlight, and you want it to fail? What the hell kind of fan are you, and that goes to the rest of you acting like this. Things change, and so long as it’s for the better, you should be happy. But all you guys want is nothing to change, even though, in my opinion, needs to in order to stay relevant.

        1. Is that the best you can do? Well this has to be said:

          It’s good that other characters will be playable again. But do they have to return in THIS manner? It’s like waiting forever for Banjo-Threeie, only to be devastated by Nuts & Bolts (JonTron will tell you all about it). A bitter-sweet-reunion. The Sonic Boom installment, along with the show (that set to air on a network that already fell from its 90’s prime) will feature warped character designs and personalities completely unfaithful to the games and more on par with Regular Show, Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go!, the continuously compared MLP, and many fan cartoon groups such as Sonic Paradox. It’s passable if its part of an online joke, but not as part of the licensed franchise under Sega’s name. AOSTH, SatAM, and Underground were okay because the video games didn’t give the Sonic universe enough in-depth development (outside of the manual), until Sonic Adventure. Back then, the games were just about getting from point A to point B. Nowadays, the true Sonic series has evolved so much, that it practically outgrew the silly plot and characterization that we will be witnessing in the fall.

          But yeah, Knuckles does deserve better. I keep bringing up Adventure 1 & 2, but people are still butt-hurt over Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic 2006, and keep associating to flawed titles with the better former.

          Sonic 2006 DID NOT make SA2B awful or make future playable characters unacceptable! And retooling the Sonic universe is not the right way to bring them back. Or do you want Sonic Nuts & Bolts? >_<

      1. You know what…NO…I actually agree with what RenyNoise is saying.
        Just because a franchise owns a character does not mean they know whats best for the character and they have the right to butcher the character.
        Sonic is where he is today LARGELY because of the fans, the fans are just as much a
        part of the heart and soul of a character as the game makers.
        They completely changed who knuckles is pretty much.
        Im not an extremist who isnt going to get the game just for this reason but it is a legit complaint for sure.
        In my opinion they are doing knuckles all wrong as well, and it bothers me.

        1. Oh yeah, I kinda agree with this too. I seriously hope they don’t turn Knuckles into the big dumb comic relief character. I hope that’s not another reason why they resdeign him that way. I’m not showing strong distaste on his design.

      2. There are no changes in Sonic Boom that I see as good or even refreshing for the series, its like Crash Bandicoot with tape. They could have done this same concept years ago if they wanted to, with the main series. Sonic Boom will be the lowest point this series has seen since the Shadow The Hedgehog – Sonic 06 era, you heard it here first.

    8. Knuckles has been a laughing stock the past few games he’s been in, don’t think they can do any worse.

      1. No, Knuckles hasn’t been a laughing stock because he barely appears. Besides Lost World and a cameo in Generations, Knuckles and the other characters hasn’t really been making any major appearances in the games besides spinoff titles. That’s why I hope Boom will change that.

      2. No, Knuckles hasn’t been a laughing stock because he barely appears. Besides Lost World and a cameo in Generations, Knuckles and the other characters hasn’t really been making any major appearances in the games besides spinoff titles. That’s why I hope Boom will change that.

    9. Well I hope it succeeds, its the only way we’re getting Knuckles, Tails and Amy back as playable characters so you can’t be negative about something as minor as a character design.

      1. What’s stopping Sega from making them playable in a game developed by Sonic Team. Some of you are being oblivious.

  2. OMG! The wait is just killing me!!! I’m sooo excited to see the surprises coming up!!!

    1. I love you Mike! Please never stop being Eggman!

      Fangirling aside, Why add more mystery you charmer! Im already torn as it is with these announcements!

    2. Whoa! Doctor Eggman is here! I have to say, you’ve certainly been working out lately! 😀

  3. I really can’t take it! Its been over 2 or 3 months since the trailers came out and I am not sure how much longer I can last. They better have a good reason for this whole wait at E3.

  4. i wish Sega do well with this game simply because i love Sonic personally he is my real identity with my friends and everyone i know ( yeah i love him this much )
    i dont like the art direction and i hope they return to the old design or modify it a little bit ( no need for longer legs )
    i wish them all the success in the i am a religious person and i always appreciate hard working people and wish them all the luck .
    i would have supported them if i liked the designs and owned a wiiu but i am not that much in love with designs and also i dont have a wiiu and planning to get one so i hope the people who find this game appealing to get it .

  5. I thought the reason they’ve been low-key with Sonic Boom is because they were saving up for E3. I’m probably still right about that. Just be patient fellas. All will be revealed to us soon enough.

  6. I’m pretty hyped up for the E3 which happens in around 20 days or less, the 3DS version has me curious though as I don’t plan on buying a Wii U till I turn 16 or get around $500 to blow on stuff.

  7. On a more happy note, I understand completely. I always kinda expected them to keep quiet about matters once the initial hype died down. It may even be better this way.

    But I REALLY just wanna know how the game plays! Come on, Stephen, you’re holdin’ out on our basic fix DX

  8. To be honest, the redesign of Knuckles looks more tough than his old design. It’s NOT BETTER, but he looks stronger.
    The guy had noodle arms for Christ’s sake!
    He actually has muscle now!

    1. I wish we were both at a conviction so you could be the reason I got kicked out. Did his giant fucking boxing gloves and metal plated shoes not already give away he was a fighter? There was NOTHING wrong with his flawless design.

  9. I think Sonic Boom video 2014 and Sonic Boom TV 2014 – 2015 but gonna be awesome can’t wait for E3 trailer , 2014 of Sonic Boom for Wii U, or 3DS on June 9, 2014.

  10. It will be so amusing yet so sad to see how poorly the game will sell. And the reasons are way too obvious to state.

  11. I feel like the guys behind Sonic Boom are being really polite and attentive, I mean just look at Frost’s detailed explanation of why they hasn’t released new info, is almost like they are affraid of Sonic fans xD

  12. Honestly, my mouth did drop to the floor when I first saw Knuckles’ design for this. I lost count how many times I raised my eyebrows. But, not anymore. I’ve grown used to it now. Though, just keep the design for Sonic Boom only. 😉

  13. Nice to see the fantards are as whiny as always. Its like the green eyes syndrome all over again.

    Just for this I hope Sonic Booms becomes a great success and the main stream Sonic series crashes and burns.

  14. ok i see alot of things is going on with nintendo and SEGA but they gonna be showing some new stuff at E-3 in june and also new game trailers but this is gonna be alot of stuff they put in to for everyone but also i can see why SEGA work on the game during weekends even late nights but i see why i guess they need to let the fans know about the info about the game but i see what that coming from.

  15. Can’t wait for more info. This game shows more promise than I have seen in a while, and even if the designs are flat out wonky at times, it still is appealing and a fresh take on the series…with the bonus of not getting rid of the original. Best of both worlds~

  16. Here we go again with SEGA treating their characters like prostitutes with no consideration at all for their old time fans. Mario fans are calm and happy because Nintendo knows that some things shouldn’t even be cogitated. Some could say at least SEGA didn’t kill Sonic like they did with Golden Axe (that came back as a heartless zombie sometime ago), Altered Beast, Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Ecco, Vectorman, Ristar, Space Harrier and the list goes on and on, but this is simply disgusting. Sega isn’t even a shadow of it’s former self. It is it’s crap after a Tenia infection with bits of it’s exploded emoroids. And that’s tasty as bacon compared to THIS GAME.

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