Sonic the Hedgehog #264 and Sonic Universe #67 Covers and Solicitations Revealed

Sonic Super Special Magazine #12 has a booming update, as well.

Comic Vine has a bunch of new covers and solicitations for viewing pleasure, and all of them kick off a new chapter in the comic series! In Sonic the Hedgehog #264, Amy and Sally explore the rainforest for a Chaos Emerald that’s been detected. What they didn’t count on was finding Mighty and Ray during all the mess! Sonic is also fighting new Egg Boss Thunderbolt, and it seems he’s being pushed to the brink as the Werehog comes out to play in “Control”:part 1. But that’s not all, as the crisis takes its toll on Antoine and Bunnie in “A Nice Day to Start Again”.


A-WOOOOOOOOO! THE WAIT IS OVER! Prepare yourself for the terrifying debut of SONIC THE WEREHOG! “Control” Part One: Sonic, Amy and Sally venture deep into the rainforest in search of a Chaos Emerald. What they find are Mighty, Ray – and serious trouble! Will Egg Boss Thunderbolt push Sonic to the breaking point? Then, in “A Nice Day to Start Again,” Bunnie and Antoine experience the effects of the Shattered World Crisis in a very personal way! Featuring new cover art from PATRICK “SPAZ” SPAZIANTE and an “UNLEASHED” SEGA variant!
Script: Ian Flynn, Joey Esposito and Benjamin Bailey
Art: Tyson Hesse, James Fry, Terry Austin, John Workman, Gabriel Cassata
Cover: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante
Unleashed Variant Cover: SEGA
Ship Date: 8/27
On Sale Date: 9/10
32-page, full color comic
$3.99 U.S.

Hope you’ve been following Shadow Fall and Great Chaos Caper (aka the last two Sonic Universe arcs), because Sonic Universe #67’s new arc ties them both together! With Eclipse suspected to be on Angel Island, team Dark go on the hunt for him. Predictably, Knuckles is none too happy about this! Eclipse himself isn’t slacking on the pursuit either, all in “Total Eclipse”: part 1.


BRAND NEW STORY ARC! The events of “Shadow Fall” and “Chaos Caper” have clashed to collision in the epic new tale — “Total Eclipse” Part One! The third chapter in the DARK TRILOGY begins here as Team Dark comes to Angel Island on the hunt for Eclipse. But Knuckles isn’t known for his hospitality! Sparks begin to fly as he and Shadow clash over how to protect the world! Meanwhile, the sinister Eclipse hunts our heroes! It’s the first-ever SU TRILOGY and you’ll be in on the ground floor with this titanic new issue, featuring cover art from TRACY YARDLEY and a special “PIXEL CUTSCENE” variant from Ryan Jampole!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli, Matt Herms
Cover: Tracey Yardley and Ben Hunzeker
Pixel Cut Scene Variant Cover: Ryan Jampole
Ship Date: 8/13
On Sale Date: 8/27
32-page, full color comic

Finally, we have a bit of an update to deliver! If you recall, we initially looked at Sonic Super Special Magazine #12 back in March. The information was updated along with the batch of new covers. Alongside the Mega Drive retrospective and exclusive interviews, there’s an exclusive behind the scenes look at the upcoming Sonic Boom! You might want to keep a close eye on this one if you’re starving for game hype!


Celebrate 25 years of the SEGA GENESIS with this extra-special anniversary edition of SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE! Take a look back at the SEGA system that started a revolution with this anniversary issue featuring the origins of such hit games as Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Streets of Rage and more—alongside awesome new pin-up art from the Archie team! Also featured is a special look at the all-new SONIC BOOM games and TV show, with exclusive info you won’t find anywhere else! The SONIC SUPER SPECIAL MAGAZINE gives you the world of Sonic the Hedgehog comics as you’ve never seen it before, with tons of comic stories, special features and exclusive articles on the latest and greatest in the world of everyone’s favorite blue hedgehog-hero! Plus an interview with Sonic inker supreme Terry Austin and an all-new foil-enhanced cover from the incomparable BEN BATES! This issue is jam-packed with awesomeness!
Script: Ian Flynn
Art: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante, Ben Bates, Tracy Yardley, Erik Ly, Jerry Gaylord, Brent McCarthy and more!
Cover: Ben Bates
Ship Date: 8/6
On Sale Date: 8/20
128-page, full color comic
$9.99 U.S.

We will be taking a closer look at Sonic the Hedgehog #264 and Sonic Universe #67 nearer their release dates.

Source: Comic Vine

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  1. I imagine Eclipse on the cover saying, “I’m back, sooner than you thought!” I think this arc should end with Knuckles and Shadow joining the small group of individuals who remember the un-altered world. If Knuckles recalled his old past with the numerous echidnas, his time as Enerjak, and his people being banished forever by Thrash, well, he’d probably go after Thrash for what he did. And if Shadow recalled everything that happened before the Super Genesis Wave, including Hope, his adventure in the multiverse, and his role in the great harmony, maybe he would feel an even greater sense of being lonely now that Hope is apparently gone.

    1. I think that would distract from what’s supposed to be going on. Maybe some day they can recall what happened, but for right now that’s not important. Besides, I see no way that that could ever tie in to the story.

  2. Oh snibbity snap! These all look awesome! But what’s up with the Sonic Boom thing? This hype??

  3. Knuckles Vs Shadow is finally going to be done by people who give a shit about the characters. I’m ESTATIC to see how Knuckles beats the shit out him in the awesome comic universe.

  4. They reset the issue numbers.
    They reset the issue numbers.

    They reset the issue numbers.

    Please, somebody tell me I’m wrong.

    1. You’re mistaken. That is the Arc Number. It’s the first part of the Arc. The issue numbers are on the bar on the left.

    2. Your wrong on both STH and Sonic Universe the issue# is on the left sidebar. Hope that helpes!

    3. You’re wrong.

      I know your question has already been answered, but I couldn’t resist.

  5. Go Shadow! He’ll beat Knuckles. After all, this is basically Shadow Fall Part 2.

    1. Boo Shadow! Go Knuckles!! XD Rouge vs. Relic! Which is the mightier (sort of) mouse?!

  6. Holy crap. The Werehog looks really freakin’ sweet.

    I think a LOT of Spaz’s artwork is awesome, actually.

    1. ALL of his work is awesome!!! *coming from a long time reader of the comics since 2000*

  7. Shadow vs. Knuckles

    It’s FINALLY happening. I feel like this should’ve went down in the game series YEARS ago.

    Get hyped.

  8. Finally! I’ve been waiting years for some real proper internal Werehog conflict! I know that Sonic is supposed to eventually gain some control over that transformation, but PLEASE Ian Flynn, draw out the angst of turning into a monster at least for like 1 or 2 issues, it’s what should have been in the game! 😀

    1. …Oh. No. Please no angst. That just… that clashes headfirst with his characterization in the game. I’m really hoping for a subversion of the monster trope, like really badly. At least either way I get to see my favorite Sonic form in action again, so that’s nice.

      1. Well I didn’t mean “heavy” amounts of angst, but I would like to see at least SOME acknowledgement about the fact that Sonic is forcefully turned into a monster at night. I mean, in the game it never really impacted him that much, there wasn’t much of a struggle with himself. I feel that there should have been at least some internal conflict in there somewhere, it would have really helped in the last few continents in the game where the story just kind of takes a break. I mean, the closest we ever get is “What? Amy doesn’t recognize me? Awww, I’m sad now…” and then she recognizes him later anyway, so really, nothing was accomplished. That’s why I’m hoping there’s a “little” more angst concerning Sonic’s transformation in this story, I really feel like the Werehog had a lot of potential as a narrative, and now we might finally be able to see that potential be utilized.

        1. I was always under the impression that the lack of the typical internal struggle was the whole point of the Werehog, and that his sadness over Amy not recognizing him said more about his relationship with and feelings towards Amy than it did any feelings of being a monster or ashamed of his body. But that’s always been my interpretation and hey, maybe I’m reading too hard into it.

          I have a feeling they’re going in the direction you’re talking about, and maybe I’m being too skeptical. I dunno, and in all honesty I’m still excited over this arc, so we’ll see how it pans out.

  9. Seems a bit odd to take up a huge slice of the cover for a boring bar. I assume all covers will be like this for the next while?

    They did that once before in the early 100s (alongside completely plain white covers). It wasn’t good.

    The covers do look good aside from that.

  10. Wow. They really are committed to regurgitating all of the Unleashed basics. Just what we need, an Archie retooling of a six year old game, full blast.

    Thanks, Sega. I totally love the comic being an ad revenue machine.

    1. Shut up. Nobody complained when Adventure got this much attention, and that was when the game was just coming out. SEGA is advertising Unleashed in this comic about as much as Sony is trying to convince you to buy a PS3 with the same story.

      1. Yeah. For six issues.

        And after that it got back on focus, whatever focus there was in the Penders Age. Now Flynn’s a great guy and a competent writer. The artists working at Archie are the best rounded out staff they’ve ever had, even if it’s becoming highly House Style art at this point. But whatever saves us from seeing Super Model Furry Mascot Sally, the better.

        What I don’t like here is that:

        1) This game is six years old.

        2) How many issues have we already spent on this?

        3) How many more are we going to spend on this adaptation?

        4) We nuked all of the comic’s multiverses for this.

        5) So continuing off of this new universe where its big draw is the Unleashed adaptation where will they go next? Will it be a whole new story or another adaptation? Sega’s so damn tight on the book being an ad marketing machine that it seems like it will just be “X game’s story but with Comics Characters”. We had EVE, Mammoth Mogul, the Iron Queen. Sonic already had a rogue’s gallery here. Why did they have to be casualties here? Flynn could have tapped into their potential even more. I mean, yeah, weed out the bad ones- all of the Echidnas, good fucking riddance- but why not save the few really good ones? I consider Flynn lucky that he still gets to have Naugus to work with. But I mean where are the major name villains? Robotnik and Naugus are around but that’s it. Now everyone we see is a new face. I could have sworn people in this fanbase hated how many characters the books already had. But no villains to build up to a major event. Just monsters that Robotnik brought in and Metal Sonic. Now if they made Metal Sonic an Ultron like force? Maybe like how he was in StC as the Emperor Metallix, but maybe not with that name? Well now. That would get me reading the comics again for sure, and the Roboticized Sally arc seemed like it was about to do that. Too bad that went nowhere!

        6) How many people like Unleashed to begin with? This is for a very niche area of Sonic fans who actually liked the Werehog/Hogwolf/Urchinwolf. Well, yeah, the Archies are a niche audience to themselves, admittedly. But why focus on bringing back the worst ideas of the games? Urchinwolf was the worst thing about Sonic Unleashed. Why bring it back? Is the earth rending power of Gaia not enough? Do we have to find another convoluted reason to bring back Sonic the Jekyll? It’s things like this that make me want them to bring back StC’s Evil Super Sonic or a chaotic equivalent who’s super neutral or hyperactive and making a ton of Deadpool worthy 4th wall breaking.

        7) New comic book prices. FOUR USD for a comic now? Holy shit. That’s more than half of the minimum wage’s hourly pay. No wonder traditional comics are doing piss poor anymore.

        I mean, if you wanted to relive Sonic Unleashed why not PLAY UNLEASHED?

        Do we NEED this adaptation, however loose and retooled it is? I mean, yeah, it’s interesting I guess, but not as interesting as a whole new plot. Also, comic book economy prices. hahahaaaha Holy shit, comic book prices these days. The big draw to comic books besides getting them for the cool monthly stories and characters that filled the pages was that they were cheap and affordable. Now it’s fucking expensive. I miss comic books being the logical extension of the Penny Dreadfuls. I also miss the economy being in a good enough shape.

        And where were you even going with your analogy?

        1. Yes, we do. Now please let the rest of us who ARE excited about this enjoy the next year of issues.

          Unleashed was my favorite Sonic game, and it does me good to see it get this much attention. I’m sure you’ve got your reasons and tastes, but I do not care for them. So respectfully respect my interest in this story arc as I respectfully respect your decision to have nothing to do with this arc in the most respectfully respectful way respectfully possible.

          Respect? 😀

        2. I agree with most of this. But then again I’m one of those people who didn’t care for Unleashed so seeing so many issues dedicated to it has halted my comic buying. That and the $4 price tag (plus the reboot just being boring to me so far).

  11. “Bunnie and Antoine experience the effects of the Shattered World Crisis in a very personal way.”

    What does that even mean?

    1. Tune in next school-year to find out! Same Sonic-time, same Sonic-channel! (no that pun was not intentional 😛 )


      1. Can you PLEASE tell me how to make a Sonic Stadium account?! Everytime i click register it says i can’t and it shows me WORDPRESS! I’m tired of putting in all this junk just so i can make a comment! Help!

        1. The reason you see wordpress is because this site is run by WordPress. As for account registration, it’s locked.

  12. On the second cover for Sonic Universe, in the lower left… That’s Snively, isn’t it?

  13. I’m interested in hearing this “exclusive” Sonic Boom info. Feels like we’re on a trickle stream of information here. Gak.

    Oh and Mighty and Ray are back. Hooray!

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