Sonic Boom Toys Launching in August?

ToyWiz have just opened pre-orders for some of the Sonic Boom toys. Whilst this isn’t as varied as the number of toys we saw from Toy Fair earlier this year, odds are this is the first of many which may come in the next few weeks.

Details of the initial toys are as follows,



The first toy is a burnbot playset which seems to include Burnbot and something which will launch that Sonic… you’ll probably have a better idea as to how it will look like when you see the next image.


The next toy is called the ‘Sonic Boom launcher.’ So it looks like the burnbot playset may also include a launcher, and it also seems that Egg-O-Matic Eggman is also on his way.

The third toy has no image, but it is described as a ‘Plane Launcher’ to me this suggests that we may also get a Tornado plane vehicle too.

The price is $28 each , however more interestingly is the release date of August 2014, however this is more than likely a placeholder and not the final date.

Source: ToyWiz

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  1. …Interesting. Looks like those toys with limited leg movement. Not enough red in Sonic’s shoes for me. Totally offset color balance.*

    *whispers into your ear, “Firsties….”

    1. It’s so nice when someone says first, and they’re actually no longer first.

  2. Those look….cheap. I’m gonna save up, put my money towards the F4F statues instead.

    1. if they are cheap, then that’s OK. but $28? Sheesh!Hope that’s not the final price.

      I wanna pick up these things for a minimal cost. The jazwares figures were WAY overpriced.

  3. Also is Sonic speeding up the hamster wheel kinda remines of Sonic X Season 1 episode 24 which is Sonic doing crazy speed of the hamster wheel and run faster and let it go.

    1. Obviously its the price of the PLAYSET, not the individual figure releases. I’m sure those will be $8 max.

  4. Those prices are not the official ones that TOMY set. Or at least, they most likely aren’t.

    These are on ToyWiz, and ToyWiz always increases the price by a lot.

    I think these will most likely cost 20-15 dollars when they are actually released in stores.

  5. The design just looks stupider and stupider the more I see it. You guys cannot defend how ridiculous the tape looks.

    1. That’s purely your opinion. Clearly you don’t have enough of an optimistic mind to even enjoy Sonic, as you remind me of the type who dwells on the Genesis. Clearly the phrase “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all,” doesn’t apply to you, naturally.

      1. Actually, I’m the type who dwells on the radical days on the Dreamcast. But your right, I am an asshole, sensitive people get ignored, fact.

  6. those toy’s look like something you’ll get in a Mc Donald’s Happy Meal or at Burger King….

  7. I can believe I’m saying this but Sonic needs less blue on his body. not to mention only one 3rd of his shoe is showing.

  8. Jazwares, I take back all the nasty things I ever said about you. At least when the Transformers T.V shows force me to buy toys at least I get a good toy!

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