Sonic Boom 2014 Event Details Announced

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SEGA of America has today announced Sonic Boom (the event, not the show and game with the blue armed hedgehog and buff echidna) will return this year. This time round the event is headed to New York City and more precisely the Great Ballroom at the Manhattan Centre. SEGA has set a date of Saturday, October 4th, 2014, and while there’s no solid time slot yet, the event will be held during the evening as usual.

Full details are below:
Sonic Boom 2014
Saturday, October 4th, 2014 (evening)
Grand Ballroom at the Manhattan Center
311 W. 34th Street (next to Penn Station)
New York City, NY

SEGA promises information about tickets, talent and more will be revealed in the coming months and we’ll relay the details here for you as they’re released.

Source: SEGA

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  1. New York City? Welp, guess that mean I’m not going (should have gone last year, since it was in the Midwest, but didn’t because money).

    Still, at least I can catch the livestream of the event…. Uh, there IS gonna be a livestream of the event…, right?

  2. Aww, I live in Boston, so I can’t go! Although New York is fairly close, I’d prefer Boston. Oh well. Whoevers going, have fun!

  3. New York!?!

    I may actually be able to make it this year! Thats just an hour or so from my house!

  4. Yes!!!I’ve been waiting for this! I wonder what the event is like.I never got to go because it was so far away when i want to go DX

  5. I flew all the way to St. Louis for Sonic Boom 2013.
    Since Sonic Boom 2014 is in NYC this year, I don’t have to leave my state.
    I can take a NYC train there.

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