Preview: Sonic Universe #63

You know us, the Sonic Stadium, and we’re going to Pumpkin Hill. You ready?



It’s Knuckles’ turn to shine in Sonic Universe #63, and IGN has a sneak peek into the pages. As Angel Island goes completely haywire in the wake of the shattered crisis, Knuckles entrusts the island to a friend as he’s guided to find a solution by a mysterious voice. He won’t be alone on this hunt though as the Chaotix, sent on a mission for a Chaos Emerald by princess Sally, join him for the ride. Mysteries await as the four of them explore around Pumpkin Hill, whether the danger be from undead spirits or Dark Gaia monsters. And there may be even more lethal surprises out for the Chaos Emerald beyond that! This is “The Great Chaos Caper”: part 1.

BRAND NEW STORY ARC! Fly high above the clouds with Knuckles and the Chaotix in “THE GREAT CHAOS CAPER: Part One”! Knuckles the Echidna has been tasked by a mysterious force to fix the shattered planet – but when the Dark Gaia monsters emerge from the world’s core, our hero finds himself in a fight for his very life! Luckily the ever-adventuring Chaotix are around to lend a hand, hired by Princess Sally to gather the all-important Chaos Emeralds. But wait, who’s that lurking in the dark? New characters, new lands, and the return of some familiar faces await you in this new storyline with interior and cover art from Sonic artist supreme Tracy Yardley! Plus a special CHIBI variant cover from Ryan Jampole!
Script: Ian Flynn | Art: Tracy Yardley, Jim Amash, Jack Morelli and Matt Herms
Cover: Tracy Yardley | Chibi Variant Cover: Ryan Jampole
On Sale: 5/14 | 32-page, full color comic | $2.99 US

Sonic Universe #63 is out now digitally, and should be out in comic stores May 14th. Don’t let them get to you, just go creep to your nearest provider!

Source: IGN

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  1. I ain’t gonna let it get to me, I’m just gonna creep,
    Down in Pumpkin Hill I gots to find my lost piece.
    I know that it’s here, I can sense it in my feet,
    The great Emerald’s power allows me to feel.
    I can’t see a thing but it’s around somewhere,
    I’m gonna hold my head ’cause I have no fear.
    This probably seems crazy, crazy, a graveyard theory,
    A ghost tried to approach me and got leery.

  2. “Sonic Adventure 2: Battle”!? No no no! That was in Sonic Adventure DX! I mean, yeah, I guess it could be suggested that the island feel into the ocean AGAIN off-screen during Sonic Adventure 2, but it was only famously depicted in Sonic Adventure, not 2. I smell a reprint on the horizon. :/

    1. i notice that too, i thought it was a typo.It is never stated whether angel island did or did not fall in sonic adventure 2 as it wasn’t really the main focus, but seeing as how knuckles deliberately destroyed the master emerald so eggman couldn’t get it he either a. knew angel island would fall but was confident that if he get all the pieces it would be no big deal or b. knew angel island would still remain afloat even if the emerald shattered. Now that i think about it that is a oversight on sega/sonic team when the game came out, i never even thought about what would happen if he broke the master emerald,knuckles just did it so awesome i didn’t even care back then XD

  3. Aw man, it’s not Julie-Su! I mean, yeah, it was always pretty unlikely that it was going to be Julie-Su, but I was still sort of hoping…..oh well, this new character doesn’t seem so bad. I really hope she doesn’t serve as a replacement, but I do hope she’s a very interesting character and she does a lot. I’m sure they’ll use her a good deal and explain her backstory when the time comes. I guess I’m still sort of hopeful for some knowledge as to how relevant Julie is in this universe, but it’s most likely that it will be kept ambiguous for a while. Still, that won’t distract me from enjoying these upcoming storyarchs, I’m looking forward to all of these stories.

  4. Is that a new character? I haven’t seen her before! Well i don’t follow the comic’s be course i don’t have the money for everything i want so i have to miss some stuff in life. 🙁 Well i have gotten some of the comic’s and that was the year 2010 when i was in London on a school trip! One of my most amassing time of my life! I live in Sweden so it was a long trip but totally wort it! 😀

  5. What is it with all the new characters all of a sudden and why are they all female?

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