Pointlessly cool thing of the day: Sonic Adventure on a USSR 1970s Portable TV!



Let’s set the scene here quickly. It’s 1979, you’re out on the road, taking a rest stop and need to kill some time… The only thing you have is that brand new portable television set that you imported from Russia, and that new-fangled ‘dreamcast’ box thing that wandering time traveller left you with before going off on his merry way (bear with us here). So you hook up your spare car battery, power up the T.V set, and manage to hook up the system… and what do you know! You’re playing Sonic Adventure in black and white on a screen no wider than 7 inches…

Ok, so hardly any of that actually happened, but it got your attention I hope!

Anyway, my father has this really, really old portable television (portable in the sense that it weighs 5kg/11lb and is larger than your average cinder brick, and to use it ‘portably’ you need to power the thing with a car battery) and we only just got it working again. With no analogue television signal to test it, why not hook up a Dreamcast to it? To cut the long story short, it worked. Very well! There’s a small, but fairly clear picture, and the sound quality is excellent!



Could this possibly be the oldest television a Dreamcast has ever run on? Maybe, unless the readers know anything older!

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  1. That’s pretty cool! I’d love to give that a whirl. Now I just have to go find a 30 year old russian portable television and I’m set! Oh, and get my Dreamcast working. Sigh…

  2. Back when i was young i got hold of a portable b/w tv off a market for ¬£10. I didn’t need it, had a perfectly good normal tv at the time, so it was a novelty really. I tried hooking my SegaMD and SNES up to it of course, wasn’t exactly as fun playing in black and white.

    Then i figured i could actually play them in my top bunk bed at night under the covers without anyone knowing…
    good times… good times…

  3. That is so cool Sonic Adventure on TV of black and write but does it do all the games and consoles?

  4. Oh that reminds me of my first TV i had and played Game cube on! I was still living whit my dad at the time and he gave me a old small TV so i could play in my room. If i remember right it dint have colour. Game cube was my first console i got for my own money and i played Sonic Adventure 2 on it! My first Sonic game! Man i am getting old! XD

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