New Video Shows New Raccoon Character for Sonic Boom?


So earlier this week, we reported on a mysterious image which showed what appear to be a Raccoon character in a Sonic Boom poster. Shortly after this a series of other Sonic Boom posters appeared which appeared to show new Sonic Boom assets besides various Star Wars characters.

Well today a YouTube user has posted a video of the poster claiming “It’s my poster.” The image is perfectly clear (although a very low resolution), and shows the mystery character in full.

Here’s the million dollar question, is it a fan creation? The YouTube user doesn’t say, other than ‘it’s my poster.’ Meaning either the characters are recreations or someone has access to unreleased Sega assets and made the poster using it.

Judging from the quality of the renders, it certainly looks official, but given the talent of some artists these days I wouldn’t put it past a fan to create something like this.

Though regardless, the likely hood of this character being Marine is becoming less and less likely… for starters, her tail is gone, well at least compared to how it used to look.

Source: Jay Stroud YouTube

P.S. if you haven’t seen all the images found so far… here you go….

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  1. Lucky that Jay got Sonic Boom Poster by asking Two YouTube channels accounts of Cobanermani456, and Tails Channels receiving for a prize to do a test or Question either way I want that Sonic Boom poster so bad because is so good artwork and perfect artist!


          1. …You realize that hedgehogs don’t have fused eyes, right? This is the Sonic series we’re talking about- no character matches up with their respective real world animal perfectly.

            I suppose it was a bit rash of me to say she matches up with a badger PERFECTLY, but it’s definitely a closer match than a raccoon. I suppose she could be ANYTHING but the markings off the eyes, small rounded ears, and somewhat short- unmarked tail all point to badger for me.

            That’s what I’m sticking with until we hear one way or the other.

    1. It’s obviously a standard tail, kinda looks like Knuckles’ tail but not crooked, still doesn’t look like a Raccoon tail though.

  3. I saw this once it was published on YouTube and then sent it to TSSZ… no respect for me tipping this…

  4. There’s only one explanation why he has the poster

    P.S. Hogfather, do you assume Mike Pollock deny the Marine speculation. I suppose he meant he don’t want anyone to assume so that we don’t look stupid. Just go with the flow

    1. I do have to say though, if he is related to one of the members on the Sonic Boom development team, it’s pretty nice of them to give him an early poster of the characters.

  5. Judging by the fact that it’s a kid who needs to clear his throat’s poster and he made a video about it, I think it’s fake.

  6. This is some sweet tease/trolling they’re doing- my sides. This was planned all too well.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a VA or a kid that’s related to someone that has access to early swag.

  7. The Star Wars posters are obviously fake. Just looking at them makes me think they were made in Microsoft Paint.

    And the Sonic Boom picture? Probably also fake. However, the individual artwork for the characters look authentic and mint. But I really feel sorry for people who think this new character is going to be Marine. I do really hope, however, that this new girl ends up being playable.

  8. Well this smells unofficial at best and fake at worst. Have you even seen some of the renders the fan community has made? I feel like this poster was commissioned like any old fan artwork. I say to take this at face value with a grain of salty skepticism until E3 arrives.

  9. Here’s something I don’t think anyone’s thought about yet.

    Focus testing. Now, say this kid was part of a focus group and involved in giving some sort of feedback to Sega – it could be for the cartoon, game, toys – anything. He (and others) get to try out the product, and also perhaps get given some sort of goodyback of exclusives as a token of their day.

    Just throwing that out there. Could still be faked, for all I know.

  10. Maybe the kids father or mother works on the show and gave him a promotional art poster, since the kid is a Sonic fan?

    1. Here’s what Mike Pollock will say, since his Non-Disclosure Agreement prevents him from saying anything concrete beyond his delightfully cagey and snarky comments:

      No one has told me who that character is, but I can make inferences about who it is based on my knowledge of the scripts (and I’ve seen many more words than pictures, based on my need to know). However, in the event that the character is not Marine (note that I haven’t said that it is or is not), I will take great joy in referring to said character, whenever possible, as “Ex-Marine” or even “Maureen.”

      Semper Fi!

      1. AUGHHH!! My head hurts!! Curse you Mike Pollock and your carefully chosen words that don’t technically infringe on your non-disclosure agreement! Why must you be so awesome!?

        Still…could it be an alternate Marine maybe? Because if that’s what you would call her if she wasn’t Marine, then perhaps it’s because she both IS Marine (or was) and ISN’T at the same time!…..I don’t know where I’m going with this.

          1. “Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment, sometimes described as a paradox, devised by [Austrian] physicist Erwin Schrödinger in 1935.”

            Mike Pollock is the new Sakurai.

      2. Thanks for posting, I love your opinions and replys 😀

        I have one huge fan question, what’s your view of Jim Cummings as Robotnik?
        if you’ve seen the Sonic satam cartoon ofcourse

        1. I’ve only seen a few minutes of his Robotnik work, but even I’d seen more I wouldn’t offer an opinion, out of professional courtesy. But I’m a big fan of his sound-alike work for Disney and I’m honored to share a character with him.

      3. Mike, don’t ever change. You’re way too awesome.

        Stay gold, Ponyboy. Stay gold.

  11. “No tail”? Then what would you call that fifth limb extending from her butt? It certainly doesn’t look like a third arm if that’s what you’re suggesting.

  12. Maybe she’s a dingo? She’s probably Australian, like Marine was, (she’s got a boomerang afterall) but could just be a different animal that is popular in Australia.

  13. If anything, i think this video makes it seem even more fake. Now that I look at it closer, something is definitely bizarre about those renders. I think it’s because they look too…..normal. If you look at the new design concept art and even the renders for the TV show, not only are the designs new, but even how the characters themselves are shaped are different. In Sonic’s renders and drawings, his face is certainly more circular, but in this render it seems like a simple Marza Planet render that’s been edited.

    With this in mind, I’m almost 100% certain its fake.

  14. This is off topic, but this question needs to be asked. Does anyone remember the post about a script for a Sonic Movie? It said that they would post more of it at a later time, but nothing’s been heard of it since said post. An answer would be nice, but I understand if you can not.

  15. there are very talented modellers on DeviantART such as Helias, but his Boom models are edited Generations models though.
    this is a mystery …

  16. OMG Mike’s right. It’s totally Schrödinger’s cat. Until we know for sure, it both is and isn’t Marine. XD

  17. I don’t know… it seems like a fake poster just from the sheer fishiness of the situation. But, I have a feeling it’s just a little kid looking for some type of credit simply because the poster is in his ownership.

  18. I just had a thought today, the new character might be a Dog, seeing that there is no Racoon Tail.


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