Very high-res off-screen development pic of Sonic Boom Wii U reveals HUD

Sonic Boom Crop

So what you see above is an in-development pic of Sonic Boom on Wii U, please keep in mind that anything you see in the debug data on the upper right is in no way an indication of the final product (so don’t panic over the 15FPS bit). Heck many bits aren’t even textured. I personally think it will be a night and day difference when we see the final version of the area. For now, we can have a look at the potential HUD, the general camera angle, and the layout of an area we’ll likely explore in the final game.

This was originally posted in a smaller resolution at AP, but was removed,Β  due to the appearance of a Wii U dev kit. We’ve decided to only share the main attraction, the actual screen and not the entire pic, we don’t want the Nintendo Ninjas to come after us next!

The large pic you see above was discovered by the user Finn from the forum (it’s best if we don’t link to it as it has the unaltered image), the exact origin of the pic however isn’t clear.

EDIT @ 3:20PM EST: Nevermind, it’s been decided we can link to the post, we just can’t put up the pic ourselves.

Here you go!

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      1. How is it fake? It looks pretty spot-on to the game for me, if somebody made this they really wasted their time.. But it’s real..

  1. i love seeing WIPs of games ~
    i wish they went back to putting developer diaries and ‘in-the-making’ montages as game extras.

  2. If u look closely at the screen, it says the fps is only 15 which is probably because its in development. Also, it seems that each ring is a singular hit point because the life bar has 99 rings and the missing ring is off to the left, probably because sonic got hit with a weak attack causing that one ring to go flying

    1. It’s theorized that rings will serve a bigger purpose in the game, as in the trailer you can see a lot of rings fly towards Sonic in the scene where Tails is throwing his laser, so they probably won’t be you hit points this time around but you still lose rings if you get hit, with stronger attacks causing you to lose more ring and collecting rings restore your health meter.

    1. Ehh, it’s far too early to call this game a mess. Not yet, anyway. πŸ˜›

      This is actually a pretty logical stage for a game in development, even if the game ends up being set to release as soon as this holiday season. Things like texturing, optimizing the frame rate and even cleaning up the HUD can all be done later on if it hasn’t been done already.

      1. We all remember this when the first footage of Sonic 4: Episode One came out, suddenly everyone was making assumptions from like 5 seconds of gameplay footage. OMG SONIC’S EYES ARE GREEN!!! WILL AFFECT GAMEPLAY ARRRGGGHHH!!

        1. Some people amaze me… they really have nothing better to do… What were they expecting? SEGA to randomly do classic style? They asked for a 2d game, that’s what they got!

    2. Because a prototype REALLY says everything about the game in a nutshell. If you hate Sonic Boom, you have your choice to avoid it and just stick to Sonic Jump Fever as your only new Sonic game for the year, otherwise, you should just keep your trap shut until the final game is released.

  3. “Heck many bits aren’t even textured.”
    Pretty sure that’s just the collision being rendered. Look at how it intersects with higher resolution terrain.

  4. I sure hope this game has a great camera controls, and isn’t a fixed camera, with no controls, like the one from Sonic Lost World… I hope the camera’s controls are like the camera controls from games Sonic Heroes, Windwaker HD, or the Ratchet & Clank series. This better not be like the wonky, or stale camera movements from games like Mario 3d World, Sonic 06, or Sonic Unleashed.

    1. This looks better than knack…. Cerny’s pet project looked like Nextgen vomit and played like it too

  5. Well this is…something! I mean, I was hoping for more than just this, but really, after such a long drought, this is a great thing to see. At the very least, I have a small idea of what the general perspective will look like, and it doesn’t look too radically different from the perspective we have been used to in 3D Sonic games. It looks very….un-Sonic Team-ish…take that for what you will, but I’d say that it looks interesting. I can’t wait to see more soon (oh God I hope I see more soon…)!

  6. Dying for awesomness..
    Too bad that im so poor to buy the whole fuck*ng WII U and the upcoming sonic boom..
    so i have to past this game…
    almost got the wii u but noo..

    1. It’s on 3DS too so you can always get that version, If you don’t have one 3DS’s go pretty cheap now and the 2DS is always an option

      1. The tv-console version is always better soo umm maybe i should take the summer job for me..
        Yea ive heard of the 2ds it looks awesome πŸ™‚
        My eyes dont like 3D mode so yeah maybe i should bought it πŸ™‚
        Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. This isn’t a new picture, I remember seeing it about a month ago, I think from a comment somewhere around here…
    Anyways, looks pretty cool and I’m actually hopeful about this game.

  8. I actually can’t wait, I’m looking forward to see what the cutscenes are like πŸ˜€

    1. I can because im whole summer broke πŸ™
      I got the summerjob what i wanted so here we come sanic b00m!!
      (and 3ds or 2ds)

  9. I’m hoping this game comes out just abit before my birthday, as I’m getting a wii u for my birthday πŸ˜€

    1. Good for you πŸ™‚
      I hope that i earn much money for the 3ds and sonic boom because i dont buy wii u because of one game so yeah..

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