Sonic to run the London Marathon to fight Leukaemia

6232-18He’s the fastest thing alive! Sonic the Hedgehog will be partaking in the upcoming London Marathon to raise money to fight leukaemia. Well, er… that’s almost the truth. Inside that costume is twenty-two year old Lewis Griffiths from York, wearing his five kilogram Sonic the Hedgehog costume, in fact. He’ll be wearing it for the duration of the 26.2 mile marathon course coming up on the 13th April. Now that takes some dedication if I’ve seen it.

Speaking to the Leukaemia CARE Charity, Lewis explains he’s running the marathon in the name of his cousin who was diagnosed with the disease when he was nineteen. Thankfully, he has since then been cured, though it’s not the end of the line for him as he will need multiple hip replacements and chemotherapy treatment following this. He’s also taking on the challenge for himself to help his own personal rehabilitation of his right leg which has had several operations on.

“I am so pleased to be running for Leukaemia CARE and cannot wait for race day. From my cousin’s experience, I know that blood cancers can be beaten but the after effects of treatment can impact on people’s lives for a long time after recovery.

“Leukaemia CARE support people at the time of diagnosis and beyond, and help people to deal with issues that may affect them after treatment. As well as this, I wanted to get my confidence back and what better way than running 26 grueling miles to test myself, whilst also raising money for charity?”

Well if this wasn’t a good reason to give a little money to a charity, I don’t know what is. If you want to donate to Lewis’ cause, you can do so over on his Virgin Money Giving page. Good luck from all of us here at The Sonic Stadium, Lewis!


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  1. Rooting for this guy – not only am I (obviously) a big Sonic fan, but my aunt died of leukemia a few years back. You go, Lewis! 🙂

  2. I can imagine the presenters saying ‘Ooooh there’s Sonic the Hedgehog’ 😀 GO LEWIS!

  3. Cute story here! I wasn’t planning on watching the marathon this year, but I’ll make an exception! I’ll be cheering you on Lewis!

  4. I know I’ll be sat in front of my tv and forcing my family to cheer for you, Lewis! Good luck and stay safe! 🙂

  5. Lewis better say ‘Gotta Go Fast’ or I’ll eat my Sonic Lost World game card…

  6. I was watching the London Marathon and I saw another Sonic… SO THERE’S AT LEAST TWO SONICS.

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