Sonic the Hedgehog #263, Sonic Universe #66 and Sonic Digest #8 Covers and Solicitations Revealed

We’re preparing to leave the waters, but it won’t come without resistance!

Midtown Comics has obtained the solicitations for July, and we’re coming to an end on two watery storylines. In Sonic the Hedgehog #263, Sonic is still trying to save the underwater, when who should turn up but…Chaos?! And Eggman is getting his battle plan for the shattered world ready while that’s going on! This is “Waves of Change”: Part 4.

sth 263

(W) Ian Flynn, Aleah Baker (A) Evan Stanley & Various (CA) Ben Bates
‘Waves of Change,’ Part Four. Cool off from the hot summer sun with Sonic the Hedgehog! The tides are turning in Sonic’s favor-literally-as Chaos joins the fray! It’s all-out war to save the underwater city from total devastation in this thrilling conclusion! Then, in ‘Consequences,’ take a sneak peek into Eggman’s shattered world crisis battle plan-we’ll give you a hint, it’s evil! Featuring super-cool cover art from Ben Bates and a Chao-tastic variant cover from Evan Stanley.

Meanwhile, in Sonic Universe #66, Knuckles dukes it out with more Dark Gaia evil while the Chaotix are still entangled with the Hooligans. To make matters worse, the Chaos Emeralds and Chip are still at stake! And there’s still danger from the waters! This is “The Great Chaos Caper”: Part 4.


(W) Ian Flynn (A) Jim Amash & Various (CA) Tracy Yardley
‘The Great Chaos Caper.’ This is it, the frantic finale full of flustered fighters! In one corner, trying to complete his mission and save the world, is Knuckles! In the other corner, a titanic Dark Gaia beast! The Chaotix and Hooligans continue to tussle, a wounded spirit and Chaos Emerald are being tossed about, and the flood waters are pouring in! Don’t miss this crazy conclusion to the ‘Great Chaos Caper!’

Finally, Sonic Digest #8 collects another selection of classic stories in a handy dandy format. It has its own exclusive story though; another part to Sonic Comic origins covering how Antoine got involved in the Freedom Fighter plight!


(W) Ian Flynn (A) Lamar Wells & Various (CA) Rafa Knight
Sonic Super Digest returns with an all-new story continuing the hit Sonic Origins mini-feature! Sonic the Hedgehog has many friends, but few are as brave, stalwart or had as much growth as Antoine D’Coolette! Learn how this skittish swordsman crossed paths with Sonic and the Freedom Fighters as only Sonic Super Digest can tell it! Then, continue the fun with more classic adventures from the Sonic comic library! Featuring an all-new CG cover from Sonic superstar Rafa Knight!

Sonic #263 and Sonic Universe #66 will have more in-depth previews closer to release.

Source: Midtown Comics


  1. Can’t wait for all of these! That Chao variant looks so adorable, and geez, that Sonic vs Knuckles variant looks EPIC!!! I wonder what could have brought that on? Well, I hope it has something to do with the story at some point, because it’s giving me goosebumps! I can’t wait to get all of these! 😀

    1. If they were going to, they would have done that with Boom.

      And if they ever were to, I’d bolt like the place was on fire. Because the Freedom Fighters suck.

      And THAT’s why they’re not in the games.

      1. Meh, we got WAAaaay worse characters in the actual games than the freedom fighters. So if people were bolting from this franchise because of the multitude of characters the sonic franchise throws at us, they would already be gone.

  2. Ugh, I am falling behind.. still need the Shadow arc and The Chase.. *sigh* I blame the reboot, it just isn’t.all.that.interesting

    1. I hate to admit it but I agree. Maybe it’s because it feels like Archie just kinda threw you into the middle of stuff already going on in this universe and expect you to care about what’s going on in these new versions of the characters. For me, I have no context for any of the characters because I don’t know any of their development is even kept up to this point and for a book that reads 200ish on the covers there’s no point in back-reading to catch up because there is nothing to catch up with at this point.
      I kinda wish they did a full reboot or continued where Genesis left off since at least we could have an actual starting point like with the Mega man comic or books like Ultimate Spider-man and build up the story from scratch using game canon, old Archie canon and any new stuff they wanted to explore. Plus it would be fun to actually SEE how the characters got to be the way they are, not just told through exposition or boxes telling you to *play the game*.

  3. Still think this comic has been going down since 2012…but I am looking forward to seeing Chaos battle against Dark Gaia’s spawn alongside Sonic.

    And that Chao variant…ugh…I don’t like it at all.

  4. I’m completely in love with that Chao variant cover. Also, the variant cover for the Universe issue intrigues me. I mean Sonic obviously has the purple cause he’s got Dark Gaia’s energy in him, but does the white blue light Knuckles have suggest he’s going to be blessed by Chip or something? Just my theory.

  5. … IS it just me or is every freaking plot of the rebooted comicverse just serving as an excuse to have as many characters fighting as possible in each issue.

  6. don’t like the chao variant much, sonic and sally look ugly,they dont even look like chao to me, but everybody else loook ok. the sonic vs knuckles reminds me of the supersonic vs hyper knuckles cover

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