New trailer for Sega’s 3DS RPG Hero Bank features a remix of a familiar Sonic song


Sega just yesterday put out a new trailer for Hero Bank, Sega’s new RPG for the 3DS which just came out in Japan on March 20, 2014. At the very beginning of the trailer, you can hear the remix of a certain song, instantly familiar to those who played Sonic Adventure.

Give up? It’s Twinkle Park! We don’t know exactly who the composer is (hell we have little info on what folks were behind the game or if it was even outsourced to an external company), all we know if that it was produced by Toshihiro Nagoshi, the man behind Yakuza and Super Monkey Ball.

Thanks to AceZX in our forum for the find!

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  1. Ah, my gosh! That song took me back to memory lane! :’) Sonic Adventure days! Those days, were good days! This game looks awesome!

  2. Ahhhh ^.^ nostalgia. From sonic’s race track in space and the rollercoaster, to amy’s creepy house of mirrors, and big’s fishing… thing. I still have this game on the xbox.

  3. a Sega RPG set in …. Joypolis?
    thats like the Mickey Mouse games always taking place in a version of Disney World.

    an Okay song remix though, nothing special.

  4. Recognised that straight away, loved Twinkle Park in Sonic Adventure.
    Would have preferred that to Speed Highway in Generations, especially since they left out the town section (the end of Sonic’s and where Knuckles’ was set). Emerald Coast on 3DS was great though.
    Oh, and that game actually looks really nice.

    1. You mean despite the fact that the main character walks up to it nearly 5 seconds before that? No…no I didn’t…

  5. Get with is Sonic Stadium!!

    EVERYONE knows its not “Twinkle Park” from SA1 – ITS PANIC PUPPET ZONE FROM SONIC 3D FLICKIES ISLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The SA1 theme was a remix of THAT zone!!!


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