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Welcome to a new feature on TSS “Games we’ve been playing this week.” Despite us being rather big fans of Sonic & Sega, we do actually play and love other games! I know! Shocking right?

So we figured we’d like to tell you about the games we’ve been playing recently which might help you expand your horizons or give you some ideas as to what games we’re playing/enjoying/hating etc. That and we wanna talk about video games have had an impact.

These won’t be reviews or major looks at them, just a few comments as to how we feel about said games.


Tearaway (PS Vita): If you asked me a month ago what my favourite games are, I’d say “I can’t decide between ICO & Shadow of the Colossus.” I can now add Tearaway to that. Tearaway is absolutely wonderful,

If you love video games for their ability to give you a sense of joy and escapism, you utterly need to get this. You NEED this. The world it creates, the story it tells and how it interacts with you, by far the best use of touch controls ever, wonderful music, gorgeous level design and a wonderful atmosphere. If you’ve become invested in the game, that ending is going to hit you with the same emotional fist that Toy Story 3 hits you with. Tearaway is simply marvellous.

Can a handheld be a GOTY? Tearaway bloody well should be. Get a Vita and get this now. Just wish it were a little longer, though there is tons of replay value here, really hope Media Molecule will return to this world one day.

tumblr_mwyetcY3Ck1sxudx7o1_500InFAMOUS: Second Son (PS4): A sequel to the existing two games on the Playstation 3, Second Son is an ambitious title that is mostly successful. First off, let’s be frank that the visuals in this game are incredible. Seriously one of the best looking games I’ve seen. The powers you gain give subtle enough differences for them to feel unique to master but easy enough to switch around with, my personal favourite being Neon. The gameplay is extremely fun which keeps making me go back to do side missions and push the D.U.P. out of Seattle, or just dash around causing mayhem. I also enjoy the differences in how you approach combat based on the karma path you choose. Good is more about accuracy and subduing, while evil is chaotic and destructive.

The game’s story, however, isn’t the best or very involving. I never felt the push to keep wanting to find out what happens next, or really connect with any of the characters. This goes especially the other conduits that Delson meets who are extremely underdeveloped. I also felt that the karma system still wasn’t capitalised on enough and that even though Delson was a decent main character, his evil side felt… misplaced? Which is another issue with the story and character development of the game. Overall a strong title and the best you can pick up on Playstation 4 right now, but considering the current line up of titles that’s not exactly difficult.


Ace Attorney Vs. Professor Layton (3DS): When this title was first unveiled way back when, I declared it my reason for wanting a 3DS system. For the longest of times, I’ve adored playing all of the Ace Attorney games for its cast of brilliantly conceived characters and absurd, but gripping stories. When I heard that the legendary lawyer was teaming up with the legendary puzzle solver, my body was naturally ready (especially considering that I hadn’t really dabbled much with the Layton side of things, and was eager to try it out).

Upon receiving the game, I found that things initially started really quite slowly. With two different games coming together, I was worried that it would be like two watered down games running side by side. Thankfully, I found that things didn’t take long to really get up to speed after I passed the initial couple of chapters. Now that the intro is out of the way, I’m not only enjoying the clever courtroom battles with Phoenix and Maya, but I’m also getting a stimulating brain work out from the Professor and Luke’s puzzles, which are honestly a lot more enjoyable to solve than I thought they would be.

The story is really shaping up nicely, I’m in love with the character design and the art style, and most of all the game has me spending more time with my 3DS open than shut. I’ve currently sunk just over 14 hours into this collaboration game, and I cannot wait to see and play more!

vedj-fStreetPass Mii Plaza (3DS): The setup for this one is simple; all 3DSs come with the app built into them. The basic layout contains a main ‘menu’ where all the Miis you have encountered are collected, and two additional minigames in the form of StreetPass Puzzle and StreetPass Quest I&II. The former is extremely bare bones, but it’s not as if it hurts either. The latter is more fun when you can actually traverse the paths it lays for you and battle the monsters stopping you from rescuing the king, but it also has moments where your progress is forcibly halted because certain Miis are required to get past specific room obstacles which can be frustrating. I finished with this one a long time ago.

If you update the Plaza software, things change slightly. You can now purchase at least one of the added games (either each for about £5, or all four for £15). To summarise; StreetPass Squad is a top-down shoot ’em up that’s a real blast but can be limited in progress based on how many Miis you find and what colours they are (as they determine weapon type), and I finished this one a while back. StreetPass Garden requires the most patience but is arguably the most complex of the four, integrating actual breeding mechanics with some luck (if you have a friend or two you regularly exchange with, they will prove useful here), and I currently have 78 out of 80 possible breeds. StreetPass Battle seems like it should be action-packed on the surface, but is really just a rock-paper-scissors game where more number can still negate this aspect, and it’s the game I’ve spent the least investment in. Finally, StreetPass Mansion is a puzzle game made by Yuji Naka’s Prope, and it’s probably the best balance of fun and tactical even though I’ve also done with this one.

While StreetPass Mii Plaza certainly does not set the world alight, it’s a fun little time waster, and one I definitely will be back on whenever there’s a bus trip on the horizon.

What games have you been playing recently? Any recommendations?


  1. Okay my video games that I played on this weekdays and weekend is speed run video games was Super Mario 3D World, first picking blue Toad because he’s dash so faster like Sonic The Hedgehog but its different well Sonic has speed sneakers to make him so fastest thing alive and New Super Mario Bros U, Second to pick Boost rush to collected all the coins of getting the max speed to beat your record in time of the new record.Then Sonic Lost World, for Nintendo 3DS Third time to choose Time Attack to play each Zone together seeing the bottom of the pervious time that you got one time and get the new record and last one video game of speed run is Luigi Mansion Dark Moon picking some level to play catch all the ghosts of floor rooms to see the bottom of touch screen to find the ghost and get the new record time also that I played speed run four video games.

    1. Sonic doesn’t have speed sneakers, its just regular shoes. If you ever watch adventures of sonic the hedgehog, there’s a episode where he run without his sneakers at the same speed, but his feet kept getting burn!!!

  2. Well this list was…really something! Personally, I just bought Super Mario World for Wii U and playing it for the first time. (I avoided this game as a kid because I was a SEGA kid…it’s a very long story). While this probably wouldn’t be the place to talk about it being that it’s 50% the reason why the console wars began back in the day, but hey! At least Mario and Sonic are buddies now! :3 Anyhoo, I recommend this game to anyone who hasn’t played it (if that’s even possible) if you’re looking for some good old-fashioned platforming!

  3. *looks at the laptop screen.. then suddenly stands up in defiance, laptop dropping to the floor*


    1. FYI if any US 3DS owners are looking for StreetPasses, head to Home Depot, there are at least 6 hotspots in each store

  4. inFamous: SS?! You lucky bastards. I’m going to go about kicking in the streets. Kicking with jealousy!

    By the by: What are you guys’ professions? Is it game related? Are you critics, students, etc.?

  5. No Kingdom Hearts? You people are sickeningly disgusting.

    (Obviously I’m exaggerating, but you guys should try them)

    1. Play a game about shameless cashcowing of not one, but two company’s full library of franchises? Not my thing.

  6. TearAway is an amazing game. love it so much.

    as of afew days ago iv been remaking Marble Zone in LittleBIGplanet PSvita. its going well ^^

  7. Layton Vs. Wright? You obviously have excellent taste. Please hurry up and release the friggin’ game in the States Level-5!!!!!!

  8. Red goddess, looks like giana sisters twisted dreams on the pictures I saw on

  9. Have you ever seen earthstone watches on kickstarter, I usually don’t like gemstone but these are cool looking.

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