Chaos Emeralds COULD appear in the Boom Universe, says Stephen Frost

6232-18In case you thought you’d never get to see Super Sports Tape Sonic, Stephen Frost has taken to the SEGA Forums to clarify on earlier comments made by a SEGA representative in an interview regarding the appearance of Chaos Emeralds in the Boom Universe. While it was initially said the Chaos Emeralds were not to appear, Frost says this isn’t the case and the Emeralds are still open to an appearance.

Hi all,

I just wanted to clear something up about the Chaos Emeralds as I think there was some initial confusion based upon an answer that Bob gave during an earlier interview. I believe he just misunderstood the question. When he said that there were no Chaos Emeralds, he simply meant that they do not appear in the upcoming Sonic Boom games. And there are specific reasons for this. However, that is not to say that they couldn’t exist within the overall Sonic Boom universe. I can’t promise that they will be talked about or brought up anytime soon (or at all) in any aspect of Sonic Boom, but there is nothing that prevents their possible existence. Just wanted to clear that up for you all.

So to clarify – just because the Chaos Emeralds won’t appear in the upcoming two Sonic Boom titles, doesn’t mean they won’t ever appear. I’m for this news personally since the Emeralds hold a lot of story potential aside from a climatic final battle moments, but what about you? Do you want to see the Chaos Emeralds return? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Well that was cleared up. I’m indifferent about the Emeralds in the Boomverse anyway. The less material carried from the flagship series, the better I say. The point of Boom is reaching a new audience with noncanon material. It’s okay to not try to use ALL of the material from the SEGAverse.

    By the way: FIRSTIES!!!

    1. The wii u and 3DS versions, they are different plus they said they hope to make more games

      1. Oh yea! I keep forgetting there’s gonna be 2 versions. I hope they make more games- it would be nice to see the Boom universe expand even more in the future!

    1. They’re referring to Wii U and 3DS, since they’re supposed to be different games in the same universe.

  2. So there is still a possibility that the chaos emeralds can still make an appearance, but not in the current game that has been announced. Probably an appearance in the cartoon or future sonic boom titles, cause there would be no point in just one game. I’m not fully against the idea, it’s something to consider.

  3. The Chaos Emeralds are a major element of the Sonic universe and are present in almost every game, so skipping them just feels wrong. It’s already pretty bad that they had such a minimal role in the DiC cartoons (even being completely skipped by the second one), and that DiC and Archie got them totally wrong (fortunately Archie fixed them later, though it took them waaay too long).

    1. With how different the DiC cartoons were, I think it’s better off that the emeralds didn’t play a large role. They don’t really fit in those universes very well. And the comics are a very different interpretation of Sonic to begin with. It’s nearly completely different. They took the core traits and slapped them on totally separate personalities and turned something simple into a complex drama. It’s not BAD but it’s not my taste. On the other hand, others probably prefer it. So the way they did the emeralds wasn’t “wrong”. But it’s just how they chose to do it. And then they changed their minds. After that Ken Penders thing… whatever happens in the series could be based on anything. (I remember a time when I didn’t even know or care who Ken Penders was cuz when I saw the comics I just thought of it being another story. But when I start thinking about everything happening because of business decisions of specific individuals… I start to feel like the story isn’t official anymore. I’m just waiting for someone to draw a picture and write on it. XP)

      I’m weird like that. But in Sonic Boom… oh boy. They should leave out the Chaos Emeralds and go straight to the Time Stones! HAHAHAHAHA xP

  4. Doesn’t really make a difference if they show up or not since the story isn’t run as a continunity.. if an Emerald(s) shows up it’ll just be a one-off episode

    One aspect of the Sonic series that always shows up are the power rings, I’d like to see them play more of a role in the Boomiverse than the Emeralds

  5. Most important of all: Knuckles’ relationship with the Master Emerald. Without it, he’s a thick-skulled brute of a treasure hunter.

    1. He is even WITH a relationship to the emeralds.

      Then there’s the OVA Knuckles. lol He was alright.

  6. I would really like to see them use the Chaos Emeralds as an element to an episode/episodes since they are kinda, slightly important.. ULTIMATE POWER GIVING ARTIFACTS!! >u< Even if the emeralds may not be focused on as much as "Sonic X" or other Sonic games, they aren't really a big necessary story element either, especially with the way that "Sonic Boom" will be handling it's episodes. (Based on humor, and having resetting story-lines after each.) For example, if any of you watch "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic", they have a similar form of grand power, with the Elements of Harmony, though they were used pretty sparingly and for only dire moments. In the current 4th season, the elements were given up, for good reason, and now the characters will have to rely on now only each other, which they've been able to very well, against big danger. I think the same can be said for "Sonic Boom" by using the Chaos Emeralds sparingly or at all, since Sonic and friends are capable of defending their home together.~

    1. That is true. That’d probably mean no Super Sonic even if they do use the emeralds because the heroic aspect will probably be shared between the 4 more than usual. Similar to Xiaolin Showdown…. WAIT… HOLY CRAP!

      Tails = Omi
      Sonic = Raimundo
      Amy = Kimiko
      Knuckles = Clay

      It should be noted that while Omi is seem as the icon and main character of the show, technically he isn’t always focused on the most and Raimundo is the one who becomes chosen to ascend and lead.

      I guess with the style of this show, we may also get certain eps that alternate who is strongly focused on. There may be a major Tails ep or an ep that heavily focuses on Amy. She might be the only one who knows how to stop a certain baddie at some point and show everyone up at the end of the ep REMEMBER MY PREDICTION FOR WHEN IT BECOMES TRUE YOU CAN BE LIKE “AXX PREDICTED IT!” 8D lolz

  7. I’ll be blunt, I’d rather them not be in the Boom Universe at all. The Chaos Emeralds are nowhere near as important as people think or as some of the old games try to make you think. They honestly were never that important even in the old days. They’re always either extra collectibles that make you Super, Plot MacGuffins that usually serve as a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card or the “World Reset Button”, or worthless collectibles that only give you a Super Sonic boss fight, a different ending or absolutely nothing at all. The Sonic series honestly doesn’t even need the Chaos Emeralds anymore at this point. Plus, once you take out the Super Forms, all of the characters are finally on an even playing field instead of us having a “WE’RE COUNTING ON YOU SONIC!” or “ALL HAIL SHADOW” moment in every single story they’re involved in.

    I’d much prefer the Boom series not to have them.

    1. You’re right and wrong. I mean… not your opinion. Feel whatever you want. But your claims…

      They ARE more worthless than people think as they don’t get used a whole lot in most of the stories aside from SA1 and 2. BUT, the stories do often surround them as they are what help propel the story. In the old games the entire scheme Eggman conjures is about getting the emeralds and Sonic is trying to beat Robotnik AND keep him from getting the Emeralds. Then there’s the relation to the Master Emerald and Knuckles. It’s apparently important to his island for an unknown reason. But we know we want to protect his island and keep it proper. THEN Sonic Adventure tells us WHY it’s important to his island. SA2 tells us the history the emeralds have been in and, along with Shadow The Hedgehog, also show us what all the world is going through in order to collect these items.

      In recent games they’re not TOO important to the plot, such as Colors or Lost World because Eggman seems to be ignoring them. Even in Generations he ignores them and they’re there simply to reference more of the past. The bosses act somewhat as special stages and it unlocks both a final boss fight with Super Sonic as well as playing him in stages, the only 2 ways it’s been done in the past.

      AS FOR THE EQUAL PLAYING FIELD, that’s cool and all except the whole reason Sonic’s been the only playable character for so long is cuz everyone else was stealing his spotlight. I DO want the others to have bigger roles. But I want there to still be a reason for Sonic to be the main character. And who’s to say others CAN’T go super? We know Sonic, Tails, Flicky, Knuckles, Shadow and Silver can transform and Blaze has a form for the Sol Emeralds. There’s Amy… or Big or Vector or… Wave… no one cares about that. lol Who says everyone had to be an equal fighter anyway? In real life, that’s not always the case. The characters should be able to relate to more than one type of person. So the diversity is okay in my opinion. =p

  8. Well I don’t know but I think decided to pick that Chaos Emeralds would not be in Sonic Boom video game for Wii U, and 3DS why because they put in a lot of Sonic games every year like there’s Minions of them right. But I mean seriously they need to stop putting Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Boom video game but if they do that I will be so mad right now to rage.

  9. Indifferent, although I don’t want them to be used for a final battle. I would like to see how they were created, however, as I find that lore interesting. So over all, I don’t really mind so long as they aren’t used in the final battle (in the usual sense they are, anyway), and provide more detail to the plot.

    I do love my lore~

  10. The Sonic Dash global challenge is now active, guys. 9 days left to collect Easter Eggs and unlock Cream!

  11. Good. My hopes for a Sonic Boom game based on Sonic Adventure aren’t dead! (Yet)

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