Sonic Lost World’s Zelda DLC Revealed, Out Tomorrow


If you thought Sonic Boom was going to be the only redesign of the speedy blue hedgehog this year… think again! Following on from the Yoshi’s Island Zone DLC last year, the much anticipated DLC for Sonic Lost World based on Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda series is finally making its way to the Wii U eShop tomorrow (for free!) – and Sonic’s been taking a few fashion tips from Link himself, it seems!

IGN have posted a video preview of the new zone, which plays very differently to most other stages in Sonic Lost World – it borrows very heavily from its source material, in fact, seeing you exploring Hyrule Field before traversing an eerie and fiery dungeon. Along the way you’ll collect rupees – which are converted into rescued animals upon completion – and face off against iconic enemies including Stalfos, Gorons… and even Cuccos!

With tons of nods to the Zelda series all the way through (including an appearance or two from Link on his trusty Loftwing), this is looking like a very extensive piece of DLC that should give you more than enough reason to dust off your Wii U and boot up Sonic’s most recent outing at least one more time. It’s got to be worth it just to see Sonic running around in that classic green tunic, surely!

Sonic Lost World: The Legend of Zelda Zone will be available to download from the Wii U eShop tomorrow (27th March) absolutely free. Be sure to give it a whirl!

Source: IGN

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    1. The 90’s child me is sending your 90’s child you to a hospital because I care about you.

  1. Holy cow…Sonic opening up a treasure chest???? This is so much better than the Yoshi’s Island DLC

  2. Thank God they decided to release this now. I can now add it to my next part of my LW LP that I was just about to upload without this beauty of a DLC stage!

      1. I get what he is saying tho’ the gorgeous open world and loads of room to explore instead of just a cyclindrical thing that we got..would’ve been great to harken the series back to the adventure days..

        1. Agreed, also Hyrule still looks epic and not too kiddy and over simplified like the rest of Lost World stages.

          Also it looks like Sonic Boom is already aiming at a more Adventure type of gameplay, though personally I would love to see Sonic Team (main canon) making Adventure kind of Sonic games too.

  3. I am such an idiot, after I beat Lost World, I traded it back in. I honestly thought the Zelda DLC would end up like that Generations DLC we were promised that we never got and they went and released it. Oh well, you live and learn. ;P It does look worlds better than the Yoshi or Nights DLC and hell it’s free.

    1. “Live and learn!
      From the works of yesterday.
      Live and learn!
      If you beg or if you borrow,
      Live and learn!
      You may never find”

  4. Wow, what a condescending article. I don’t need to “dust off” my Wii U. it has been seeing more action than my PS3 or 3DS lately. It is also much better a console than the PS4 or Xbone as it offers new experiences and not just improved graphics and processor for said improved graphics to run on. Anyway, that issue aside, I cannot wait for this and more on Hyrule Warriors. This looks MUCH better than the Yoshi one.

    1. I assure you, I didn’t mean anything derogatory by the “dust off” remark, and I’m certainly not anti-Wii U. Quite the opposite, in fact! I’m an avid Nintendo gamer myself and think the Wii U is an excellent system, it’s just been a bit lacking recently with regards to its release schedule.

    2. Yeah it’s like everyone forgot that the new Donkey Kong Country came out a few weeks ago and it actually helped sell a few WiiUs so given even if you just finished that, it wouldn’t sitting around “collecting dust” for that long but that’s the gaming internet for you. I’ve honestly said I’m amazed at how unsympathetic some Sega fans are to Nintendo fans plight. Mark my word if the tables were turned and the WiiU was called the Dreamcast 2, they wouldn’t be complaining. They would’ve bought one already.

  5. Can’t wait to see the AWESOME cutscenes!!! Sonic: “Gee! It sure is boring around here!” Eggman: “Mai boi! This peace is what all true warriors strive for!”

    1. Eggman: enough my ship sails in the morning wonder what’s for dinner sonic:oh boy I’m so hungry I can eat a chili dog

      1. *Buff Knuckles swoops in* Buffckles: “It is written, only Sonic can defeat Zavok.”

  6. Mods, if it is possible, please remove any comments I made on this article. I just don’t want them on here anymore.

    1. Oh yes, because your comments were soooo shameful that the mods must go out of their way to delete them for your benefit. Why not just make a new account, it’s not like it’s hard to do.

  7. This is starting remind me of the Sonic and The Black Knight but it looks familiar and how come Sonic doesn’t have the sword will be prefect!

  8. Tomorrow? Looks like I’m gonna be eating Taco Bell breakfast while playing this DLC then.

  9. This looks glorious! Now they have to do this time with Mario! Or better yet make a whole new game starring those two!

  10. I’m not even a Zelda fan (I appreciate the games though!) and I’m finding this adorable. Since Lost Worlds is on my list to get as a game for a WiiU, I will pick this and the Yoshi’s Island DLC up. This is just…adorable.

  11. You know what I love most about this? that ‘Adventure’ Style over world! Its beautiful to see Sonic free roam again! and I hope Sonic PS4 has levels that are closer to this overworld than Generation style or Lost World style.

  12. This is perhaps one of the greatest/weirdest crossovers ever created. I love this! Too bad I don’t have a Wii U so I can play it -_-.

    1. Its so weird how we all want Wii U but we all so dang poor to get even a Wii U. PS4 seems like a fantasy to me, that on the games for it arent so great atm to me.

  13. What the heck?! I clearly downloaded the DLC on the eShop and it’s not appearing??? This is so stupid!!

  14. Anybody else having trouble recording this level off their capture card. For some reason this dlc makes my capture card reboot/restart when I start playing this level.

  15. Oh I almost forgot Sonic The Hedgehog, and Link, both transformed to wolf of Sonic Warehog, at night time for Sonic Unleashed, or for Wolf Link, stay morning or at either one but only The Legend of Zelda Twight Princess that they are different somehow.

  16. What really has me laughing is how the Anti Archie fanboys over on deviantart are not only already complaining about it, but are also already blaming SEGA over this possibly getting a cameo/tie in advertisement in the Archie comics.

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