So this happened in Rio the other night…

They’re coming to get you Barbra…! They’re coming for you!


LOOK! Here comes one of them now!

So over in Rio, the people there love to party! And, as part of this years Rio Carnival, one school group decided to party on mass as Sonic. From what little knowledge I know of the Rio Carnival, there seems to be a ‘theme’ each year, but there’s also various sub themes that carnival schools can chose to do.

Well one school decided it was going to go to the carnival as Sonic… … I don’t know why, but it’s awesome!

Why can’t this kind of thing happen near where I live?

Source: Folha De S.Paulo


  1. Because Hogfather, we are not Brazilian and it is part of the country’s culture. We are pessimistic people, who have no time for party in a civilized manner, but instead find something to complain about. It’s already a shame to wear anything related to the franchise, that has been laughing stock in gaming industry for long time. :/

  2. I haven’t fully watched the parade, but from what I’ve seen on the news, that particular school’s theme (Unidos da Tijuca) was Ayrton Senna. I’m not sure of how much famous Senna is outside of Brazil, but he was a famous F1 driver and one of our greatest idols here in Brazil. So Sonic was there to represent speed, along with other characters like Speed Racer, Speedy Gonzales, Road Runner, characters form the Wacky Races and so on.

    The thing is, I’m not certain whether this picture is from Unidos da Tijuca. It could also be from another school (Rosas de Ouro), from the carnival in São Paulo, that also brought Sonic (this time along with Mario) to represent childhood memories.

    Sonic was great in Brazil in the 90s (today not so much), so he is related to a lot of memories Brazilian people have from that time.

        1. Oh I know about the joke, the funny thing to me is that those who wanted “black eyes” as well as those who made fun of the people who did were not seeing the whole picture of the matter.

        1. I dislike when people call classic Sonic fat, even Sonic Generations poked fun at it. He just has a smaller round body and so do Classic Tails and Knuckles, which made em more dynamic and compact in my opinion. Both designs have their appeal, both both designs have their themes that require a certain balance, that is quite fragile I might add.

          1. Beep. Boop. What is “hu-mor”? Let me tell you my opinions on adjectives used to describe Sonic.

  3. Yes! These things make me so happy and this is just awesome it made my day way past SSCool! (Dumb pun) 🙂

  4. Check out tssz, they have more detail on the event and pictures of another group wearing different Sonic costumes and Mario costumes as well. I think the theme is “Mario & Sonic Olympics” since the Olympic games for 2016 will be in Rio.

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