Freak-Out Friday: The True Origins of Sonic the Hedgehog


In this week’s Freak-Out Friday, we have the special treat for all Sonic fans out there. BEASTS have finally uncovered the true origins of Sonic the Hedgehog’s conception and have shared their findings for the world to see. I think you’ll agree that it’s pretty amazing to see first hand. Be warned, there’s a bit of language involved in such a passionate and heated moment!


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  1. I hope Mardic (‘Silver eats a banana’ guy) gets a chance for the Freak out Friday spotlight…

  2. That’s awesome video of only all the Sonic Fans over the world to watch that! Also plus I became a Sonic Fan in 2010 then my favorite Sonic character is Metal Sonic, first one hundred percent and my second favorite Sonic character is Sonic The Hedgehog ninety nine percent!

  3. If this somehow was the true origin of Sonic, I would love to see just how Mario got invented. (Unless the Spanish plumbers thing was supposed to be it…but Mario was already out by that point). Hilarious video though, although it did feel a bit predictable at some points.

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