This Product Description for Silver the Hedgehog is Amazing…

So in the new Entertainment Earth product catalogue, there’s a listing for GE Entertainments new Silver the Hedgehog plush. Only there’s a slight problem with the description.


… … how is that..?

Ok lets take it slowly. First of all, they’ve used the classic Sonic logo for a modern Sonic character, which to be fair is an easy mistake to make.

However… Silver the Hedgehog is now the evil boss of the Scrambled Egg Zone and he’s also a robot? A robot version of Sonic for that matter too.

Oh wait, I see the problem. They would appear to believe that this character is actually a robot version of Sonic, specifically Silver Sonic, from the Game Gear version of Sonic 2!

Well I suppose it’s an easy mistake to make, after all just look at how…



…They look look nothing like each other?

Thanks to Blue Blood who sent this in.


    1. There was never a redesign to begin with. They mixed up silver for Silver Sonic and put Silver Sonic’s description on a Silver plush.

  1. OMG! That’s freaking priceless! They actually mixed up Silver and Silver Sonic? That’s hilarious!

    1. Same here, bro! But personally, if you’re looking for a better Silver plushie, I’d say “IT’S NO USE!!!” ^___^

      I know, I know… “Terrible meme reference is terrible!!”

      DON’T HATE, BRO!! =P

  2. This explains so much about Silver’s incompetence XD

    Cute plush though, even if Silver is not my favorite character XD

  3. I thought it was even more ridiculous at first… I read the description of the thing ABOVE Silver. XDDDD

    Still though, that’s a pretty bad description. The plush looks really good, at least. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. Hahaha, epic fail! And the worst part? “Silver Sonic” isn’t even an official name, it’s just a stupid fan nickname for the Sonic 2 version of Mecha Sonic. They probably just googled the words Silver and Sonic and arrived at a fan page about “Silver Sonic”.

  5. To be fair, if you’re some shmuck writing a toy catalog who doesn’t give a shit about Sonic or any of his games and you’re told this is the new “Silver” Sonic the hedgehog toy, Silver Sonic is probably going to be the first thing you look up. Should someone have checked this? Yes, but it’s pretty understandable that someone could get confused.

  6. So, Silver is now a classic character? Uhhmm…
    Also, how wants a Silver plush when you can have a Gravity Gun? >:D

  7. Lol!! That’s crazy. Because I’ve studied Japanese, the Katakana symbols read as ‘Meka Soniiku’.. which is translated into English as ‘Mecha Sonic’. The confusion lies with the unofficial fan nickname for mecha sonic: ‘Silver Sonic’ ! They’d better get their facts right! ๐Ÿ˜›

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