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Well, Thursday proved to be quite the whirlwind of new information, didn’t it? TSS posted several updates about what was happening as it happened, but for those who may have been away from their monitors when the information dropped, or are looking for a one-stop-shop for everything Sonic Boom related that was revealed, here’s the run-down.


Sonic Boom: An Introduction

Sonic Boom is basically, SEGA trying something entirely new with the Sonic mythos. Whilst an awful lot of media for this series has surfaced, SEGA is keen to stress that this isn’t the definitive new direction for the franchise as a whole, and instead is more of a sub-series, and won’t replace the currently established franchise. This should basically allow them to be more liberal with design choices and such.

For example, with this ‘new take’ comes an all new set of character designs.

Sonic Boom's new designs for the main cast
Sonic Boom’s new designs for the main cast

Those who have been in the franchise for a while will immediately notice the differences between the current cast and the Sonic Boom cast. Sonic’s spines are a little messier, Amy is rocking a new outfit, Tails has a new mechanic motif, whilst Knuckles is… definitely bigger.

Of course, it wouldn’t be much use to create new characters if you weren’t going to do something with them! Enter….

Sonic Boom: The Video Game


The Sonic Boom video game is what is believed to be the third and final Nintendo Exclusive title that SEGA will be producing under the ‘3 game deal’ announced in 2013. The game will be coming to both Nintendo Wii U as well as Nintendo 3DS, and will be developed by Big Red Button Entertainment and Sanzaru games respectively. Sonic Team will not be involved in the creation of either of these two games, aside from being a collaborative partner.

There is currently no release date, or release time frame beyond the normal ‘Coming Soon’.

Several screenshots of the game were released, and an official teaser/gameplay trailer was also revealed, showing the bright new world that Sonic and his friends will now adventure through. The game looks to be a vibrant, charismatic platforming adventure, in which it has been confirmed that all four characters will be playable in both single player and multi-player modes.


It’s also been stated that this game will serve as a prequel to…

Sonic Boom: The TV Show

Sonic Boom cartoon screenshot

The Sonic Boom TV show will feature Sonic and friends in the aforementioned designs, in a sizable series spanning 52, 11 minute long episodes. The series is being produced by the french based OuiDo studios, and is heading to Cartoon Network in the States as well as both CANAL J and GULLI in France towards the end of 2014, possibly at the start of 2015. No details on whether the series will be released in other regions just yet.

It’s worth knowing that the show has made it to production with the current voice cast intact. Roger Craig Smith is still the Blue Blur, Kate Higgins is reprising her role as Tails, and the ever-brilliant Mike Pollock is returning once again to give us more classic quotes as Dr. Eggman.

In the same vain as the video game, the series looks to be a fun, colorful outing filled with character driven stories, and some excellent looking action sequences. OuiDO has even produced a little 2-and-a-bit minute teaser of the cartoon to show us the kinds of antics we can expect Sonic and co to be getting up to:


This wasn’t the last of the information that we got though. Oh no, there’s more.

Sonic Boom: The ‘Everything Else’

Aside from the details of a game and a television series, there were also details of a tie in merchandise line to be produced by TOMY. This has been confirmed to include toys and apparel, but no further information has been revealed beyond these facts. It still gives all the merch-hogs (like me) something to be on the lookout for in the coming months.

It has also been stated that Sonic Boom will remain in western territories only. Japan won’t be getting any of the Sonic Boom action. Head of Sonic Team Takashi Iizuka has stated however that he WILL be overseeing the project.

Finally, SEGA’s official Sonic Boom website has also gone live. The current layout suggests that we’ll be seeing a LOT more information to come in the way of proper character bios, details of the video game, merchandise list and potentially more.


…That was a lot of info. Anybody still alive after all that? Anyway, now that we’ve had the chance to digest all the information from the last few days, what are your thoughts? Are you still eagerly anticipating this new direction, or are you still skeptical about the whole concept?

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  1. I play Sonic games all the time,I bought Sonic Lost World last year and that’s cool, so I wonder what ‘Sonic Boom’ Will be like! Even cooler I suggest! 🙂

        1. I’m pretty sure that was Sonic asking the question, in a rather calm voice, but you do make a point that the voice sounds a lot less Knuckles-like…

  2. “Sonic Boom will remain in western territories only. Japan won’t be getting any of the Sonic Boom action.”

    I knew it. Sonic Booms is clearly an attempt at Americanizing Sonic, it was pretty obvious from the designs and the teaser of the cartoon, and those Archie-like Sonic sketches pretty much cemented it.

    My question is: Why? What on Earth possessed Sega to decide that the franchise needed to be Americanized? There’s nothing “too Japanese” about the Sonic, especially since he was designed to be appealing to Americans from the start. This reminds me of the 80’s and early 90’s when video game companies had an unhealthy obsession with Americanizing every game franchise regardless of whether it needed it or not, and SoA was one of the worst offenders (seriously, did they really think that Americans wouldn’t like Ristar unless he had a permanent frown?), which made me an anti-SoA person. Is this their doing? I would hate for them to go back to those times.

    1. Actually since Sonic is poorly selling in japan they decided to focus sonic more in other regions since sales there are poor. So thats the real reason that Sonic Boom isn’t coming to japan.

    2. If anything, Sonic needs more attention in Japan. I believe he has a stronger following in North America than he actually does in Japan, so why they wouldn’t make it go for everyone really confuses me ^^’

      1. It’s not because Sega’s “racist” or anything like that. The reason it is not going to Japan is because, according to market info, Sonic is selling really poorly in Japan. They just don’t see the point in putting this new brand over there because they can assume really low sales.

        1. I never said it was racist, you might be meaning to reply to the first comment.

          I agree that he’s selling poorly there, but just giving up doesn’t sound like Sega, ha ha XD

  3. When you look at the contents, this don’t look bad at all. But SEGA REALLY need to improve on the graphics…I mean, look at the characters expressions. Can you make more Durr than this?

    1. It said this was an early development video and they’re still working on it. Did you not read the disclaimer at the start?

  4. The concept looks cool, Amy seems to be less annoying like that… but Sonic with… BLUE arms? WHY? D: (i won’t say anything about Knuckles, it’s obvious)
    (and sorry for mistakes i’m french)

  5. @Sunnymoon: Sega doesn’t make the games they just publish them so saying that sega needs to improve on the graphics is an invalid statement

  6. @Sunnymoon: Sega doesn’t make the games they just publish them so saying that sega needs to improve on the graphics is an invalid statement

  7. So by “It has also been stated that Sonic Boom will remain in western territories only.” does that mean that It won’t be released in Asia outside of Japan? Is this directed at both the game and the show or just the show? I am kinda concerned here.

  8. Maybe they’ll sell Sonic scarfs now. That would actually make my Sonic cosplay interesting. I can create a fusion of a humanized Sonic, Gear from At the Center of the Blue World, and this Sonic from Sonic Boom. What’s interesting is that both Gear and this Sonic have athletic tape as part of their design. I actually kind of like that design choice, I’ve always liked how athletic tape looked on people, and now I have two excuses to wear it! By this summer, my Sonic costume will probably be the most recognizably-Sonic costume out there! I can’t wait for this summer!! 😀

  9. Hi guys, did anyone get that message at the start of Sonic Dash? It asks “Who is firing missiles at Sonic? Find out next week”. I’m gonna hazard a guess that it relates to the Sonic Dash S app in Japan. Here’s a link to a screenshot I took: “” (sorry if we are not allowed to post links as I am still unsure after visiting this site for 3 years…)

    Anyway, as far as designs go, I love them for the most part- Sonic looks incredibly streamlined and I’ve got used to the blue arms, Tails is perfect as it really pushes his character and Amy looks tolerable for once as her look is very nice and details on the site reveal a complete personality change. Knuckles… I still think is too tall (I don’t mind his arms though). I’m looking forward to “Boom” immensely!

    1. Oh no, we noticed, we’re just over it by now. Those things bug me too, but I’ve realized that there is no point in complaining about them. SEGA’s not going to turn over every rock and flip every table if there are thousands of people out there yelling at them to change the color of Sonic’s arms back to peach and slimming Knuckles down back to size. They didn’t do that when all those whiners complained about his eye color, and they certainly aren’t going to do it now. And do you know how tedious that would be to go back into the game and every episode they have made just to change unimportant details like that? The entire series would have to be postponed just because a bunch of fans whined about how Sonic’s arms are “wrong”. What’s done is done and we’ll just have to take what they give us. There’s no use in acting like a picky 6-year old who doesn’t like his carrots touching his mashed potatoes. Given time, many will get used to it, and it will help distinguish between Modern Sonic and Boom Sonic, as well as Modern Knuckles and (Schwarzenegger) Boom Knuckles.

      1. NO, there is no need to get USED to anything, We must push our believes and demand RESPECT from SEGA and BigredButton! never feel ashamed to express your dislikes!

        1. Don’t you think this is a bit ridiculous…? It’s only blue arms. It’s not going to end the world, and you still have the current franchise to get your peach arm fill. Relax, and let them experiment. It’s just a small change, and it is Sega’s franchise so they can do whatever they want with it.

          Seriously, I don’t understand the outrage behind this, I really don’t…

          1. Agreed… This is hardly worth fussing over, is it? And additionally, Sonic still has his peach arms. This is a different VERSION of Sonic that doesn’t. If you don’t like it, stick to the mainline games.You don’t even HAVE to pay attention to Sonic Boom. It’s not replacing the Sonic we all know and love.

  10. I am really starting to welcome Sonic Boom so far. 🙂 It is trying to be something different, but it also seems to be keeping the same tone I like in Sonic. The video game looks very interesting, and it contains some amazing potential and ideas, with the only real criticism I can give being that the character models look awkward so far, but it is early development, so I can appreciate it so far. Now, if this was replacing the original franchise, I am positive eyebrows would be raised through the roof, but since it is its own concept, I am really thinking it may be pretty sweet.

    Let’s hope that we are not fooled by what we see.

    1. Sega of America is trying to program us into thinking that the American public SHOULD think this way or should LIKE certain things. This is racism and it is inexcusable! Sonic and Knuckles look horrible and only fools like such a thing, taste-less fools.

        1. I stand on WHAT I BELIEVE IN! and I will NOT kneel down to these people at SoA and BigRedbutton who think they know better! I WILL NOT!

          1. So all of you go ahead and suck SoA and Bugredbuttons BIG UGLY D**K, I will fight for what is RIGHT and what is good. SoA and BIGREDBUTTON are not GOD and theyre not the law! I will boycott these fools if they dont stop and people who really care about this franchise should do the same and not worship these fools as if all they do is perfect, we should never GET USED to anything, THEY SHOULD GET USED TO US THE FANS! THE ONES WHO WASTE MONEY ON THEM!

          2. You know this is an alternate version of Sonic. You don’t have to buy the game or watch the show. He isn’t replacing the currently existing Sonic, he is an alternate universe Sonic.

    1. I was wondering that too, it looks very similar to marine, but could be another character as well. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  11. Lots of information, and I must say I’m rather interested in this new universe. I adore the cast as they were, but I welcome new environments and worlds to play in too. I question the choice to only release in the West seeing as, if I recall right, Sonic actually does better in the West anyway and could use more support back in Japan, but I digress, that could change anyway. It is guaranteed to sell more, anyway, with that logic…

    Plus, this is probably the closest to playing a Ratchet and Clank/Jak and Dexter game, and since I can do it with one of my favorite franchises, win-win situation. I hope the lore is amazing in this world, too, because darn if I don’t like lore (probably why I adore the Halo franchise so much, and while never playing a Megaman game, I love the ideas and such behind that as well). Looking forward to the cartoon too, even if I am completely out of the “target audience” by several years and gender XD

    1. This whole Americanized Sonic thing sounds racist to me, not to mention they look ugly and boring. SoA always hated SoJ.

      1. There’s nothing racist about it. America’s changing up Godzilla again, yet nobody is getting their knickers in a twist over that.

      2. Agreeing with Shock. It’s not racist to change things up, and the West loves Sonic so it’d make more sense to target them than Japan. Do I completely agree with it? Well, I think it’s silly they aren’t going to try with the cartoon in Japan, at least, but it doesn’t strike me as being anywhere near racist.

        Don’t like Sonic Boom? Go back to the original franchise, then. The two are going to run alongside each other and not replace each other, so it’s the best of both worlds.

          1. It wouldn’t bother me all that much. If I wanted to watch it, I could find English subbed versions on the internet.

      3. I love the fact that you’re taking a new design for a video game series and somehow coming up with racism. I don’t think you know hat it means…

  12. So if Amys a hedgehog she has peach arms. But Sonic iz a hedgehog and he has blue arms? I dont get it surely amy would have pink armstoo right?

        1. Your Point is invalid! that’s like saying my uncle is bald so I will shave my head. YOU PEOPLE ARE FOOLS!

          1. Sonic’s Beige arms balanced his color scheme! it was what made Sonic well…SONIC! Shadow is Shadow, Silver is Silver and Amy is Amy. you guys are clowns and charlatans and a disgrace! just like SoA.

          2. Hey buddy. Sonic fan to sonic fan with all due respect. Y’know, I was kinda like you in a way. Say, here’s an example. Mario and sonic Olympic games. I was aggravated about it because it’s a crossover. Two worlds that don’t be belong in one. It was weird. I didn’t like it. It in fact it pissed me off! I was like, what the hell! Why did they do that? I thought it was ridiculous. Then couple months later, I was like, damn it. I think I should get the games. So I got them. All because I like Sonic that much. Because he means a lot to me. I still like Mario, but not as much as Sonic. They’re both interesting and fun. Anyways, this Sonic Boom, at first I was what is this? What did they do to you Sonic? What’s with the scarf? Sports tape? This looks kinda dumb. Couple days later… I just kept thinking about it. Blue arms… Yeah so what? I don’t mind anyways. I think of this way. Classic Sonic is the one from my childhood. Modern Sonic we all know, is from my teenage hood. Sonic Boom, adulthood. Sonic is growing up, with me, with us, with time. I think it’s cool. The new style of Sonic. Well, what would Sonic think of his new style? Is it his style? Does he like it? Well, I say, whatever floats his boat. Whatever. Although, I kinda do hate the scarf. I get reminded by what’s his face from Scooby doo with the lame orange scarf. It’s lame. That’s scarf on Sonic, it’s not that bad. Just a piece of cloth. Meaningless. The sports tape, interesting. A little weird because the tape is under his shoe. So when he runs, they get scrapped off. But whatever. I think it looks cool. Quills a bit off, seems natural to me. Don’t ya think? As for Knuckles, well, lol, again think of the characters that they’re growing up. He’s always been the muscle. So it makes sense that he much bigger. The fingers, well, remember Tikal? She has fingers! So why not Knuckles? Maybe Tikal has knuckles as well. Idk. But it makes think a lot about them. Anyways, I think all these new things are awesome. Very awesome and I’m pretty happy about it. The M&S games, it’s fun to play with friends in multi-player. So I like it, not a lot, but no dislikes about it. It’s just a side thing. If Sonic remained as classic Sonic, maybe, and I don’t think we wouldn’t be getting anymore of Sonic and Sonic would probably cease to continue. Sega would get bored. But we’d all still like Sonic anyways and that’s great. So this Sonic Boom, is not really that bad. The game looks really awesome. Sorry about this huge wall of words, I’m not very good with words, but I just wanted to say something because I was getting angry.

  13. I love how everyone is up in arms (pun not intended) about Sonic’s blue arms versus Amy’s skin colored arms and yet nobody batted an eye when Shadow and Silver first showed up and had fur colored arms versus their skin colored arms. lol

    I think of it this way: In the Boom universe, male hedgehogs have fur colored arms and female ones have skin colored arms. That, or there are some people with fur colored arms and some people with skin colored ones just like in the main series. Or possibly, like with humans, males tend to grow more hair on their arms while females have much less or tend to shave or wax them off or something…which still kind of repeats the first one.

    But here’s the best answer of all: It’s a VIDEO GAME! WHO CARES!? XD

    This is seriously nothing confusing and nothing to get bent out of shape over. Chill out, guys.

    1. Joker: Shadow and Silver’s arms are different than Sonic’s, and no one bats an eye.
      Sonic’s are different than Amy’s and everyone loses their minds.

        1. Yo, bro! You forgot about me! While I’m here, allow me to play peacekeeper…

          … I know you’re alllllllll bent outta shape about all this “Blue arms, shoddy character design, SoA trying to control us” schtick, but is attacking and trolling the comments section of a website really the way to go? People you’ll probably NEVER meet? I’m not trying to keep you from saying your piece, but I seriously think you could’ve handled it a liiiiiiiiiitle more peacefully… I mean, for real, pretty much this whole board is against you!

          No wonder you’re called “Aries”! You’re always coming up with something to divide the community, SEEMINGLY for you own enjoyment… HA! THIS guy! But what I’m getting at is, feel free to speak your mind, but not in a way that will make people hate you so much! Just show a little discretion once in a while, you’ll thank me for it!

          1. Hey, I’m a comic! It’s what I do broski! ^___^

            Today… I go down in Greek mythological lore, as the guy who knocked the self-proclaimed “God of War” down a peg, Gen-X- style!! You are all free once more of his trolliish douchebaggey! HUZZAH!!

            Now that THAT’S outta the way… I just wanna say, I am so, Feeakin’,PUMPED for Sonic Boom! ‘ It’ll be a breath of fresh air! As Eggman would say, “TIME FOR A CANGE OF PACE!!!”


  14. Yeeees! I can’t tell you how long it has been since I was so interested in the Sonic franchise. The blue arms thing? I am just going to send you to what KrispyBacon922 said above. All the character redesigns are very satisfying. They are like a breath of fresh air. Oddly, I like how Knuckles looks in-game better than he does in all the concept art. I find it a guilty pleasure how only us westerns get this show. What? Japan gets Sonic Dash S? WELL WE GET A NEW FU*KING BRANCH TO THE FRANCHISE! And speaking of the branch… that new game… I couldn’t have asked for more. They had me at multiple playable characters. All in all, I am super hyped and I can’t wait for this to progress. Bring it on Sonic! 😀

    1. My Thoughts Exactly, Seriously though this is exactly like the whole green eyes nonsense that happened a few years back, people just love to keep nitpicking at the stupidest details because its not “right” or its “awful”, honesty people like that need to grow up, i honestly think the designs are an improvement for the characters and no one is forcing the people who are angry to watch or like it, that’s your choice but you don’t have to constantly complain about it because there’s nothing they can do, its what SEGA wants to do, so let them do what they want, it is their character after all

      1. Indeed Matthew Cruz. In fact, I think we all know a certain commentator who is in dire need of growing up. *cough* Aries *cough*

        1. Its called being an artist and knowing what fits and what doesn’t. You are all just blind fanatics.

          1. I know there are people who think the same way I do, they’re just cowards and dont fight for their rights and are afraid of you mockers! but you filth are just pricks who want to see Sonic games fail, yes fail, because someone who really cares is one who points out your errors not the one who tells the other all you do is perfect no need to change anything.

            You are all Michael Bay clones and Holiwood-type breed who just knows how to damage old franchises with their contemporary hogwash.

          2. Its not that were blind fanatics, its just a little change that has nothing to do with the main canon series, look at Sonic in the Comics, Look at him in Sonic Underground, AOSTH, Etc, they were different universes that didn’t go with the canon games, and people loved them, this is just a restart to get Sonic Back on the market, and I think Sega is dong a pretty good job, yea if these designs were going to be the main designs from now on then yea i would see why you would be upset, i personally wouldn’t mind it but that’s just me, but its just another universe for sonic, so it really doesn’t matter, in all honestly, you should be happy because since you find these designs and show to be so “appalling” and “Stupid” they wont be replacing the main series, so just think about it, I’ve been a fan of sonic for 20 years now, and I have seen reactions, like when Sonic first turned modern in vpeople complained about that forever until the game came out then they loved it, its the same principle, i’m not saying you should like it, i’m saying just to think about it

          3. I am also an artist. And I believe that reinvention and redesigning popular characters is an entirely positive thing. Take Batman, for example. How many different costumes and reinventions has he experienced? Sonic’s main premise is rapid movement and advancement. You’re not losing the Sonic you know and love so much that you are willing to whine to a bunch of strangers on the internet, and Sonic is recieving a fresh new branch to a popular franchise.

  15. Well, I’m really liking this so far. I love the new designs now (even Knuckles, and I hated him to begin with), and the gameplay looks really fun. The show looks pretty good as well. Sure, it’ll probably be cheesy, but hey, it’s for kids, and I don’t have any problems with that. I am hoping that Shadow shows up, however.

  16. Well if you gUys are done being Haters, we can all agree that at least SEGA is finally making a new TV show after all this time. Any one else remember Sonic X? After all this time you guys are still complaining about Sonic Boom when it hasn’t even come out yet? Can anyone else say “Change Phobics” here?

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