Sonic Jump is FREE on Amazon App Store Today (Update: Works on Android devices)


Today, those on Kindle tablets or other related devices can pick up Sonic Jump totally free via the Amazon App Store. Sonic Jump usually puts you back $1.99/£0.99p-ish to purchase, so if you haven’t already had the chance to nab this little pick up and play title starring our very own blue hedgehog himself, now’s your chance. Bounce your way to victory with the 48 different levels available with multiple different characters and defeat Dr. Eggman in boss battles in the main mode, or try out Arcade Mode to see how high you can get and challenge your friends.

Go get Sonic Jump now!

Update @ 8:17PM EST: If you have an Android capable device like a phone, you can grab Sonic Jump on it as well. Simply grab the game on the page as you would normally, then follow the steps on the page. If you don’t have a device registered, you may need to do so in advance. Then download the Amazon Store App (should be able to be done via your device’s browser on Amazon’s website), then once that’s installed, and you grabbed the game on Amazon’s site, go to the App on the device, go to Apps, then Cloud, then it should be right there ready to install, I know this because I did it on my Android OS Samsung smartphone! – Hero of Legend

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    1. You don’t need necessarily a Kindle, any Android device will do as long as it can run the game.

    1. Actually, you CAN get it on your Android device!

      Just grab it the same way you would normally, either on the website, or in the Amazon App on you phone/tablet. Actually you need the App to install it onto your device anyway.

    1. Sadly, SEGA cares so much about Sonic Dash that they completely forgot about Sonic Jump.

  1. I’m waiting for Shadow, Cream and Vector 😐 Its been over two years…

  2. You know Silvers wallpaper for Sonic jump? And its all twilighty? Well someone hacked the game and the level for it is there, so we have at least two new zones.

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