Sonic Boom Not Replacing Original Franchise


Fans fearing that the new designs will be permanent can rest at ease. Destructoid has reported that Sega of America president and COO John Chen told them the following

“Sonic Boom will not be replacing the original franchise.”

So it seems that Sonic Boom is not part of a redesign, but will instead simply be the style of everything associated with the Sonic Boom television show.

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  1. So then…what’s the point of the redesigns. Why not just use the normal designs for the show?

    1. They probably want Sonic Boom to be it’s own separate thing. Giving it a distinct visual style will keep it differentiated from the core series.

    2. That… what…???

      Dude. It makes more sense that it’s using redesigns BECAUSE it’s its own thing separate from the main canon. You know? Like how every other Sonic cartoon has its own look and style? Only this time it’s MORE different.

    3. yes why Sonic got blue arms and knuckles is like vector i dont understand why they have this look

          1. Why? They’ve had this type of sonic for years now and knuckles is just massive , tails ok amy a bit different and eggman yuk . Stop changing sonics!

      1. Exactly how I feel. I think the designs are pretty cool (sans Knuckles), but I’m way too attached to the old designs, and definitely still prefer them.

  2. Oh, thank God! But this makes me wonder why they didn’t just use the original designs to begin with. It would’ve made me like the TV show a lot more too.

  3. Great!!…
    So, SONIC BOOM can live as an alternative reality (thank you the No Zone) without affecting the real SONIC universe!!…
    Thanks SEGA!!…

  4. HA!!! CALLED IT!! Now all you Doom-sayers can shut up and just try to find things to be excited about this show!

    1. There’s nothing to be excited about with this show. Whoever redesigned the characters was clearly on crack and needs to be shot in the head. And Sega? Sega is friggin’ fired. They’re done. They were starting to improve for a while, but now they’ve finally made Sonic go as low as it can go. You can call us doom-sayers if you want, but I don’t care. A lot of us have been fans for over 20 years, and this is an absolute travesty to us. I believe we have every right to complain.

      1. I disagree. Ive been a sonic fan since getting the very first game, and Ive almost played every game in the series since, including spin-offs. This looks to be the best game and best cartoon Sonic has ever had IMO. People are slamming this just because the characters look different before even giving it a chance – just as the Sonic fandom always does.

      2. Dude! keep in mind this is aimed at 6-11 year old. I think its a great and colorful way to introduce younger kids to the world of sonic the hedgehog!

      3. Ah, you must be one of the people who complained about the green eyes. And yes, because a television show/tie-in game not developed by Sonic Team has character designs that you don’t like, Sega is to blame, and must be sent into the deepest pits of hell for the so-called horror that you believe this show will be. You’re not special for being a fan since the Genesis, or whatever, pal. I’ve been a fan since then as well. The only thing involving Sonic’s design that I complain about is the shitty argument people like you make about it every single time. You have every right to complain, but we as such have every right to call you out for acting like a child.

        1. dude, you cannot compare green eyes to this DRASTIC redesign of knuckles. This is way bigger of a deal. Sonic has been my favorite game since I was a kid. I don’t care about eye color, but I do care that they have completely altered (dare i say ruined) such a popular, beloved character.

          1. OMG, ruinded FOREVER!


            If it was up to people like you it would still be 2D 16 bit games with Black eyes.

            It’s not a mainstream game, it’s not set in the mainstream verse, Thus it has the right to look different from the mainstream verse.

            But as always, the Sawnik fanboys whine and moan when SEGA tries something different.

      4. Wow, you have possibly created the single most butthurt comment I’ve seen about the redesigns all day.

        Take a chill pill, man. Making death threats towards the designer is both disturbing and incredibly childish.

      5. It’s comments like this that make me question why I’m still a Sonic fan. Maybe if I move myself away from this series, I won’t have to put up with retarded fanbrats like you.

        1. Sonic fans are everywhere these days.

          Especially those fans, they’ll invaded every bit of the web to moan and cry, yet in the end they will still buy the game and watch the show.

      6. Actually, even the Genesis fans are excited for this show. So yeah, you just proved that you’re a retarded, shallow, stubborn, mindless cunt that thinks he can speak for everyone else in the fucking world. Freedom of speech? Nope. This guy’s able to make up the world’s mind, and thinks he can get away from replies by ignoring them. What a faggot. ๐Ÿ™‚

      7. Don’t call me a genius or anything for stating this, but based on common sense and an ability to read, I’m very sure that the President of SEGA stated that Sonic Boom will not be replacing the original franchise. I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely sure that it means that this is only a secondary universe. Now, the best thing you can do when approaching these articles is to read the title of the article and read what the article says. And no, that doesn’t mean comment and not read the article.

      8. I think you’re what people talk about when they have this hive mind that the Sonic fanbase is full of horrible reactionary people. There are a few problems I have with this too but saying that people need to be shot in the head over something so minute isn’t going to lead to grounds for your words to be taken seriously. The very fact that it’s over Sonic the Hedgehog would be enough but the fact that it’s over some re-designs for a series that separate to the main canon would be eternally baffling.

      9. I’ll deposit my two cents of bashing! Dude, you’re outnumbered, out witted, and not appreciated currently so I say you are no longer a Sonic Master, SonicMaster23.

      10. I totally agree with sonic master 23 . They’ve had many fans and the changes throughout the years weren’t so bad but now they’ve gonee too far. Knuckles, omg knuckles has obviously gotten fatter or he’d have more muscles.tails is ok I don’t really mind .Amy is normal but now they all have bandages wrapped round them? Why?

  5. This is good news for many who worried but i have conflicting emotions. I am excited and love the new design contained within Sonic Boom, and am impressed by the trailers for the TV show and game. But I feel that Boom could become the edgier, better recieved and most popular branch. Leaving Sonic Team to carry on making games that don’t quite hit the spot in a branch that will become irrelevant…

    1. I hear you. It is a bit concerning when you think about it that way isn’t it? Well, SEGA’s been at it for 23 years now so I don’t think they’d let that mean too much, but when push comes to shove, what you theorize might be the only path to take for them. Only time will tell. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    because i hate sonic’s face in the new series did watch the tv show trailer his face looks horrible

  7. i am thankful for this because i don’t really like knuckles design but i do like amy’s design

    1. I agree. Amy is phenomenal, and just maybe because she isn’t a 12 year old fan girl anymore, but Knuckles’ bigger body just seems vastly unnecessary to me. Everything about Knuckles is the same except his body. Was it really needed? I can get used to it, but I really can’t get passed the fact that it is normal Knuckles just… bigger!

  8. Ah! You gotta love the feeling of peaceful optimism that this fanbase gives. So much biasism, so much close-mindedness, so much go old-school or I’ll hate it mentality… “Sarcasm”

    But in all seriousness, I’m from the early 90’s and I appreciate some changes and a spin off alternate view on the series. Here’s my mind-set, if you like SatAm & Underground then give this new cartoon and game a chance.

    The game looks pretty cool and the art style is very nice. Sonic Boom is gonna be very interesting…

  9. I don’t really care about the designs though the T.V Show has potential. just because the redesigns look weird does not mean its going to be a bad show, in fact i want to get the Sonic Boom game and watch the new T.V Show. in my opinion its actually funny and the Animation looks like it was made by freaking pixar. as in the facial expression and Lip Sink is awesome and they put there own twist. Though sonic’s arms are blue and not Skin toned i still don’t mind. But my point is give it a try don’t judge a book by its cover.

    1. Well this news is a MASSIVE relief (considering thatI lost a good 6-7 hours over this whole mess). But still how long can the franchise manage to stay stable. There was a similar situation with Family Guy where they killed off Brian in favor of Vinny. But that got averted. However Lois is still as bitchy as ever, and the writers renewed their hatred for Brian with “Brian is a Bad Father”. Right now, this just brings us back to the idea that the writing for the new series is still ridiculous and the fact that its a show created for Cartoon Network (in its Cash Cow age), so the over-emphasis of comedy in this installment will prove to be unfaithful to the series, not to mention the memetic mutation uprising that will corrupt this fanbase even further.

      With Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (Disney XD), it was forgivable because the series had no major plot (if any) to begin with.

      In short, if bad character designs don’t kill the show, the writing sure will. But luckily, the this bombs with everyone, Sega can recover their losses by taking suggestions from certain Sonic fans, the ones who have business status, well thought-out presentations, and are about to negotiate. If Bioware can do Dark Brotherhood, almost anything is possible.

      1. I thought the whole Brian dying and coming back thing was planned from the start. Why else would they have put that scene in the episode where he dies with Stewie’s future travel to Christmas?

  10. Awww, but they look so much better then their generic Sonicteam style, oh well, at least we get to see another game developing teams take on the cast.

    Hopefully, their personalities isn’t the same generic Sonicteam style either.

  11. Pfft, this is my canon. Sorry, guys, but this just looks so much more better. Knux can be non-canon, though. Not sure I agree with that one.

  12. What happens if the spin-off universe is better than the mainstream one. MUST WE VOTE WHICH IS CANON?!!?

  13. So this is like Ultimate Sonic? Or a third universe to Archie and Sega. Ok. I’ll go for that. Hope the game is good.

    1. For some reason this made me think of the Sonic Boom Sonic and the “Modern” Sonic fighting in an epic DBZish Battle! Lol

      1. I was thinking more of Spider-man (Peter Parker) and Ultimate Spider-man (Miles Morales). But that works too.

  14. That’s quite a relief actually…. I love the entire concept for both the game and cartoon as its own series, but it would’ve been too much of a transition If this actually took over the franchise.

    now in terms of the game, I’m REALLY interested. At least More so than what lost world did. Not only does it look like we’ll have more playable AND diverse characters, it looks like the worlds are actually pretty vast; as if each level is like a giant hub world playground.

    Also, is anyone else kinda getting a Jak and Daxter vibe from the character designs…?

  15. Hmm, seems my prediction really was the right one. Best of both worlds. The designs work for the targeted audience (I really don’t like Knuckles and Amy, but that’s just me ^^’ ) and, I can see the promise of perhaps two series now branching. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes, and if the two series can coincide together, it could make Sonic even more popular.

  16. THANK GOD! Now we’ll just have to wait this game to be released and be a commercial failure so Sega can definitely bury this abomination for good.

    1. This doesn’t look that bad lol, I’m excited for this. It looks pretty dang awesome! Im fine with whatever you think, I just don’t think it looks like an abomination

  17. I’m kind of worried whether or not the wording “not be replacing the original franchise” simply means that these games won’t be replacing SEGA’s own games or whether they also meant in regards to the designs also.

    I’m not in either camp begging for Sonic Boom to either be canon or absolutely not be, I’m fine with waiting and seeing if it’s any good or not, but I’d rather be sure normal modern Sonic isn’t going anywhere.

  18. Well Sonic original body is cooler than I thought and his second face is just like familiar to werehog I prefer the original Sonic body is better! Also I like Amy Rose the second body is more cooler than I thought of Teenager girl plus she is my favourite sonic character in the new Sonic series TV show of Sonic Boom a lot of times! and Amy rose the first body was alright.

  19. So basically this will be a “side” universe, much like the book series on the Wii, Sonic Shuffle on the Dreamcast and the Sonic Riders games. The changes seem a bit radical, especially Knuckles’s height.

    1. Depends, Generations mentioned the Secret Rings, so if Gen is canon then Rings would be canon too. On the other hand, Blaze also remembered Crisis City in that game…I’m not going to over think it, but yes, this will be an alternate universe, just like all the other comics and shows.

  20. People are just butthurted about Sonic Boom because Knuckles is all steroids up.
    Just sayin’…
    I just saw the TV trailer, and it’s awesome. I mean, that chat about the robot… XD
    All of my yes to Sonic Boom

    1. Naw, people are butt hurt cause they hate changes like green eyes, 3D gameplay and non SatAM elements in it.

  21. Alright. Comforting to know. I really do prefer Tails’ and Amy’s redesigns over the original ones though.

  22. Yeah.. That’s real comforting alright. Totally not damage control.
    Okay, thanks for taking everything I loved about Sonic and shitting endlessly on it :/

  23. why Sonic got blue arms ?? and poor knuckles.. Amy is beautiful <3 does she in love with Sonic in this new adventure?

  24. For a while I thought, scornful ideas? How could this top Sonic X and SatAm? While I think Satam is by a long shot my favorite cartoon, I bet I could come across this in the future while watching Adventure Time. And all I can say- I am somewhat excited for this cartoon.

    I wonder if Jazwares would make toys off this cartoon like they do with Adventure Time and Regular Show? Somebody better commission WakeAngel2001 for the new designs before I get to it!

  25. Jeez, and people thought even the recent Archie comics were too different from the games. Well, I’m glad it’s just for a secondary universe. I’ll watch it for sure. Like everyone else has said, Knuckles is the only design I’m not fond of. lol

    1. If Knuckles was normal and not “The Hulk” and Sonic was less lanky and had beige arms I would be happy. (Only Tails and Amy look ok to me) Eggman too but needs longer mustache.

  26. Overall, the show looks…interesting. At first, though, by just looking at Sonic’s new blue arms,
    I freaked out a little. But that was because I didn’t know that this wasn’t permanent. Now, I don’t know
    whether to become incredibly excited or to be incredibly ticked off. I’m a little suspicious about
    the “temporary” redesigns for the characters. Knuckles looks like he fused with The Hulk, Sonic has gone Western
    blue arms(my main concern), Amy’s wearing warrior armor, and Tails looks like a smart engineer. I’m
    least concerned in the development of Amy and Tails, because they actually look awesome X3 But Sonic
    and Knuckles?… Well, we’ll see. I did look at the trailer for both the game and show, and I have to say
    I’m slightly intrigued to see what they have to offer.

  27. I Really like The New Sonic Characters Form. They Really improved It! Please Stop Being A Hater… I Mean Really U Don’t Have To Argue About It… U Can Have Ur Opinions But Please Don’t Be Silly With It! ๐Ÿ™

  28. I Hope That They Will Pick Fiona Fox And Scourge And Blaze (i could go on but i have like 20 something character names though) Anyways Im Soo Excited!

  29. For me Sonic Boom (The Game) looks like the best Sonic Game yet and this is comming from a guy has beaten pretty mutch every Sonic Game, I want this game a lot..

  30. The new designs are… not completely bad. Tails looks a little older, Amy looks good, and I guess Sonic looks okay in a bandana. I still have a few major problems with them though. First of all, Sonic’s arms are not blue. EVER. It’s distracting. Secondly, how does wrapping a character’s limbs in bandages make them “cooler”? They look like they’re half-mummy.

  31. This just show that the people at SEGA are geniuses. They created a separate universe to appeal to the younger audience, but kept the original for old fans. I hate the new designs. Thanks SEGA!

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