Sonic Boom TV world to “reset” in every episode


We’ve heard a lot of new information recently about the upcoming Sonic Boom game for Wii U and 3DS, but what of the show it’s actually based on? Well, thanks to the interview above from NintendoWorldReport, we now know a few extra details about the CG animated cartoon.

The biggest new revelation is with regards to the show’s format. It’s been stated before that the show’s primary focus will be humour and comedy with some action thrown in for good measure, but this has now seemingly been cemented by the fact that the world will effectively “reset” at the beginning of each episode – in other words, this series will be more akin to the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon where each story is standalone and can be watched in any order, as opposed to Sonic X which has ongoing story arcs. This will no doubt come as a disappointment to those who were hoping for a more fleshed out story in the cartoon, but it will undoubtedly make for a more accessible experience to newcomers.

Don’t lose all hope for story in the Sonic Boom universe yet though, as it’s already been reiterated several times that the Wii U/3DS games will be heavily driven by narrative and serve as a prequel to the cartoon, setting up the world and its characters which will then be visited in various scenarios during the series itself. In a way, it’s a nice compromise – we get the story and the action in the game, and the quick-fire comedy from the animated episodes. The best of both worlds, perhaps?

What do you make of Sonic Boom returning to the status quo for each individual story? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. eehhh… I think I would have preferred it to have an actual story, instead of the reset, but I’ll just have to wait and see just how this show goes

  2. Wait… A game… based on a show… based on a game… show-/game-ception? Any way, pumped for Sonic Boom, though I will miss the story arcs from SatAM and Sonic X. Glad that’ll kinda be there in the game.

  3. Even Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog had its story arcs, they give more and morre reasons to not like this show.

    1. The only story arc in Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog was the time travel one. Just because the show’s world “resets” dosen’t mean the show won’t have any story arcs.

  4. I don’t think, anyone has ever given any single damn about the continuity of Sonic game or cartoon outside the fanbase.

    1. Agreed. Though I will say, people’s negative reactions to this news are kinda dumb. I mean the word reset is in quotations, it should already tell them that they don’t mean literally reset.

  5. Oh no. No, no no no no no no no…no….Just when I was starting to have hope for this show! Why can’t shows just accept continuity!? Continuity is NOT your enemy, guys! It can HELP you, don’t throw it away like some week-old band-aid! *sigh*……well, maybe it will be an explained “reset” narrative, like in Code: Lyoko. At the very least, if they just explain that they have a “Return to the past” button that they can use so that the events of the previous episode never happened, then I can forgive them. As long as there is effort! I keep feeling like they have all this potential for a great show, but they keep wasting it by making these bizarre decisions, like making it a comedy, making each episode a world within itself, making it like freaking AoSTH!!! The stand-alone comedy formula did not work well for AoSTH, the story and character driven conflict formula from SatAM held up much better and grabbed more fans. Even the 8-11 year old boys they are targeting for this show would be just as invested with this show if it followed more of an action drama format. Hell, AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER was both an action comedy AND an action drama, and it is revered as one of the best cartoons of all time! HELLO!? There’s your show, right there! I swear, they may as well add in Orbot and Cubot and dress them up like a chicken and a burrow-bot, because so far, with this news at least, the show is starting to sound like a 3D AoSTH…but maybe there’s hope. Sweet God almighty, I pray there’s hope…

    1. Not only did you watch Avatar the Last Air bender, but you watched Code: Lyoko as well. You my friend, have a great taste in shows.

      1. Oh Definitely in agreement with you man, Avatar, Code lyoko, and even the new TMNT show all share that action drama, and action comedy balance, you guys have great tastes in TV!

          1. My gods, the people on this site with good taste are slowly starting to crawl out of the shadows. Maybe something good CAN come of this! I say it’s time for a revolution my brothers!! 😀

    2. Wow over reaction much. I mean I don’t really expect continuity on a 11 minute show of all things. Previous Sonic shows may have continuity or arcs (though with SatAM I’m not sure cause well…I can’t be bothered to touch that series and yet watch all eps of AoSTH, SU, Sonic X.) All those shows were at least 20 mins or more. I’m guessing with a shorter time they won’t bother as of much.

      1. Well, true. Most shows with 11-minute episodes tend to get pushed into the comedy category because that’s what their budgets will allow. But if they had enough money to make 52 11-minute episodes, wouldn’t it have made more sense to just make 26 22-minute episodes? It would fill up the same amount of time and odds are the animation process wouldn’t change that much (but I’m not in animation, so I’m not inclined to make assumptions about how these processes go). The only change would be that they would have to put more effort into writing the show. But, with an eleven-minute time frame, all that potential drama would not be delivered well enough, so I suppose with such a restriction of time, the only logical choice would be to make each episode a light-hearted comedy. I just hope that they know how to restrain themselves’, while at the same time not be afraid to take risks that might pay off. AoStH did NOT have any amount of restraint. Somehow all of the effort went into how annoying and surreal they could make the content and characters without putting any effort into the quality of the action, jokes, or even the freaking background! If this show is trying to capture what AoStH could only dream of obtaining, then hopefully it avoids all of those mistakes and makes something at the very least of the same quality as the new Loony Tunes Show (which should have gotten more seasons by the way, stupid Cartoon Network…), if not something…Sonic-y!

    3. Except there are great acclaimed shows that have self contained continuity. Like Pinky and the Brain, Anamaniacs, SpongeBob, and Classic Looney Tunes.

      1. That’s also true, but they delivered on the quality of their comedic content much better. The stuff was so good that you didn’t care how short the episode was or if it had nothing to do with the last one. It’s all about balance. You don’t need to have all of everything in there with equal amounts, but you do need to make the qualities that ARE there so appealing that the absence of the other qualities don’t matter. Shows like Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents utilized this formula well…until about 5 or so years ago, now everything they dish out feels contrived and unappealing, at least to the veteran fan.

    4. Thank you for posting this I couldn’t have said better myself. Aslo you have a great taste in shows!

    5. Well you saved me time time and typing, my friend, because that’s exactly how I feel. The “one episode continuity” may work for comedy toons like Looney Tunes or Animaniacs or other stuff…But that’s just it. Those were made SPECIFICALLY for that kind of thing.

      This is Sonic the Hedgehog we’re talking about. People don’t come to this series for comedy, or at least not solely or even mostly for it. They come to it for the action and sometimes the mild drama that follows it. Like you said, there’s a reason why AoSTH is considered a failure while SatAM is a cult classic. Heck, for myself personally, there’s a reason I loved Sonic X so much. (Especially since I watched it in Japanese with English subs instead of dealing with the god awful rewrite 4kids did)

      This just seems like a very bad idea. There’s absolutely no logical point or sense in making the game a story prequel to the cartoon series if the cartoon series itself doesn’t have any ongoing story itself. How dos the game have an ongoing plot, but the cartoon it’s based off of doesn’t?? At least have the reference past events in the later episodes or something, like Ed, Edd & Eddy did.

      Meh…I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this goes. I did like what we saw from the preview clip but this really has me worried about how the show will turn out.

      1. EXACTLY! The only reason I can think of that AoStH was ever made into a comedy was because it was 1992 and only 2 Sonic games existed at the time. There was no telling what Sonic was supposed to be all about, other than he’s fast, fights Doctor Robotnik, and likes chili-dogs. The idea to make it a comedy came from artistic licence, because at the time SEGA didn’t really have any guidelines about how the character and world should be, other than the reasons mentioned above, and that he is cool, and has a sidekick. However, the same process of artistic licence went into making SatAM, and that turned out WAY differently, again, because of the amount of effort put into it, which always pays off. Archie’s comics went on an interestingly different, yet similar route. It started off about as unrestrained and overly goofy as AoStH, only with the same premise as SatAM. Over time however, Archie began to pick up that everybody seemed to favor the action and drama of SatAM over the slapstick comedy of AoStH, and started to evolve the comic based on that interest…or they just purely wanted to up the suspense in the comic like every other comic series was doing at the time. Either way, they knew what people were looking for: Action, drama, AND comedy, TOGETHER! That’s made the comics what they are today, and despite most of their changes over the years, it’s kept the continuity loyal to the fans. If SEGA or even OuiDO can pick up on that and find a way to pick up on that and use it to their advantage in a way that works and makes sense, Sonic the Hedgehog may be in the best quality it has been in years.

  6. Okay, I’ve got to be honest, I was at least expecting them to be on some sort of overall journey throughout the entire show, but I guess they will take a more SpongeBob like approach. Well, speaking of SpongeBob, the formula worked for him very well. In the episode Rock Bottom, SpongeBob is seen tying his shoe without difficulty as he misses the bus. Then, in a later episode, the entire plot of the episode is based around SpongeBob never learning how to tie his shoes. No one really complained there so if we are lucky, Sonic will get the same positive reaction.

    1. Well, to slightly correct you, Kablam (sorry if I spelled your name wrong), Spongebob FORGOT how to tie his shoes. He even states that he’s been tying them “for as long as he can remember (Flashback sequence of Sponge being a lil’ protozoa).”

      About Sonic Boom, well…I’ve been feeling sketchy towards the whole 11-minute approach because, in all honesty, it wouldn’t work for such a story and character-driven series like Sonic. I mean, look at how SatAM handled the 11 minute approach (the two eps that focused on Antoine, and the episode where he, Sonic, and Tails went camping)! (Sarcastically) Y’all know how awesome THOSE episodes were. Alright, I admit, the Camping episode was pretty funny, and it did have a nice twist ending.

      I also find it ironic that people are starting to compare this to AoStH, yet even that show, as far as I know, NEVER took the 11-minute approach, which did make for more comedic timing and jokes the show was known for.

      1. You are right about that indeed. I guess a better example would be that in the same shoe episode, SpongeBob keeps tripping on his laces in the kitchen, sending dozens of Krabby Patties into Squidward’s mouth. Later in another episode, “Just One Bite” Squidward exclaims that he has never eaten a Krabby Patty. There, how’s that for inconsistency? Anyways, high hopes for Sonic Boom with this SpongeBob-like approach.

  7. There’s five Sonics show all over the world after they have year of Sonic at New York City hope the TV show is good or awesome!

  8. Well, depeding the sucess of the show, who knows if a second season shows arcs or bigger adventures.I not against their format of story, but Sonic will need some bigger arcs sometimes.

  9. SEGA Resets every game too, so shut up everyone.

    Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow died, then he comes back in Heroes. lol. Same concept people. This is looney toons.

    1. So because Sega does it, that makes it okay? Even then, at least they TRIED to explain Shadow’s return in Heroes.

    2. No they did not it was explained in Shadow the Hedgehog that Eggman saved Shadow with one his robots.

    3. Uhhm these do not have anything in common. Shadow’s story was CONTINUED in heroes and his own game, it wasn’t just like everyone was like “Hey shadow”, like he never died, which he didn’t, but he was assume dead in sa2.

  10. I have a feeling people are blowing the resetting thing out of proportion a little bit.
    I think it will be more like aosth where there is SOME continuity.

    1. such as something being destroyed and it staying destroyed. (assuming it isnt fixed within the episode time-limit).

  11. Self contain stories are perfectly fine. AoSTH (the fun one) was one of my favourite shows and i was happy when it came on. However 2-part episodes could be possible as even SpongeBob has had those aswell as the simpsons.

      1. Why? Because you are sure it won’t be as good? Or because you don’t want it to be like those shows?

  12. So Sonic Boom is but a joke like aoSTH was, yeah it fits it as they’re treating their designs so badly. I am a bit more relieved now knowing its a “joke” show.

          1. Heck, didn’t The Geogory Horror Show do continuity in 2 minutes? Not that I’m complaining.

        1. Man, that stuff was the cheese! Sure, they didn’t last very long, but they somehow managed to fit just enough in there to leave you excited and wanting more, and they made a great use of the spare amount of five minutes each mainstream show had between each other…but it made it a lot harder to TiVo it. Other than that, the only other problem was that it was very easy to miss every other episode. But when you caught it, it was worth it. If that can apply to a 5 minute show, why not here?…again, effort. WE. NEED. EFFORT!!!

  13. I just hope it has some continuity to it, for example, if they meet a new character like say Blaze or Shadow, or any main Sonic character, they still remember them and don’t completely forget about them in the later episodes, some thing if you have a returning evil lackey for Eggman, they still remember some of their previous encounters.

  14. As opposed to nearly everyone above this comment, I’m not doubting this at all. The reboot for every episode might not be that bad! I have high hopes!

  15. The cartoon just keeps dissapointing me every time I hear something new about it but I still have high hopes for the game.

  16. You know what? To tell the truth, this actually makes me look forward to it even more. AOSTH was my favorite of the three Sonic cartoons when I was a kid and it worked out just fine. And as others have said I don’t know what everyone could have been expecting with the 11-minute format and all of the marketing buzzwords they’ve been throwing around since the start.

  17. I have no problem with this. There could be 2-part episodes or something.

    Also I have a feeling whatever that Sonic movie trademark was, is for Sonic Boom.

  18. This is okay to me, as I don’t mind it when shows like Spongebob and such do this. While I am a bit disappointed that this isn’t treated in the same regard as shows like Teen Titans or Avatar: The Last Airbender, I am sure that I will enjoy the show if each episode is fine in its own right. I was sort of expecting this from the start, so not much is lost, in my opinion.

  19. A bit disappointed, but then again, it means I don’t have to watch it in order, and that there will be less of a tangle between the show and game (which is a worse case scenario in that if the stories and world don’t match…confusion. Confusion everywhere!). As the article itself stated, it’ll be a compromise, and I see no problem with that.

    1. Have you ever watched the original Clone Wars cartoon where they had continuity with only 5 minute episodes?

    2. Cartoon Network’s top shows Regular Show and Adventure Time both have stable continuities while doing the 11 minute format.

  20. If that’s the case, then they better not make horrible endings that make the viewers feel sorry for the characters. Take the episode from Spongebob called “Someone’s In The Kitchen With Sandy) That episode would have been decent if it wasn’t for the harsh ending towards Sandy. In the episode, Plankton steals Sandy’s fur and imposes as her to try and fool Spongebob into handing him the Krabby Patty Formula. Meanwhile, a furless Sandy is looking around for her pelt, and people are making fun of her. In the end she finds out Plankton did it, and she beats him up, which also helped give Mr Krabs back the secret formula. In the end, Sandy turns Plankton in to the police, but then the police arrest her for public nudity. That ending was so undeserved for all of that humiliation Sandy went through, and I’d hate to see endings like that, or endings from the Teen Titans show happen to these characters… Maybe Eggman can suffer these consequences, but not Sonic, Tails, Amy, or Knuckles!

      1. Agreed. Teen Titans Go! has some of the worst episode endings I have ever seen for a comedy.

    1. I know what you mean. It may just be by bad reputation, but I think quite a few of the modern SpongeBob episodes end on that note. People think that kind of stuff is funny, and it can be, but not when it is unnecessary.

  21. Oh no… for a little bit I thought the Sonic fanbase was shaping back up. I thought we were all going to give this show a chance. But now… the announcement of the reset-button endings!! Oh NO!!! Now it’s time to rag on a show we haven’t even watched yet!! Geeze people. Half of Cartoon Network’s shows never had continuity to begin with. Courage the Cowardly Dog, Billy and Mandy, Dexter’s Lab, Johnny Bravo, and Cow and Chicken all had the whole “reset” thing going for them, and are fondly remembered by people who grew up with them. We have to remember, this is a blue talking hedgehog modeled after Felix the Cat for the love of Pete. There is a limit as to how serious I can take him (Sonic ’06, I’m looking in your direction). What they are doing is making it more easily accessible, and in that sense I think it is a great way to introduce Sonic to kids who are unfamiliar with him. And while I more than likely would not have minded a serious action oriented series, I really find it unnerving that people are getting riled up over something as petty as this. I know we are the Sonic fanbase, and this kind of thing is to be expected, but now we are literally complaining about shows we don’t (and can’t at the moment) watch. We’ve hit a new low.

    1. Fans are moaning because they we’re hoping for a storyline to follow kinda like Sonic satam and Sonic underground oh and kinda like Sonic x, Thinking a Sonic cartoon done in CG sounds promising but to find out its just gonna be a comedy and every episode is gonna be a remake of its self is disappointing. The other shows you mentioned worked because at the time they we’re new and never had a new cartoon made of them, you dont see a second Johnny Bravo cartoon, sonic’s alreadly had 4 cartoons so it makes sense for fans to compare. besides Adventures of Sonic had continuty, aka they talk about past episodes or remember past events, such as Wes wesely returning where Robotnik remembered the problem he had with him from before, oh and there was also Robotnik Jr who was made and returned, they even spoke about the time Sonic helped him etc. Another reason Fans are also moaning is because they’ve been waiting for a new Sonic cartoon for over 10 years or more.

  22. That sucks, a series with an ongoing story usually adds depth as it builds towards something.. a Chaos Emerald popping up now and then would’ve been cool.

    You know what would’ve really been fun? A small post-credits scene with something secretive going on 😀

  23. Why people are stupid. What happens when people try to make Sonic a more serious subject? Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic ’06. What happens when Sonic has a light hearted or simple story? Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colours, Sonic Generations and maybe Sonic Adventure.

    1. The stories in Sonic Colors and Generations weren’t good. I don’t have a problem with this news but this comment bothers me quite a bit. Whether a story is serious or light-hearted doesn’t determine if the story is good. What matters is if they write it well. Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Unleashed I consider to be stories that have serious elements to them that mix the light-hearted adventurous style and make the tone more middile-grounded. That’s where the series is best kept. In the middile like those games do.

      It’s really silly and cheap to point to examples where it hasn’t worked and try and say that because of that it means that it can never work. Ever. No writer worth their salt should ever take that kind of position.

    2. Good Main Sonic Games with Serious Plotlines: Sonic 2, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Sonic CD, SA1, SA2, and Sonic Unleashed (that storyline was serious the planet was breaking apart and people was being possed by demons) Total 6

      Good Main Sonic Games with Simple Plotlines: Sonic 1, Sonic 4, Sonic Heroes, Sonic Colors, and Sonic Generations Total 5
      I have not played Sonic Lost World or Sonic 4 ep 2, In conclusion both plot lines are pretty even with serious plotines coming ahead by 1. Aslo Shadow the Hedgehog was so bad its good.

      1. I have Sonic Lost World for Wii U, and I can confirm it’s story was much better than Sonic Colors and Generations. The humor was less corny, and more witty and well timed, the situations were more gripping on the viewers. There was one part where Sonic thought Amy and Knuckles might have been dead, and he felt so bummed out like it was all his fault. which for once showed a bit of regret from Sonic, toward his reckless behavior. The villains were wacky, but they also had serious tones towards the end, the music also helped make the action more interesting. Over all, Sonic Lost World was the best Sonic story I’ve seen since Unleashed.

    3. Shadow was a good game, and don’t try to compare Adventure with Colors and Generations, just now. Well maybe I should leave out Generations, cause there was no story in that game, but Adventure was way more serious and grown up than colors and generations.

  24. The more I hear about this “western branch” of the franchise,the more I think I’ll pass.

    I remmeber being VERY VERY let down by previous “american” interpretations of Sonic – the 90s cartoons were just horrible – especially the constant “re-workings” of Eggman / Robotnik. The less said about thes “freedom figheters” the better. The American Cartoons never “got” Sonic in my view, and the Archie series, well i have avoided them at all costs.

    The Game seems more and more like a “we’ll shunt you down this route with these characters” game too, more action than speed – may appeal to the SA2 lovers, but not me.

    I’ll pass on these I think and just look forward to 2015 with sonic for the ps4

    1. I agree, I hate how the American TV show workers made a bunch of stuff up, without Sega’s input, which made everything too mixed up. They changed Eggman’s design, and named him Robotnik, which to this day causes too many American whiners to say “his name is, and always was Robotnik!” It makes me feel pitiful that I’m an American sometimes… Then they made up all of this garbage, like Sonic is part of a rebel alliance against a dictator, and he’s in love with a princess called Sally. I hate how they became so obsessed with that made up princess, that they actually replaced Amy’s name with Sally in the original manual for Sonic CD… I also did not like Jaleel White as Sonic, he gave him an annoying, and snobby self righteous gloating type of voice. (It got even worse in that lackluster live action Sonic Fan film from last year) They even bothered having Jaleel voice Sonic’s made up sister for the worse Sonic TV Show “Sonic Underground!” How desperate were the producers for voice actresses, if they made Jaleel White voice a girl?

  25. Ya know, considering that they were going for the whole “eleven-minute comedy format”, thing, this serves as no surprise to me. So, I don’t know why everyone else is so shocked by this.

  26. Crud. I’m starting to feel a little pessimistic. I think I’m starting to side with Aries. Uh, maybe the show won’t be that bad. It still looks good. I’m really sick of confusion about Sonic. It’s like that in almost everything! I want something set in stone already! Is that too much to ask? I want something epic! It has to be very good. It, I guess, that’s just serious thinking. But I want definite answers. It’s like every Sonic is another different Sonic. It’s like Archie Sonic the hedgehog comic book #19, Night of a 1000 Sonics. It’s aggravating and grating. No consistency. I want things to make sense. Not multiple universes. But enough of that. This still looks good to me. I don’t think I mind “resets” as long as it’s good and brilliant. I think you guys understand how I feel. Example: How Sonic and Tails met. You see? I’m talking about canonization. *sigh* Oh wells. Sonic is still awesome! :3

  27. Good. It’ll be interesting to see Sonic in a format which I think it’s suited for: the 11-minute cartoon format in the vein of Dexter’s Lab or Adventure Time. The recent games (from Colours onwards), have had a very similar format to this with much wittier dialogue and snappier voice-acting than the other 3D Sonic games (which tried too hard to play it straight) and they’ve worked very well! I’m happy and excited to see how this show turns out.

  28. Just because the story resets every episode doesn’t mean there won’t be the same overall conflict: Being in a new world along with Eggman, potentially fighting a new enemy as well, to achieve some sort of overall goal, like overturning an empire. Sonic SatAM only had three or four groups of episodes meant to be viewed together. The rest for all intents and purposes were standalone with the overall theme of taking down Robotnik’s empire bit by bit.

  29. I didn’t have much hope for this series anyway. The crappy Americanized designs, its comedic format, the 11-minute episodes, and plots such as “Knuckles becoming mayor” and “Dr. Eggman faking an injury so he can take Sonic to court.” were enough to tell me what kind of show it is. ie: One that I’m unable bring myself to care about.

    Oh well. At least it doesn’t look as awful as the DiC cartoons.

    1. America always has seen sonic as a Looney Tunes/Mickey Mouse chump, and Japan has forgotten their power. I dont care about it either.

  30. That’s a major disappointment. This show would benefit so much if it took itself more seriously and had in-depth story arcs.

  31. Ah, the Negative Continuity strikes again. That TV Trope always seems to go hand-in-hand with animation aimed at American audiences. Want this character to be remembered? Hope a friendship is established? Wanna see a sequel of sorts to this episode? Pfft! Good luck with that, stupid! This is a cartoon for Americans, i.e. NOTHING IS SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE AND EVERYTHING IS SUPPOSED TO BE GOOFY!
    (In case you couldn’t tell, I’m being sarcastic and pointing out the deterioration of quality in new American animated shows. They’re always either 11-minute toy commercials for little boys or half hour fart jokes for adults nowadays. No more middle ground.)

  32. You don’t get it, this is a great idea. The established Sonic continuity is way too vast for the show to be able to do it justice if it centered on one story. This way, we’ll be able to have episodes with lots of different characters and casts. There’s a lot of fun possibilities for episodes centered or paying homage to different games, side characters, the works. And it’s not like there can’t be character development or overarching themes with this approach. So relax guys. All they’re doing is establishing the genre. Stop ruling things out prematurely.

  33. My favorite character is Shadow, and right now, since he’s not popping up with a new design, that worries me because of the scary possibilities that await us all. I would really like to see Sally Acorn and all other Archie characters in this Tv show. Sega does not really care about us older fans. They are making the wrong decision with trying to appeal to young children. And the fact that they are pushing us away during their rumored Financial Crisis is a HUGE mistake on their part. They have really been screwing up lately with Mario And Sonic, I mean come on! Who here really wanted SOnic to turn into a werehog or wield a sword? Sega has failed alot, starting with Sonic 2006!

    1. Because SEGA lacks respect, you people think SEGA cares about you? they’re almost as bad as CRAPCOM. Specially SOA.

      1. I apologize its just that SEGA has not been the best company around and I really want to see them do good, but to Me Sonic 1991 to 2001 was a miracle.

  34. lol. Watch as the hopes of fanboys desperate for another Sonic Adventure style thing gradually shatter. I wouldn’t mind an SA3. But this Sonic Boom Bullcrap is too fucking much.

      1. It saddens me that even back then when Sonic was a star, SEGA always made the worst decisions, its like SoA and SoJ are one big dysfunctional family. And withing that family are groups who think they know what to do with Sonic but always end up ruining it. SEGA always have had the worst strategies after around 1995 (I think the whole 3d industry had to do with it but that’s another story). With Sonic Colors and then Generation’s it seemed a new golden age was coming only to be trampled by Sonic Lost World and now this…Boom thing…I know many of you say..”give it a chance!” but look, those with keen eye and ears know when something stinks from a mile away. Its called the power of deduction and commonsense folks, and I am tired of seeing companies like this, but you know what their end is? Bankruptcy for being snobby idiots but you know who’s real fault it is? you guys who applaud every piece of junk they throw at us, SEGA are idiots but its your fault for making them think they’re doing great, Its OUR money and legacy people, dont let some dimwits destroy one of the most beloved characters on the planet, take a stand now.

  35. Huh so it’s not going to be in a real story bummer (sighs) but still I’ll just have to see now it goes

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