Sonic Boom TV Series Trailer Emerges


Sonic Boom has had many heads turning with how fast and how much news has been dropping over the past couple of hours — the game based off of the upcoming CGI cartoon has been revealed to be the highly anticipated third Nintendo exclusive title, Big Red Entertainment (as well as a particularly X-treme individual) is involved in its development, the redesigns of the major cast have been shown, it just keeps on rolling!

Now, SEGA has finally and formally unveiled the big daddy of ’em all – the cartoon itself, produced by the good folks at OuiDO!

What are your thoughts on the teaser? Let us know in the comments!

EDIT: The Vizard is pleased by the teaser. Very pleased.

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  1. Eggman doesn’t look that bad. For a moment I was dreading a “Sonic 06-like” design for him but I’m glad that kept him cartoonish.

    I’m really gonna miss his Thriller jacket, though.

    Now, as far as the cartoon itself is concerned, it really pretty nice. I’m waiting to see more of it before I make myself a final opinion but, right now, I’d say so far so good.

  2. Today, Sonic has finally hit rock bottom. I’ve been a fan of the series for over 10 years, but this is just….. BLEH!!! #TheEndOfSonicIsNigh

      1. Don’t forgot me! And basically, I just want to vomit right now, but my metabolism (or whatever the terminology) is too stable.

        I remember when the Sonic Toys first came out for McDonalds, then I played Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles at my cousin’s house in second grade. There was also Sonic Championship at a family entertainment center, and the demo of Sonic Adventure at Toys R Us. I wasn’t a major Sonic fan then. But then, I played the demo of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, got the game, and fell in love with the Sonic franchise. Then I discovered this fanbase 🙁 . Come X-mas 2013/Jan 2014, I got pissed at Sonic Lost World and lost faith. Now this bullshit!

        After the death of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, the mediocrity of The Simpsons (and now Family Guy), the dubbed release discontinuity of Hunter x Hunter and Toriko, the decay of the Pokemon anime, the release of only 69 new Pokemon and Mega Evolutions, this was my only fandom left, and now its dead. I can’t think of anyone in their correctly-functioning mind who would be thrilled and ecstatic over this new change.

        This is just a slap in the face for any of us who ever wanted to create future Sonic games for the franchise, maybe even bring back our playable friends. Why can’t I start my company sooner!?

        1. At LAST! I finally found someone with an ounce of common sense. It pains me when I see comments of people saying
          “Oh, this looks really cool! I can’t wait, this could be the best sonic game yet!”
          “OMG Sonic ADVENTURE 3!!!”
          It also pained me when I saw how fans were sucking Sonic Lost World’s giant testicals when it was announced. I bought the game and deemed it no higher than average. I really want Sonic to go back to the unleashed formula as that the best gameplay experience for Sonic in recent years. #TheEndOfSonicIsNigh

          1. “t LAST! I finally found someone with an ounce of common sense.”

            Wow… I will never stop hearing lines like that or stuff similar to it will I? lmao

            Also, this is the Sonic Boom canon. Wouldn’t it be the end of Sonic Boom? Like before it began sorta thing? I don’t get your common sense. I think I have a different set. o:

          2. There was a polarizing reaction to when Lost World was announced. The same thing happened when it was released.

            I’m optimistic. There are a few grips that I have but so far it seems fine as a separate universe deal. It’s not replacing the main canon or anything and it means there’s an interesting new development in the works.

          3. I’m pretty sure you guys are the ones lacking common sense.
            First off, Sega’s not doing Sonic Adventure 3. You guys are right there, but…
            Second. Sonic Lost World was great. Okay, sure, it’s got too easy bosses, but other than that it was great.
            You guys are all freaking fanboys. Fanboys of the modern and classic series. You can’t stand change, so you complain and complain and say “Oh, this is the end!” “THIS IS THE END!” “Sonic has blue arms? THE WORLD HAS ENDED!” “Sonic has green eyes? Sonic is dead now.” I’m sick of this nonsense! I know the old series great, but changes have to happen. Besides, Sonic Boom is a side-series, like Sonic X or the Archie comics or similar. And it’s meant for 6-11 year olds. The humor might be a bit cheesy, but it’s not as bad as some things I’ve heard.

        2. i liked it, but WHAT HAPPENED TO SONICS ARMS THEY ARE BLUE!!! i felt so weird at first, something just did not feel right untill i realized his arms were blue. other then that i loved it

      2. Blue Arms…worst body since 2006, this looks ugly and the humor is just as the game’s or worse…not funny. I just looks too ugly for me…Ugh. (and having the actual voice actors doesn’t help it) UGLY UGLY UGLY! Ugh!

          1. The only character in that game who didn’t look like themselves was Eggman. Sonic stayed the same since 1999.

        1. Stupid freaking complaining fanboys! Learn how to get used to change, people! They all look great. (Well, maybe besides Knux, but he looks better than in the sneak silhouettes we got last year.)

      1. They should make it the new canon just so that “BLUE ARMS” can be the new “GREEN EYES” though.
        I’d love that.

    1. So this is rock bottom? Not when Sonic 06 released or when Sonic turned into a Werehog but a cartoon spin-off with different character designs but otherwise captures the series overall universe well?

      1. I know. It’s that simple to ruin a series. It’s like when Richard Branson made Virgin Cola. It flopped and managed to substantially hurt the businesses position.

        1. I miss the older style games as well but it’s too early to claim this show/game will be a disaster. Personally, I would’ve killed for a sincere Sonic Adventure 3 but 1/2 the reason Sonic is such a good franchise is because they keep innovating. Sure a lot of the times they screw up (06, Shadow, Underground just to name a few) but some of the best titles came to pass because SEGA decided to try something new including the formula used for Sonic Unleashed. I won’t deny that this could be a complete bomb but as a fan you should give it a fighting chance and not write it off after only seeing a 3 minute video that didn’t really explain much anyway.

          1. Thanks for not flipping out due to me having an opinion. Really, I find it really nice when people stay calm. Also, I guess you are right on that regard. I hope that this is something like Mario 3D World, where it looked crap at first, but turned out amazing.

      2. How about Sonic Labyrinth? Yeah… BEFORE all of that. Still the worst Sonic thing ever imo. I don’t get ppl. -.-

    2. We’ll be happy to watch you take your leave then so you won’t be here to fill up the comments section with nonsense. It’s time to make way for the new. 😐

        1. I suppose you do have a point, but please, stay with the franchise as long as you can. The more Sonic fans the better. Believe it or not. 🙂

  3. I actually really like this. It makes me sad though that so many people hate it already simply because it exists without them giving it a chance.

  4. I kinda mind Sonic having blue arms since it makes zero sense for SEGA to change that and leave Amy with skin colored ones… I also fear for Amy’s personality to change, as in the concept art she has had a very “bimbo” or flirty expression, so I hope they keep her cheerful personality. As for Tails, I don’t have much to complain about, Knuckles looks a bit awkward, but it’s not THAT BAD. As for this trailer, I’d say the series will be great !! Only thing that bugged me was Sonic’s running, his leg movement looked a little slow and floppy in some parts, but this is just a trailer after all 🙂

  5. I don’t see the problem, it looks pretty great to me. It seems well scripted, nicely animated and voiced better then any of the other animated series since SatAM. It’s a little on the comedic side, sure, but it looks like it’ll be funny yet action-adventure like… which is a pretty good combination imo.

    I could see a lot of potential here, depends on how the story of the show unfolds. Will it be one-off episodes or a continuing storyline? Either way, I’m game for it.

    If you’re hung up on the design of the characters, keep in mind that Sonic has existed for over 20 years and a change of pace every now and then isn’t a bad thing. I like the new design. I think it’s fresh yet not TOO different.

  6. Well, I mean, it doesn’t look spectacular or anything, but it doesn’t look horrible either. People shouting out all over Facebook and Youtube “RUINED FOREVER” have no idea what they are talking about. At least the show isn’t trying to put Sonic in a rock band with sibling we’ve never seen before, or give him a human love interest. It just feels like, well, Sonic. And I see potential in it.

    1. Or you know, maybe we have a reason to be mad, considering Sonic has looked the same since 1998, with the exception of different proportions and shape, and since we’re in a new age where most things are consistent in terms of style, a random change in style out of the blue for no reason other than for the sake of change can make a few people pretty frazzled. It’s different if the thing they’re changing hasn’t been relevant for a while, (Looking at you, Pac-Man) because then the change is either shrugged off or actually liked. (I do like Pac-Man’s new design) But if the thing you’re redesigning has had a consistent look and has been relevant for a long time, such as Sonic, obviously somebody’s gonna get mad.

      1. Well to be fair, a lot of old game franchises have been changing. Lara Croft(Tomb Raider), Dante(Devil May Cry), Crash Bandicoot, Samus in other m, etc. Besides it looks cool, and I love the new designs except for knuckles but I’ll get over that. The designs and game gives off a jak and dexter, ratchet and clank feel and I’m digging it

  7. I’m glad this isn’t replacing the main continuity, but I’m looking forward to this. Also, I’m probably the only one who thinks this Knuckles looks like a badass. Sonic,Tails and Amy are fine, Eggman I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of his new design, but I can get used to it. Overall, excited for the new Sonic.

  8. I’ll say GO FOR IT! 😉
    It’s been a while since someone hit the brake-button on Sonic Cartoon’s.
    Ever since they stopped on Sonic X bakc in 2004, no further updates has been noticed.
    Looking forward to finally seeing a show in 3D animation.
    The teaser looks AWESOME! 😀

    1. Also noticed Sonic has a new design (already!?).
      Maybe not so smart by Sega changing his design that often. Why, you ask? Well that’s kinda hard to give an answer to, but let’s just say “Original” is the thing!

  9. Are you kidding me? Bare Tails, the character designs are atrocious, and from the look of the teaser, the show will be a crappy Americanized version of the franchise! What’s the damn point, Sonic doesn’t need any Americanization!

  10. The only major problem is Sonic’s blue arms…It just looks odd. Knuckles just looks like missed leg day a few times.

  11. This look awesome! Cartoon and game!!
    I love Sonic!!
    I’m from Poland and…
    Could someone write me a dialogue with the teaser trailer?
    I’ll be grateful!

  12. Oh no. I thought that they were just oddly shapen, not completely redesigned. No, no no… this is too much…

  13. Samus Aran called, she wants her grapple beam back. I’m frankly pumped for this, it seems like it has a lot of potential.

  14. Samus Aran called, she wants her grapple beam back. I’m frankly pumped for this, it seems like it has a lot of potential.

  15. I’ll spare the gooey emotion stuff and just get to the point. Sonic isn’t going anywhere except up. This teaser satisfied me, the game trailer satisfies me, and the character redesigns satisfy me graciously. Seeing the Sonic Advance crew back together and seeing a no longer childish Amy brings nostalgia and interest to me. I couldn’t ask for better results. Thank you SEGA, for finally getting it right! 🙂 I’m super hyped and I can’t wait for more! 😀

    P.S.: Oh yeah, one last thing… Haters! Go screw yourselves.

  16. Why does Sonic look like he’s ripped straight out of one of those short 8 year old Youtube Sonic animations?

  17. Glad I saw the first minute or so of the trailer, I’ll know to definitely avoid the show at all costs. So SICK of the cheesy Sonic stories and kiddy nature. smh at the direction of this.

    1. Ummm… Sonic has always been a family franchise. What’s wrong with a talking blue hedgehog who rubs at supersonic speeds being kiddy?

      Do you want an edgy as all hell Shadow the Hedgehog showor something?

  18. Well…mixed feelings here. At first, I thought, “GOOD GOD, WHY?”, especially about the ‘roiled Knuckles, but I’ve warmed up to it a little bit. Anyone complaining about the cartoon being too kiddy, though, clearly doesn’t understand that it was made to appeal to…you know…kids.
    Sonic’s voice actor is a bit off, though.

  19. Personally, I was sceptical of this show at first. But now, the more I see, the more excited I become. I’m really digging the new designs (Knuckles is still iffy) and the animation, writing and voice work seems really entertaining. While I am glad that this is its own sub-continuity, it is one that I think I’ll definitely follow closely. Much potential here.

  20. i for one will love the new cartoon series but you guys are right they need to leave sonic the way he is along with the other charaters, the orinal sonic and friends should stay and stay forever. FINAL!SEGA should of kept sonic the way he is, in sonic generations that proves that he wiil remain as the same SONIC we all know and love sonic has been the same since sonic 1990 ( watch the history in the making video on lineat youtube about hime he was kept a secret for a year ) ALL SONIC FANS NEED TO RISE UP AND TELL SEGA THAT THEY NEED TO KEEP HIM AND THE OTHERS THE WHY THEY ARE !

  21. KEEP SONIC THE WAY HE’S BEEN!!! sega nedds to keep the sonic group the way they are, every other game company has changed there charaters to be more modern but sega needs to keep sonic the way he is to keep the word oringel on this planet, they need to keep him the way he is ! WHO AGREES!!!!!! WHO AGREES!!!!!

    1. I agree, they needed to keep their designs the same, I dont mind the new clothes much, just dont change their bodies so much, they look ugly. Specially Sonic and Knuckles.

  22. This trailer made me realise why I never liked Roger Craig Smith as Sonic in the games. Here, Sonic is very animated in his expressions which Roger’s voice seems to compliment well. In the games, Sonic looks very stiff and life-less which didn’t work with Roger at all. I think I’ll be fine with Roger as Sonic in the show now.

  23. I won’t know what’s it like until I see the episodes and try the game. LIKE: the overall design of the land and Amy’s design… And that’s it (for now) . I hate what they done to Knuckes… He looks like a buff up Storm in Sonic Rider. He need to be tone down a bit and he has FINGERS NOoooooo. If he plays out well I may forgive them for these atrocities. Sonic, I’m fine with, I can live with the messy quills and scarf around his neck. Tails looks super cute, nice touch with the goggles, but I saw a screenshot of him flying and OMG…WTF… It looks totally weird… What’s with his arms it’s as long as a orangutan monkey, they really need to fix that. Eggman he reminds me of Gru from Despicable Me. I think it’s the head. One note about Sonic & Co they all seem to be wrap up in white stripes around the feet and hands (sorta reminds me of Tikal a bit… I hope they won’t be wrap up as mummies). Be that’s my biff about for now. I’ll wait til I see it and give a full report on whether I like it or loathe it.

  24. The only thing that ever made me fanboy attack… I just knew there had to be ONE thing wrong with it… BLUE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARMSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! DDDDXXXXX

    1. IKR? Its just Not Sonic. If they change his arms and Knuckles body becomes normal then id like this show and game..maybe.

  25. Man what’s the big deal with the blue arms. It looks cool to me and makes sense. Before I never knew why Sonic and Amy were the only hedgehogs to not have their arms match the color of their fur. Well I guess I can see peoples point. It is different. These changes are nothing compared to Dante in the new Devil May Cry or Lara Croft, or even Crash Bandicoot or Spyro.

  26. When will you fans realise that you are effectively complaining about *NOTHING*? Blue arms is NOTHING to complain about. It could be much, MUCH WORSE and YOU KNOW THIS. You wouldn’t even freaking notice if you played the game and watched the show!

    C’mon. I know this fandom is getting old, so grow up a little? It’s not the end of the world.

  27. Fair play, that looks really cool. I don’t think the design changes were necessary but whatever. I did some genuine ‘lols’ and the animation, writing and voice acting is brilliant!

    28 years old or not, I will be watching this.

  28. I Do Like The The New Sonic Characters (since they’re wearing clothes) I Do Hope That It Will Still Be The Action Pack Sonic Characters (not a comedy one) And My Opinion Is this Show Is Great! No Its Sorta Different… But I Think Its Great! PLEASE MAKE MORE! <3

  29. Hmmm… the animation is spectacular, and the dialogue really gives the characters, well, character! But why are Sonic’s hands and feet covered with random white bandages? And, most importantly, WHY ARE SONIC’S ARMS BLUE? Sonic’s arms are NEVER supposed to be blue! It bothers me!

  30. This was hilarious writing. I found myself giggling, and that isn’t easy.

    Only issue is Sonic is still too leggy, but meh. I’ll get used to it, or I’ll just cringe without protest XD

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