Sonic Boom Behind the Scenes: English VAs, Orbot & Cubot Confirmed


SEGA have just posted a brand new video to their blog, taking us on a comprehensive behind the scenes look at the upcoming Sonic Boom videogame and TV series. The video includes interviews with many of the crew working on this alternate branch of the Sonic franchise, as well as showing off concept art and work-in-progress gameplay footage. It is reiterated that the game will have a strong emphasis on story and teamwork, as we have heard in other recent interviews.

A look into the voice recordings for the TV series confirms an episode including an alternate-dimension Knuckles, as well giving a feel for the comedic angle the cartoon will be taking. Knuckles sounds like a fortune cookie, but he doesn’t taste like one!

In addition, the English voice cast for Sonic Boom has been revealed. Roger Craig Smith, Mike Pollock, Travis Willingham and Cindy Robinson reprise their roles as Sonic, Eggman, Knuckles and Amy respectively, with Tails getting a new voice actor in the form of Colleen Villard. Interestingly, Orbot and Cubot have also been revealed as part of the cast, voiced by Kirk Thornton and Wally Wingert.

What do you make of all this new info about Sonic Boom? Are you any more or less excited for the game or TV show? Let us know in the comments!

Source: SEGA Blog

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  1. It’s great to see all the actors recording together. You tend to get better performances that way. And they all looked like they were having a lot of fun with it too!

  2. Glad to hear that Orbot and Cubot are coming back! It carries on the tradition of Eggman having two comedy sidekicks to work off of.

    1. I wished that they would replace the English voices of Amy & Sonic because they still sound terrible and they have not been improved since they don’t fit at all. I can’t understand why they replaced Tails English voice even if the new one sounds identical. What have done SEGA?!

    2. I wished that they would replace the English voices of Amy & Sonic because they still sound terrible and they have not been improved since they don’t fit at all. I can’t understand why they replaced Tails English voice even if the new one sounds identical. What have done SEGA?!

  3. Eh, whatever, I wanted the other main characters instead, not just the comic relief from Colors. Still hoping for others to return later, especially Blaze.

  4. The “Alternate Knuckles” and the “Let’s stand under this giant boulder!” VA skits amused me greatly. I hope some of that background music was samples from the game.

  5. they can make amy badass but unless her voice actor is upto snuff then it wont happen.
    – but orbot and cubot returning makes me gleefully happy as i love those two. Kirk is much better at Orbot than at Shadow.

    wonder if my favourite Metallic menence will also return later on ~

    1. Part of me appreciates Amy sounding like a suburban mom, but yeah making her character more severe than that would be a goddamn disaster.

  6. Ha, wow! I actually laughed at those lines! Maybe there is going to be something to this show. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. NOOOO, of all the voices to replace why tails his was the best, they should have changed amy, oh well at least this new actress sounds decent but it kinda reminds me of 06

  8. Oh, come on. No one even noticed Tails had a different voice until it was pointed out today. Stop freaking out. He sounds exactly the same as he did before.

    1. I don’t like it as much as the old one, he sounds like he’s having a spaz attack every time he says a line kinda like in 06

    2. I didn’t notice the difference personally, but earlier in the month there were some people on the forums saying that they noticed Tails had a different voice in that Sonic Boom clip.

  9. I know most ppl dont care (which saddens me) But if only they explained why Sonic arms are blue, It an eye sore for me because I’m an artist and my specialty is colors and their balance. Blue arms just make him look cheap to me, its like they colored them by mistake and said eh leave em blue, less work to color him.

    And Knuckles, just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you need to look like THE HULK, look at Bruce Lee!

    I would be more happy if they changed those two because so far it seems like a fun project with all the voice actors there ect. Iizuka seemed lost heh but Im glad he assured Modern Sonic still lives and will continue, I hope Japan makes a response to Sonic Boom and that they make the modern Sonic games more multyplayer like Sonic Boom will be. So Sonic Boom has a lot of potential of helping the Sonic franchise. I still think that the blue arms and huge knuckles looks dumb but Im hoping these series will help out the Sonic franchises future.

    Wonder why Kate Higgins will not be Tails in this, interesting.

    1. I agree, if they made Sonic’s arms the right color, I would be so much more optimistic. The arms make the difference.

    2. I agree, if they made Sonic’s arms the right color, I would be so much more optimistic. The arms make the difference.

    3. I agree, if they made Sonic’s arms the right color, I would be so much more optimistic. The arms make the difference.

    4. I agree, if they made Sonic’s arms the right color, I would be so much more optimistic. The arms make the difference.

    5. One can both argue against and defend the blue arms. First off, a lot of people that see Sonic for the first time wonder why his arms are tan to begin with. While I would argue that the design with tan arms is a lot stronger and indeed brings nice balance to the character, I also understand the LOGIC behind applying the blue arms. Why would he have no fur on his arms? Why does the arms look like they were just plopped on his torso instead of being an actual part of it?

      Designwise, it looks better, I agree – but it makes no sense. In addition to that, other things can come in play; such as the sporttape, bandages, toilet paper, whatever you prefer calling it – it stands out more when they’re on blue arms rather than a light tan arm. In addition to him standing besides Amy makes it seem as if Amy has bare arms which is easily considered more feminine, and the arms look more realistic because they disappear in the clothes and thusly so are not just plopped on the body. Keep in mind we’re also USED to the other look to such a degree, that blue torso with tan arms seems like nature to us.

      Of course, this is just my own view and opinion, but those are the arguements I’ve imagined when I pondered the very same thing. Hope it was helpful, thought stirring, or at the very least a point of view you hadn’t considered.

  10. I know I might be missing some context here, but why is everyone freaking out about the new actress when she sounded perfectly fine in the past trailers?

    1. I didn’t realise it was a new actress until someone pointed it out. :/

      Although I have to wonder what happened to Kate Higgins…

      1. I wonder that too. Maybe Kate will let people know via facebook or something about why she isn’t voicing Tails in the show.

      2. Its mostly because of two reasons she didnt return:

        1. Wasn’t free to record/was too busy with other things in her life/career


        2. She doesnt like the look or plots of the show so didnt want any part of it, that happens sometimes.

    1. Hi Aries.

      Your perfectly allowed not to like something, however it’s when you spam and post abuse at other people that there becomes an issue.

      Which is what you did when you were posting under the name Aries a few days ago. Might want to consider that before you start the conspiracy theories.

  11. I watched the part at 6:15 twice, and both times I snorted I was laughing so much!! I can’t wait for the show to come out it looks amazing!!
    Although, not yet sure about Amy and Tails voice actors :/
    But that was just like a few lines so it’s hard to tell yet….

  12. If their doing an episode acknowleding the “Real” Knuckles as “Alternate Dimension” Knuckles. I’m okay with the design change, for this continuation only.

  13. I gotta say Cindy Robinson has improved voicing Amy, it doesn’t sounds like Amy is being voiced by Minnie Mouse anymore.

    1. I kind of doubt that they will change all that much. They fit in as they are. Maybe Orbot will be silver like in Unleashed? That would imply that Cubot would be gold.

  14. Despite the design issue everyone is still trying to get used to, Something tells me Knuckles’ personality in Boom is gonna make him a fan-favorite, for the show at least. His little brawn-over-brain skits made me Laugh quite hard.

    Something that made me worry though was that split-second of new footage where all the characters were running…rather slow.

    1. From what it look liked, it seems that the player was walking around to explore the environment of the boom game, im sure itll be faster when they get to the main aspects of the world

      1. No no, not the clip where it showed the four lightly trotting around, I meant the one before it (around 17 seconds into the video)… It may have been just because the clip was so short (or that I’m just too acclimated to the Boosting physics) but it just felt like they were moving a little slower than what we saw in the official trailer.

        With that other clip, I dig the fact that there’s the possibility they will input the speed control mechanics again like lost world. Unlike that game though, I just hope they do better with the surrounding visual effects to make it seem like they’re actually running quick. I think that was one of Lost Worlds biggest mistakes in terms of the speed factors.

  15. Those are awesome interviews! I am very pleased with Travis Willingham as the voice of Knuckles. Actually, I am pretty much okay with everything I learned about Sonic Boom so far! Maybe Sonic’s blue arms will be something to get used to, but to me it’s not so bad, really.

    I won’t be able to play the video game because I don’t, and will not, own a Wii-U or a Nintendo 3DS, but especially after watching this video clip I am looking forward to the Sonic Boom cartoon as a nice little escape from the real world. ๐Ÿ˜€ We all need some more laughter in our lives, don’t we? Sonic Boom is another whole Sonic world/universe to enjoy.

  16. Knuckles.. what have they done to your personality? Wasn’t the Knuckles mockery that was Lost World story enough?

  17. I say this as a game design major, the game looks interesting and has potential, but those character models look god awful; they need to work on them before they release more gameplay.

  18. I’ve see some comparisons to STC, in regards to what they’re doing with Amy’s character.

    Sonic is technically correct here, but why does he need to be such a prick about it? And in this magical landscape where Sonic isn’t such a douche, why couldn’t she really like him?

    All I ask for is a bit of flexibility, where neither her love for him, nor her dry competence is constipated.

  19. I’m hoping for Silver and Shadow to show up ^_^ Its ok if they dont though, itll still be a good game ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. I dont like Orbot or Cubot, I love the gameplay in Sonic Colors and in Lost World but Orbot and Cubot is helpingruig the sonic cames, maybe not the show but the games for me, I hate how goofy they are and they make Egg Man seem like no threat, I want more less goofy cut scenes in the main Sonic Games, I don’t know why many fans like the new dialog in the games over the older games, I hate it and Yes I play Sonic for the Story, Who wants to fight a dr. Who let’s his mechines make un funny jokes about him

    1. I have to agree, I always loved Sonic Game with a Serious/Dark Plot, reason why I Sonic 06 is my favorite Sonic Game.

    2. I have to agree, I always loved Sonic Game with a Serious/Dark Plot, reason why Sonic 06 is my favorite Sonic Game.

  21. What did you expect? Cindy Robinson isn’t being picked up by Disney, to replace Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse, just to bring back Lisa Ortiz!

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