SEGAbits talks Sonic Boom with Stephen Frost


As well the new behind the scenes video we got of Sonic Boom today, we also got this little gem from the folks over at SEGAbits! The Swingin’ Report Show hosts, Barry and George, plus David of Sonic Retro, sit down with Sonic Boom producer Stephen Frost to chat all about the new branch of the Sonic franchise, leaving some hints for what fans can expect from both the video game and show. It’s an hour long of goodness, so sit down, relax, and get your headphones on.

So, are you on the Sonic Boom hype train yet?

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  1. They speak very fast, I can’t understand. Please, someone post a comment saying important info from this interview. My english is bad, hihih =P Thank you!!

  2. Great interview! I cannot WAIT for E3 now!! Smash Bros. and even better Sonic Boom!?!? Hype much??

  3. hmmm….
    i’m not sure what to think about this. It seems like a beat em up, and i don’t want a sonic beat em up. maybe if i just pretend that these weren’t sonic characters and took it at face value, i’d like it. either way, i’m on the curiosity car of the hype train, i’d like to see how this game turns out.

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