Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #257

It’s a rescue mission in Station Square in this month’s issue of Sonic the Hegdehog.


Comic Book Resources has the preview pages for Sonic the Hedgehog #257. In this issue, the Freedom Fighters engage on their first mission in the context of the soft reboot. Following on from the Countdown to Chaos, havoc has already hit Station Square (isn’t it always under some havoc though?) and the Freedom Fighters go out to help everyone in the city. Learn more about the new team dynamic in an applied context. Also find out what effect the memory jolts had on their work. Meanwhile, Eggman is hatching a new scheme and it’s going to be big…and perhaps involving cucumber sandwiches. This is “Damage Control”.

The “COUNTDOWN” is over, the “CHAOS” has just begun! “Damage Control”: The shattered world is causing chaos everywhere, and Station Square is about to implode! Sonic and the Freedom Fighters must spring into action to save the day, unless someone beats them to the punch. Cue: Dr. Eggman. Will the evil doctor be the one to save the world? Or will his newfound power give him ultimate control? If the ending to issue 256 left you breathless, you cannot miss the next chapter in the ALL-NEW saga of Sonic’s comic adventures! Featuring a special wrap-around cover by Rafa Knight and Variant art from Lamar Wells!

The issue is already out digitally and should be out in comic stores February 12th. Check out the aftermath of the countdown here!

Source: Comic Book Resources


  1. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Stanley’s work. It’s nice, though something about it seems to be a bit…different to me. I don’t know what it is. But anyway, I can’t wait to get this issue! I KNEW that Station Square couldn’t have recovered from Perfect Chaos THAT quickly! THANK YOU GOD for continuity! 😀

  2. With each new preview I see of this comic series, the more I’m convinced that bailing out was a good thing. Cause this is just getting more stupid with each new issue.

  3. Wow. 257 issues with several side series over the years and I’m just now figuring out that Antoine is a coyote. I never had any idea what the hell he was. XD

  4. Oh snap! 😀 Prof. Pickle is baaack! XD Does this mean a return of the Werehog??? Considering that purple stuff Sonic breathed in waaay back?

  5. Archie you’re killing me with this Werehog build-up. We better get a splash panel and a comic cover with Werehog on it for having to wait five freaking years for this moment.

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