[UPDATE!] New Sonic Game Coming 2015 For PS4, Xbox One & Wii U,

sonicboom film[UPDATE: SEGA have since released the following statement in the wake of the Nuremberg Toy fair:

SEGA is yet to announce details of upcoming console video games for Sonic the Hedgehog or further details regarding the new Sonic CG TV series.  The recent information coming out of Nuremburg Toy Fair was incorrect.  For official and up to date news regarding Sonic the Hedgehog please go to www.sonicthehedgehog.com or follow Sonic on Twitter (@sonic_hedgehog).

We will, as always, keep you dudes and dudettes up-to-date on any and all announcements! – T]

At the Nuremberg toy fair held last week, toy maker Jazwares had a booth showcasing it’s Sonic toys along with this very interesting sign.

If this is correct, it would suggest that Sega have already started work on a new Sonic game which is heading to the PS4, Xbox One and the Wii U.

We all know that Sega intends to release a 3rd exclusive Sonic game on a Nintendo platform at some point, however this photograph would suggest that Sega are already working on the other next gen systems and a Sonic game is in development or at the early planning stages.

If you’ve not been keeping track, this is how the Sonic games are currently lined up.

  • Sonic Lost World (2013)
  • Mario & Sonic at Sochi (2013)
  • Unannounced 3rd Nintendo exclusive (expected 2014).
  • Unannounced Next Gen Sonic title (2015).

What is however significant about this image is that there are no logos for any current gen consoles, suggesting that all future Sonic games will be on next gen systems.

Keep checking TSS for more information as and when we get it.

Source: Spindash.de


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  1. Err.. news flash, it’s not “next gen” when all the consoles are out. 360/PS3 were LAST gen. Just saying. 😛

    1. That being said, I am quite excited for this. Might give me a good excuse to finally invest in a PS4 if it’s any different from the Wii U version.

      1. I’d rather get an Xbox One and stick to my Microsoft consoles, since I already have an Xbox 360. I hope that this will be a Sonic game that won’t give people a worst impression on Sonic than it already is. In fact, everyone I know is saying that Sonic’s dead.

    2. You been living under a rock?, you’d know new consoles are always referred to as next gen until at least 6 months to a year or so into it’s cycle before we start to class it as current gen

  2. It’s coming to the Wii U? I’m already worried that this game will be going in the same direction as Lost World.

    1. Even I didn’t like it and I’m a huge Sonic fan who’s played almost every Sonic game. I only played the 3DS version though.

        1. I confirm. Sonic Lost World for Wii U is an Amazing Game, don’t judge it based on the 3DS version.

          In addition, Sega released a patch that fix most problems mentioned in the Reviews, for example, now you get lives collecting rings and motion controls are now completely optional.

          1. Funny… I’ve only played the 3ds version… the demo… and I really liked it, even if it wasn’t perfect. Well, that makes my excitement to try the Wii U version even bigger, now I just need a Wii U :’I

          2. @Alex Longclaw – Seriously, though. If you’re getting the Wii U for Lost World, don’t do it. You will be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I like the game myself, it’s just that it’s not really worth it and is nowhere as good as Generations or even Unleashed.

    2. By that same logic, every Sonic game released for the Xbox 260 and PS3 would have gone in the same direction as Sonic 06.

  3. Dear gosh, please don’t continue Lost World’s style, just go back to Unleashed/Generations style again. and different writers as well, especially with how horrid the story was.

    1. Oh god, please, no. The Story in Lost World feels “incomplete”, but is way better that what we got on Sonic Colors and Generations.

      1. I don’t want the story to be ANYTHING like Generations of Colors either, all of them are either severly lacking in Generations case or just plain aggravating to sit through.

      2. The colors story sucked, but the story in Generation was… oh wait there was none. I honestly have extremely low exceptions for both these games, as nothing has satisfied me in years, but if Sega got their act back together i’d gladly buy the game.

      1. Nah. Unleashed story sucked. It was mostly just people standing around explaining stuff. Nothing going on for it. The ending was kinda good though, I guess. But that’s not saying much.

    2. Ls World finally went back to the roots with only the four main charas and you still complain? Honestly, what is the problem you all of you? And speaking about the look… AGAIN? What… will you complain about the voice actors as well? Gosh… some people will never get a rest to it. If you dislike it so damn much, go back to the retro games, for f*ck sake!

  4. Only next gen systems? That sucks.
    I only just got a PS3. It only got cheep
    enough last year. This is bad for Sonic.
    Only rich people can buy Sonic games new.

    1. What are you, a haiku poet? Besides, that’s pretty much the case with most console games, so stop acting like it’s a huge issue.

    2. …I assume you have alot bigger problems than not begin afford next-gen consoles. R’ya homeless?

  5. I’m sick of these Nintendo exclusives! Not all of us have a WiiU and I feel like haven’t been enjoying Lost World on 3DS as much as I could with the console version!

    But dat movie? Totally saw it coming after the Ratchet & Clank movie announcement a few months back and the Sly Cooper (AAAAHHHH) movie announcement the other day. I even tweeted about it the other day!

    1. Go buy a Wii U and be happy.

      If you consider that in some bundles it comes with 2 games, the console itself comes out almost the price of a 3DSXL.

    2. Or, you know, maybe the next game is going to be on the PS4 and Xbox One like mentioned above?????

      1. Hello? The next game is coming for Xbox One and PS4, so no exclusive for Nintendo. Now calm yourself and stop this Nintendo hate. Seriously, this is insane.

  6. Looks like I’ll have to play the old games until 2015. Not interested in the WII U nor do I ever plan to get one. Sorry.

  7. Please be something different, with more playable characters (not just Sonic and clone of Sonic or otherwise), doesn’t rely on nostalgia to make itself better and, hopefully, a fully realized Chao Garden.

    1. I doubt we’d get a chao garden, but I thought that Sonic 4:2 was sega’s way of dipping their toes in the waters of returning alternate playable characters. I’d like to see them go a step forward and, you know, actually have alternate playable characters.
      Of course, I thought the same of Black Knight and that went no where.

      1. Or at the very least implemented them in properly, the worst thing about Lost World is that it doesn’t explain shit, almost as if the story and gameplay have nothing to do with each other, which would actually explain a lot.

        1. I’d rather them try to make others playable instead, I’m not too fond on the wisps as a whole, they were just okay in Colors and didn’t need to be brought back.

        2. No, they’re too gimmicky. Just get rid of them because there is no right way to do them. Bring back the shields instead which didn’t ruin the flow and still had you controlling Sonic and not a 25 second obligatory mini-game.

          1. Ever heard of having them play similar yet different to Soinc? Like Sonic 3&K or the Advance and Rush games?
            Some of us here are pretty sick and tired of Solo Sonic.

    2. When was the last time we saw Shadow or Silver in one of the latest games? Seriously, stop this bullsh*t, already. Shadow and Silver were not that bad and neither were Sonic 06 nor Shadow the Hedgehog.

  8. I am so extreme lee happy about new Sonic games 2015 for WiiU, and PS4, Then XBOX ONE hopeful they have online or Multiplayer! Also one more thing I am getting Wii U for my birthday and getting a new sonic game 2015 and I like the fact of the of Sonic Lost World have hard core movies for Sonic The Hedgehog spin dash longer like spin boost or homing attack the enemy more or a lot wall running or wall running up and grabbing it! And the boss battle of Deadly six was awesome for 3DS of life bar but not Wii U diss pointed or bad because It so short.

  9. This poster seems a bit conflicted. It’s labeled 2014, which leads me to believe that the 2015 title is going to be announced this year, so I assume means it will receive a spring 2015 release.
    But then, it also lists Lost world and Olympic games which were both 2013. So I don’t know what to think.

    1. Fucking Sonic fans. Complaining why games aren’t begin released annually. Then mocking the games for begin rushed.
      Let them develop them. I wouldn’t mind waiting 3-5 years for a proper Sonic game.

    2. What conflict?! It says that a new Sonic game is coming in 2015 and the rest of the games will come this year. Where is the problem to understand this?! Don’t assume so much and WAIT until people announce more info. Gosh… why is almost every Sonic fan such a doofus.

  10. I think this is actually the third Wii U exclusive, and SEGA just dropped the exclusivity deal due to Lost World’s rather poor performance.

    1. You think wrong. An exclusive contract with Nintendo says that a company has to make at least 5 games for them, which are only on this console and from the looks of it, Sega’s contract with Nintendo was done with Sonic Lost World. Besides, Lost World had no poor sales. They were decent for a Sonic game.

  11. Wait a sec, since the movie is under the “New Show” category, does that mean the movie is going to be based off the show?

  12. I’m preemptively buying a ps4 for the new Sonic game. There are literally no games I want on it so it’ll just be sitting there collecting dust until the Sonic game comes out next year lol! I will be gettting the Wii u version and the ps4 version. Can’t wait for the new movie and show either!

    1. That’s how I feel about the PS3 and XBox, the only reason I wanted one of those consoles was to play Sonic.

  13. I just hope that the next gen Sonic wasn’t like the first game of the last gen Sonic 06 Im looking at you

  14. Sounds pretty cool! Though, I am hoping for a PC release for that 2015 title. The PC release for Generations was just so nice, I was so happy to be able to play it on a PC!
    We’ll see, I guess!
    And I too hope for a return of the Chao Gardens.

  15. And since they will release it for all the next-gen consoles, for the love of god, make a PC release for it too.

      1. With Steams Machines on their way this fall, I am pretty sure Sega is going to continue to support the Sonic PC gamer market.

  16. I actually really enjoyed Lost World but they could just boost up the speed a bit and make the story with a little less…well…puns and we’ll be fine! The thing is to drop the cartoony design in the levels and enemies and make stages a bit less gimmicky so people would stop rampaging and being haters to this great series. The gameplay is great although it is fast on some points and not so much on others. Just make every thing a bit faster(except in level goodness) and it should be a great game. I know sega’s capable of it

  17. Did it occur to anyone that the upcoming multiplatform title might be another “Sonic and Sega All Stars” installment. Maybe finally Sega’s going to try to make their own Sega Mascot Smash Bros. game? Seriously why does that not exist yet. (I’m not talking Sonic the Fighters or Sonic Battle either)

  18. i don’t like what it says for Sonic Boom, the target market is boys 6-11, did SEGA forgot that girls play/watch Sonic too? they SO need to fix that.
    also played both Lost World on WiiU and 3DS, Sonic lost World was why i got a Wii U.

  19. OH GOD FINALLY!!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m down with the Wii U! It’s a pretty promising system. And I’ve been pretty tolerant with the whole Nintendo Exclusivity thing. But by God, I just want to play Sonic on a Sony system again, it’s just my default platform of choice. Plus, Nintendo has kind of had a habit out of Mario-fying Sonic as of late. Again, there’s no problem with making him similar to Mario in some aspects, he WAS made to be SEGA’s answer to Mario after all, but lately they have just been going all out, up to the point where the head of the company proudly announces that they made their latest game more reminiscent of a certain Mario game, rather than a certain long lost Sonic game that never got it’s chance to shine. I mean REALLY! They could have gotten so much more hard-core fan approval if they even pretended that they took inspiration from Sonic X-Treme, but NO, we’re on a Nintendo platform, so we’re going to say that it looks exactly like Mario Galaxy and nothing else!!

    Um…I’m getting ahead of myself. The point is, the whole Nintendo Exclusivity thing was an interesting experiment, but in the end, I think that’s the best it could be: an experiment to see what happens if the company SEGA has been fighting against for so long finally becomes the sole owner of their only successful IP. While there is promise with Sonic on Nintendo, I think and have always thought that if not on a SEGA system, Sonic best belongs to all the platforms. He’s a free spirit and so is his franchise. To just nail it down to one company with only one set of ideas (which all oddly seem to be the same thing…) would be greatly limiting the possibilities this franchise has to offer. Sonic Lost World had a lot of potential and promise to begin with, and while it wasn’t the worst game to ever be created, it was certainly a disappointment from what I was hoping such a partnership could bring us. There should still be one Nintendo Exclusive game left this year, and once that’s out of the way, we can finally get back to the way things should be, games made not to cater to just one set of ideas, fans, and consumers, but to many different ones at once. I know that a lot of the multiplatform games felt like hit-and-misses for a lot of people, but to me that was how the series found it’s identity again. The series had to go through the trials and tribulations that games like 2006 and Secret Rings gave us in order to reach the outstanding breakthroughs that Unleashed and Generations gave us.

    To me, this series has always followed a path of redemption. For every game that disappointed me, another came up to get me excited again. I’ve started with 2006, so I’ve always felt that my expectations for the series were pretty reasonable, though now I can kind of see where everyone else is coming from. Now I feel like I’m really following the series in the correct direction for the first time, so I’m going to have my opinions about the upcoming titles at the same time as everyone else. Whether this next game will be a Nintendo game or Sony game, I have no idea what’s coming. But I think that’s the best part about the series. Every title is an experiment, and the best qualities about each one always find a way to come back and stick around, one way or another. I can’t wait for the next game to come out, and I can’t wait for the next opportunity I can get to play Sonic on my console of choice.

      1. ….Thank you. Sometimes it’s nice to actually hear something like that for once. I mean, you have to get used to and accept the idea that everyone is going to have different opinions than you and that it will never make them any less of a fan than you are, but sometimes, it’s still REALLY great to come across like-minded people. Especially for a fan base like this that has such a negative reputation.

        What would YOU like to see in the future for the franchise? 🙂

  20. Well, this could be problematic for me right now. Granted Microsoft turned me against them with the X1 and Sony is, well, I’m iffy on them, I don’t own a WiiU. I will have to change this soon, but with college and saving for a car, this’ll make it difficult at best ^^’

    I’m patient, however, hehe. This looks interesting.

  21. I was always under the impression that the 3rd Nintendo Sonic Exclusive was his re-appearance in the new Smash Bros.

  22. i wish the show was on disney xd it wouldve made sense if it was because sega is a sponcer of disney

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  24. Know I’m a little late in saying this, but I thought Lost World was all in all a good game. The new controls let me appreciate the platforming more and I’d like to see more of it in the future. They could amp the speed up a little bit and they definitely should ditch the Wisps. The plot was…lacking but it’s still miles better than Colors/Generations. Also the 3DS version was awesome, don’t know what all the hate from up top is all about.

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