Has Jazwares cancelled its entire 2014 Sonic Toyline?

So this is an update/article that I’ve wanted to make for a few weeks now, however I kept telling myself ‘wait until New York Toy Fair, just wait and see.’ Well… In the run up to Toy Fair,  few other bits of information came to light which didn’t fill me with much confidence… following images of their booth at Toy Fair, I think the party is over.

There is a lot of mounting evidence to say that Jazwares have cancelled or lost the rights to make new Sonic toys.

Back in September, we brought you news that Jazwares had cancelled it’s highly anticipated Metal Sonic & Classic Amy plush. Since then however, there’s been a development. Classic Amy has in fact been released in a so far very limited form from online retailers, SSMB member PatMac posted images of it a few days ago.

However… despite this surprise release, Metal Sonic is nowhere in sight, and another worrying sign is that Jazwares have changed their product page for their Sonic toys. Here is what it originally looked like after Jazwares redesigned their website in late 2013.



However, a few months ago, Jazwares since removed the ‘New Fall 2013 product’ from their site, there have been no additional products added to their Sonic page of any kind. See for yourself.

More significant a hint that the Sonic line is no more comes from the Jazwares Facebook page, in the run up to the New York Toy Fair, Jazwares has out rightly stated that multiple products in the Sonic line have been cancelled.

Rouge the Bat, Classic Knuckles and The Sonic & Shadow Reversible Plushies have all been stated to have been cancelled.jazfacebook

There has needless to say been quite a backlash on Jazwares’ Facebook Page to this news, this is quite understandable considering Classic Knuckles and Rouge have been teased and hinted at as far back as early 2012.

In fact, on the 28th of March 2012. Jazwares posted this on their Facebook page.



So ladies and gentlemen, unless this was an outright lie. A classic Knuckles figure was not only in development and ready, he was just waiting for a release line to fit into. Since then there has been no mention of this particular character. So were we all lied to on this? Or was Knuckles ready to go?

As for Rouge? Well…

You might remember how we reported on this particular product page? The one which clearly shows a comic book pack of Shadow and Rouge with the word ‘new’ next to it, suggesting it was indeed on the way. Unlike Classic Knuckles which had nothing released to support it other than the Facebook outlet, Rouge had a product number and even this promotional material to back it up.

Which begs the question… why was this cancelled?

Following the huge backlash on the cancellation, Jazwares have been sporting this reason.

 it’s up to the retail stores for what products get made.

Placing the blame firmly on the retailers, if they don’t order them, then they don’t get made.

There’s just one thing with this reasoning that I question. That being there’s evidence to suggest that this isn’t the case. In the Sonic Black Knight line, the following figures were spotted and in some cases are still up for order.

  • -Sonic – Excalibur
  • -Knuckles – Sir Gawain
  • -Silver – Sir Galahad
  • -Shadow – Sir Lancelot
  • -Jet – Sir Lamorak

This information and listings dates back to June 2012 and can be found across several toy news and retailer sites.

This is also the case for some of the ASRT toys which were announced and even shown at last years Nuremberg Toy Fair. Many of those toys over 2013 appeared as pre-orders at the United States branch of Toys R Us… that’s one if not the biggest toy retailer in the world isn’t it? There was even a product photo of it, this is taken from the old listing on TRU.Com’s website.


Anyone own that? Anyone ever seen that for sale outside of the internet listing? So why was it cancelled?

The same applies to Metal Sonic. Announced, then cancelled. Only this one is even more strange, not only has the Metal Sonic plush appeared on Jazwares’ website (and at the time of posting is still there). But it has also appeared as a product on the website for ‘Smyths’ who are one of the largest toy retailers in the UK.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was even an official product photo of it on a UK site… this was very rare since normally there’s a 1 year gap between US and UK releases.

It’s around now you might be thinking… wait… they were announced in prior to 2014, what about this years toys?

There aren’t any.

So far we have The Black Knight Silver figure (just released) and a Silver Super Poser. And that’s it. Everything else, all those toys from Nuremberg last year, all those toys which popped up on retailers, not happening.

At least that’s based on what Jazwares itself are suggesting from their own booth at the 2014 NYTF. The following image are the press releases for Jazwares at NYTF.


Sonic has no 2014 product list.

In conjunction with this, we now thanks to figures.com, have photos of Jazwares’ booth at New York Toy Far. They show no new Sonic products aside from Black Knight & Super Poser Silver.


There’s even an image of the plush box which has appeared predominantly at 2013’s toy fair, only this time both Metal and Super Sonic are missing from it.

This is the biggest toy fair of the year for America, and Jazwares have no new Sonic products at it for 2014. If there were new products, it’s absolute madness that they’re not here, even if it were just a prototype or concept image. But there’s nothing. You can view more images of Jazwares NYTF booth at Figures.com, but there is nothing new, everything is already out or about to be released.

Even at Nuremberg, there were no new toys aside from Black Knight Silver and ‘that sign.’

So, what is going on? We went from being told ‘those figures are coming’ for over 2 years, we had so much new toys promised an shown in 2013, yet now the whole product line seems to have stopped.

You might be thinking ‘maybe Tomy is the reason?’ Possibly… but Tomy has a license for Sonic Boom toys, Jazwares has the modern and classic games.

It does sound like the Jazwares run of Sonic toys is at or nearing it’s end, no press releases, no new products on show and cancellation notices. It seems that the party is over on this one. Which is a shame because despite what you may say about the quality of the products, Jazwares did give us figures that fans have been crying out for since 1991.


  1. So…wait. I mean this in the nicest way a guy can go about but, is TOMY a UK company only? Or do you think somehow we might get our hands on the Boom merch here in the US?

    1. I’m pretty sure TOMY makes the pokemon plushies we get here in the US in your local Walmart, so I think we’ll be fine.

    2. Takara Tomy is an international Toy company headquartered in Japan. Both EU and NA will be getting the Boom Toys. Not quite sure about Japan getting them, considering the lack of release there.

  2. This really is a crying shame. I don’t usually comment much on this site, but I’ve been with these figures since jazwares first had the license. A lot of others and myself had direct interaction and input with Joe Amaro, who used to be with the company, on what we wanted to be made, and a lot of them, such as vehicles, Metal Sonic, accessories, all saw the light of day, and this makes me feel sort of like the line is a relative of mine. It really hurts to see it end. These really were what I’ve always wanted in a Sonic figure.

  3. Wow. Now THIS is surprising. I hope the company isn’t done for good. They made some really cool figures for Sonic.

  4. I wouldn’t mind this at all if it meant someone else would start making Sonic figures. They have made a lot of cheap ones.

  5. Rouge is canned along with the reversible plushies we know what for sure.. but for everything else we’ll have to wait and see what happens.. no one knows for sure what’s going on.

  6. Awwww iam sad for this tbh when Joe left it kinda went downhill. He was the reason we had so much 🙂

      1. Joe was a sculptor with jazwares. We had a lot of direct communication with him on a forum that he was a part of. We basically told him what we wanted, and he delivered. We asked for things like Super Sonic, vehicles, Metal Sonic, accessories, buddy packs, etc. Joe always listened,and even added ideas in. He left the company around the time of the Generations figures, if I recall correctly. We haven’t had a direct line to the company since then.

        Lee, the forum is still active, if you’d like to drop in. It’s not nearly as active as it once was, but news has been slow.

        1. I can back this up. Joe Amaro was the guy who was basically PR for Jazwares while also being heavily involved in the figure process. We’ve had articles on him before.

  7. What a shame. The quality of the paint job and materials weren’t always the best, but the Jazwares figures had the best sculpting and the most variety of any Sonic action figure line yet. I didn’t like the plushes, though. GE’s are a lot better. I don’t even know why there are two plush lines from two different companies for the same characters. 😛

  8. I am very happy Jazwares at least managed to make some awesome Sonic figures such as the Classic Sonic line. Its just really disappointing that they seem to have halted all production on the line even though Sonic figures seem to sell very well (my Toys R Us was almost always empty when it came to Sonic figures due to everyone buying them). I just wished they could have made the Classic Knuckles and Rouge figures that everyone has been wanting instead of these Black Knight figures (great figures, just not what we want).

  9. If Jazwares quits among Sonic figures altogether, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

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