Sonic Themed Doodle Jump Figures Spotted at London Toy Fair

Based on photos taken by toy website Idle Hands, it would appear that the gift company Paladone are making figures based on the popular game Doodle Jump. And one of the more interesting photos taken was this…


That is the ‘Doodler’ wearing a Sonic costume. Well I wasn’t expecting to see that today but alrighty then. So you might be asking, is this official? Well it would seem so, Paladone have a huge banner above their booth displaying the Sonic the Hedgehog logo and from another photo taken have several other items on show at their booth too.


Which then begs the question, is there going to be some kind of Sonic Doodle Jump cross over? Or is this one of those one off bits of fan service?

No details on when these will be available yet or prices, but stick to TSS and we’ll update you with more information when we get it.

Source: Idle Hands


    1. The thing that I don’t like about erasers like those is that they’re too cool, so you don’t want to use them, so they never are used for their original purpose.

      1. I so have to agree with GuywithPie. I think the same about stuff like tatoos, stickers, etc. I just think “Once I get a ton of triples/quadruples I’ll use one of ’em~” XD

  1. It’s been a year since the last London Toy Fair and I still don’t have my Bubble Bobble plushies! What gives Together Plus?

      1. Sonic did a high score jumping game years before Doodle Jump. It could be a inside joke on that. That’s how.

  2. Really wish there was better Sonic merch coming out. They stated they want Sonic to be as collectible as Hello Kitty…they’re way off the mark. Honestly the only stuff worth investing in is First4Figures’ Sonic line of statues. Everything else that’s come out in recent years has been crud (though I will say there’s been the odd plush sneaking into stores/cons which aren’t awful).

  3. I don’t really see a crossover happening for this game, with Sonic Jump and all already being in existence. But that’s a pretty cute figure! :3

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