Sonic Lost World Wii U Patch Coming Soon

While no release date has been shared (though all guesses point to ‘incoming’!), an upcoming patch for the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World is now on its way!

Quoted verbatim from the SEGA Blog update, players should expect the following changes will be incorporated into the game:

Sonic Lost World

  • Collecting 100 rings will now grant the player an extra life.
  • In the event of a Game Over, we have doubled the amount of lives the player will begin with when continuing. (From 5  to 10)
  • The Indigo Asteroid, Crimson Eagle, Orange Rocket, and Black Bomb Color Powers can now be controlled using the analog stick and buttons.
  • Fixed a rare graphical issue that would sometimes appear during the pinball section of the Frozen Factory casino area.
  • When completing the NiGHTMARE DLC, users will be notified that they can re-play it after scoring 100,000 points.
  • Items will now appear on the world map.

These changes are sure to come to the relief of many, especially the returning bonus life per 100 rings mainstay given the game’s steep learning curve, so owners of SLW U should  be sure to have their consoles connected and at the ready once the patch rolls out!

Source: SEGA Blog

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  1. Thank the Lord for this patch. I am so glad that now rings are useful again, and that the once annoying Wisps are now a bit less obnoxious to control. I still think the Wisps should be dropped next time, but I am quite satisfied that this update was made.

    1. I only found the Crimson Eagle annoying with the motion control, every other wisp was fine with it if you ask me, and I especially liked the motion control with the rocket wisp because I actually felt like I was looking up for a place to shoot to be honest. 🙂

      1. I think Orange Rocket controlled pretty great, but Crimson Eagle was not enjoyable at all, Indigo Asteroid would just slide off of edges with motion control for me (as well as having an annoyingly stiff jump to boot), and Black Bomb… well, maybe I should not count Black Bomb, but it’s quite a doozy to handle originally. I think I am most glad that Crimson Eagle was helped, though.

        1. Crimson eagle always seemed off for me, so I just used the checkpoint feather on that one area where you needed to use it. Orange rocket is also a problem for me, but that’s only if you use it in the wrong area and don’t have anywhere to fire to, you lose a life by firing off into space. I rarely use Indigo Asteroid, but I hate it because I can’t get the red ring in Windy Hill act 4 because you need to use it to jump and need to get it juuust right, and if you don’t get it in time your asteroid runs out, you get kicked out of the red ring area and since wisp canisters don’t respawn, you can’t get the red ring without dying or replaying the level.

          1. I can agree there. I hate that Indigo Asteroid jump. Actually, now that I think about it, where else do you even use that Wisp in the game?

  2. Even though I don’t have the WiiU version yet “not even a WiiU”, I am happy to see issues that I would of encountered addressed. Now if only they can do the same for the 3DS version.

  3. This is a very welcomed patch. 🙂 If you ask me, it is games like -well- basically all Super Mario games that need to get rid of the 100 coins=1-up gimmick. Seriously, at the end of my first play-through of Super Mario 3D land, I had well over 300 lives, and that was just the normal world, not the bonus world. Also in New Super Mario Bros. 2, I am not even done with the game, but I have over 500 lives. (It is a bit more understandable in New Super Mario Bros. 2 though because the main gimmick of that game is coins as far as the eye can see.) In New Super Mario Bros. U, which I recently started for the first time, I have 23 lives by World 1-5 so I guess that means the same as the other games. You get what I mean. Good for Mario, not for Sonic.

  4. Finally Sega put 100 rings for 1up the hold time! Also I saw Sonic Lost World demo at Target for game electronics but I almost going to play but I didn’t play because it late to go and the teacher say let go Aroon.

  5. I think this is now the first 3D game since Sonic06 where you get an extra life for EVERY 100 rings you collect.

  6. The life per 100 rings is surely nice, but in my opinion, the doubled number of lives after a game over is extremely stupid. So far, I have played until the end of Sky Road Zone 1 and I really don’t find the game that difficult. Sure, I know that the game is gonna get harder soon and that Lava Mountain is apparently hellish, but this is how it should be! Lava Mountain is the final stage! It HAS to be hellish! But At least up until Sky Road Zone 1, the game, although having an appropriate challenge, is not overly difficult, and if you get 10 lives after a game over, PLUS getting lives for rings, then you are very unlikely to get that many game-overs again, and even if you do, you won’t really care that much, because it only would be a very small punishment, given that you receive 10 freaking lives! This, in my opinion, SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the thrill of trying not to die and caring about exploration to collecting every life you can, which in turn means that players are going to play the game a lot more carelessly, which will damage the game experience. What’s in my opinion especially note-worthy, is that I am convinced that this game, to the contrary of what many reviewers say, has very hardly any cheap deaths and failure can really be avoided if you play careful enough. Yet, when players start to play more and more carelessly, they’re gonna cause themselves to die more often and they’re gonna blame the game for that, saying that it is full of cheap deaths, when the actual fact is that the player herself/himself is not paying attention.

    1. You’re giving this game a lot of credit, there are cheap deaths, you just seem to be better at platformers than other people. This is the one time that admitting you’re a gaming god is slightly better than saying others just suck.

      1. Thank you for you’re reply, MasterOfSky! I always write so much and hardly ever get a reply, so, it’s always nice to get any. 🙂 I didn’t mean to say that others suck. I don’t like that kind of expression. And also, I’m no gaming god. However, I am someone who has been playing games since the 80s and have played quite a few old-school games, of course including all the important Sonic games. Back then, the games used to be hard and if you got game over, you had to start from the beginning of the entire game. So, if you wanted to succeed, you couldn’t afford to play carelessly. You had to explore for additional lives and ways to get continues and you had to be careful to minimize the number of hits you take. Now, in a typical modern Sonic game, if you get game over, you just have to restart from the beginning of the level and you even start with 5 lives instead of the 3 that you usually got in the classic games. Of course I’m not saying that dying in modern games should force you to restart the entire game. After all, the scope of modern games is a lot larger than old games, and the reason why many old games didn’t have a save-feature in the first place, was that they didn’t have the technology. Even I, as a lover of challenge in platformer games, would not wish to have to restart an entire game after every game-over, especially considering how limited the amount of time is that we can spend for playing games. But I do think that this new system in Sonic games is extremely forgiving and inevitably makes players play with less attention than they used to play in the early 90s. This has also, in my opinion, noticeably reduced the gamers’ tolerance towards accepting challenge and failure. Putting Sonic Lost World aside for a moment, what has been bothering me with modern Sonic games is that most of them have become too easy to provide any challenge for the long-time Sonic-gamers. Sonic Generations is the best example for this and even though there are many things that I like about it, one of the main reasons why I can’t consider it as one of my favorite games is the way too low level of challenge, even when hunting for S-Ranks. If it was going to be according to my liking, then Planet Wisp should have been the mid-point of the game! Also, just as a side note, I love Eggmanland in Sonic Unleashed and am of the opinion that this is what a FINAL STAGE of a platformer should look like! Anyway, I’m glad that Sonic Lost World has many old-school vibes to it and especially that it has come back to providing a nice challenge. I understand that this is not the cup of tea for many gamers that have got into gaming no earlier than the late 90s, but it can’t be that I’m the only person who likes a platforming game to really test your skills. Again, if Sonic Lost World was made according to my liking, it could have been even harder. Not because I’m a gaming god, but because I don’t enjoy my victories without experiencing a couple of failures first, learn from them, and do it better next time. Getting back to my initial point: How many cheap deaths there are in Sonic Lost World is debatable and I’m still of the opinion that there aren’t many. I actually think that the oh so worshiped Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Genesis has a lot more cheap hits and I consider it the weakest of Sonic 1 to 3k for this reason. But regardless of how others feel about it, I think that giving a player not 5, but 10 lives after a game over is way more forgiving than it should be and almost makes the entire lives system obsolete. I know, many argue that the lives system IS obsolete, but in my opinion, it provided a reason for playing a bit more carefully and to explore the levels for additional lives. But the more generous the amount of lives get that you can obtain, the more careless your gonna get towards collecting them.

        1. I agree with you! I completely destroyed Generations without a sweat, with Speed Highway my shortest time ever. Lost World was more like it, but the bosses were upsetting.

          1. Yeah, the bosses in Lost World are unfortunately lame, even though some of them show some interesting mechanics that could have made a thrilling encounter, was the fight not over so quickly. But at least, the bosses are part of the levels. It kind of reminds me of Sonic CD. In Sonic CD, the bosses were very easy, in my opinion, as well, even though they had some interesting mechanics that could have been used in more effective ways. But again, I like the fact that in Lost World, the bosses appear at the end of the levels and don’t have a separate section.

  7. I think Lost World’s selling figures will not be increased even when this patch is released, but the figures can be risen when SEGA & Sonic Team bring LW to PC to indemnify PC players’s against Nintendo Exclusive Agreements… :((

    1. So… mending every sane complaint brought up by reviewers and (in my opinion) setting this game straight to both Sonic fans and the newbies to the series won’t do anything… But breaking contractual obligations and risk ever getting a Sonic game approved for Nintendo consoles (where he sells best)ever again will fix Sega’s current financial issues?

      I know where you’re coming from, and I think a PC port of this game would be awesome (Imagine what the mods could pull off with the parkour, maybe something with the Wisps, who knows?), but you sound like those YouTube commenters who say “I hope Bayonetta 2 fails on the Wii U so we can get an XBox and PlayStation port.”
      Hate to break it to ya, but I don’t think that’s quite how it works.

  8. Hey, this game suddenly seems much more appealing. I think this addresses like half the common criticism the game got. If somehow they patch in an optional tutorial world to explain the finer points of the mechanics then this game would probably rise up from “get it if you like Sonic” to “get it if you like platformers.”

  9. …Shit I completely forgot we live in the world of patches now. For some reason I didn’t expect them to do anything.

    But hey, son of a bitch, they’re addressing complaints…a good number of them too. I never had that much of an issue FINISHING the game, but for the red ring hunters, this is great news.

    AND THANK GOD THE OTHER WISPS CAN NOW BE CONTROLLED WITH THE BUTTONS. I was running into issues like that in my letsplay of Lost World, so as soon as I do my next session (which may be thursday) I’ll be sure to point it out.

  10. Sadly, this doesn’t “fix” the cheap deaths or crappy level design that plagues the second half of the game.

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